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Warning: You will receive sexually explicit messages

It's highly likely that you may see nudes of someone you know - please be discrete. Remember that the explicit sext messages you receive may be raw and unfiltered. Are you man enough to sext?

Please Note: forwarding sexually explicit messages to others is forbidden

Please do not share the nudes or sexts you receive on this platform with others, your account will be banned. Our app also follows a strict no screenshot policy. If you violate these rules your profile will be removed from search.

Zero tolerance policy for child pornography: If you're under the age of 18 please leave this site immediately.
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"Sending sexually explicit messages has never been this fun" - New York Times

About one third of young adults confess that they send sexually explicit text messages on a regular basis. That means that every minute of the day, there are hundreds of millions of sexual messages, sexy videos and hot nude photos being swapped between horny guys and girls across the world.

And if you're here, we're betting that you want in on this naughty sexting action, right? Well, the good news is that we've got exactly what you need right here. On Sexting.VIP, we've got wet and wild babes of every age group on the hunt for a local sexting buddy to misbehave with. Come right in and explore sexting like you've never experienced before!

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How to Sext? - Quick Start Guide

Sexting isn't just something you can jump right into. If you want to get a woman hot and heavy using only words, you need to know exactly how to play the game. There are a few important things to keep in mind when sexting with someone new, as well as a few sneaky little ways to get her gagging for your cock in the flesh. Here's our quick start sexting guide:

1. Get consent

Sexting should take place between two consenting adults - no exceptions! Before you engage in sexting behaviors, make sure your intended recipient is okay with it! If not, it can be construed as sexual harassment, which could land you a sex offender register and result in legal consequences and felony charges.

2. Start slow

Real sex doesn't start explosively and neither should sexting. Gradually introduce sexual elements in your conversation until it becomes clear you're horny. She'll quickly get the picture, and if she feels the same, she won't hesitate to tell you. Don't worry, you can ramp up the sexual activity as the conversation progresses.

3. Be descriptive

You have two tools at your disposal: words and her imagination. If you want to get her dripping wet, you need to use the right adjectives to get her imagination running on overdrive. Don't just say things like "I want to fuck you," because that wouldn't fly even in the teen sexting world. Use descriptive terms like explosive, intense, gently, stroking, caressing, clenching, sliding.

4. Ask them what they like

The easiest way to a successful sext session is to get into her head, and to do that, you need to know what she likes during sex. Sure, you might like doggystyle and handcuffs but she might not. Human behavior tells us to talk about ourselves whenever we can, but when sexting, you need to do the opposite. Find out what sex acts she enjoys and go from there.

5. Keep messages short

Sexting should be a series of short messages, not huge walls of text. When we see big paragraphs in text messages, it's quite jarring because it takes us out of the moment. Keep your sexts to one or two lines. If you need to type more, split it up into a series of short messages instead.

6. Compliment her

It's natural to feel awkward when sexting, especially for women. So you need to reassure her that she's got you rock hard and dying to pleasure yourself. Just little things like "fuck, that's so hot!" and "oh my god, I need you right now." This is doubly important whenever you send sexual images too!

7. Have nude photos ready

As your sexting ramps up, you'll definitely be sending sexually explicit photos to one another. Therefore, it's good to have a naked picture or two saved in your cell phone ready to go at a moment's notice. In fact, you should have a few sexual photos and videos on hand just in case. Of course, you can snap sexual pictures right there and then, don't keep your sexting buddy waiting ages for your nude pictures.

8. Stay realistic

When sexting and swapping hot images, it can be easy to get carried away. But if you do that, your talk is going to seem unrealistic. Keep your sexual behavior in the realm of the reality for the most visceral experience. You might enjoy the idea of making love on a balcony while an audience watches on and claps, but saying things like this will just take her out of the moment.

9. Wrap it up in style

By wrap it up, we don't mean the kind to help prevent teen pregnancies (although that's a good idea too). Every sext session has to come to an end, and the best way to do this is to announce that she's brought you to an explosive climax. Not only will it make her feel good, but it's an undeniable way to put the exclamation point on your talk.
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Sexting Success Stories

Shane, Sexting VIP user

I tried everywhere to find girls who were into sexting but it was so damn hard. I tried all the big dating sites and social media sites. I posted online ads. Nothing. But then I stumbled across Sexting.VIP and found myself thrust into a sexting heaven. The app is perfect for me because I'm a busy guy and hooking up is sometimes out of the question, but the girls on here are happy to just sext and be done!

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Alex, Sexting VIP user

Ever since I first heard the term sexting I've been obsessed with it. There's nothing I love more than getting a hot message or a nude photo from a sexy broad. To me, it's even better than sex! Sexting.VIP has given me access to a goldmine of local beauties, from teens to MILFs and everything else. Not only that, but when sexting isn't enough, I can easily find sexual encounters on here too

102 comments, 38 shares

Powerful Sexting App Features That Actually Work

Sexting.VIP is dedicated to finding hot, local girls that you can exchange naughty texts, images and videos with. That's why we have some amazing interactive features to ensure you get the most out of our incredible new app.

Super Fast Registration

Create your account within minutes. All you need is a username, password and your basic information.

Local Matching

If you're sexting, you want to sext with someone nearby! Our Local Matching feature will connect you with hot teens and gorgeous matures within walking distance of your house.

Easy Sexting

All of our users are here for one thing only - sexting! That means you don't have to make small talk or idle conversation. Just get down to business right away.

Millions of Users

You'll never struggle to find a sexting partner ever again, not when you have access to our vast user base of horny sexters all over the world.

Vanishing Images

Want to keep your naughty images safe? All pictures uploaded to our platform disappear after one hour. That means your pictures can never be shared elsewhere.

Random Sext

Our Random Sext feature will send a flirty message to a completely random stranger. Could be a gorgeous Latin babe, your old school teacher or one of your friends' parents! High risk, high reward!

Completely Free

Never pay a cent to use our incredible platform. All of our fantastic features are completely free and always will be.

Safe & Secure

Your personal data is completely safe with us. We don't face the same risks as other dating sites because we don't save user information.

Expert Tips

Get a sex education like no other. We have sexting experts giving out new tips every week on how to craft perfect sexts to get her hot under the collar. And they're not just for educational purposes, either.
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The Last Sexting Site You'll Ever Need

Sexting.VIP has put sexting back on the map. There are very few sites out there that cater exclusively to exchanging hot texts and pics, so we're something unique in the adult hookup scene. With a massive roster of users, great interactive features and a casual atmosphere, we're the ultimate platform to find a willing sexting partner without any hassle. 
And it just doesn't end at sexting. For a lot of our users, sexting is simply the foreplay. You'll find millions of frisky babes on here who love nothing more than meeting up in person for some discreet, late-night fun. Whether that takes place in your bedroom, her bedroom or a nearby lovers lane is up to you! Join today and find out exactly how adventurous these honeys are!

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Best Sex Sites to Try in 2021 - Shortlist

If you're looking for something a little more than sexting, we can recommend you a few fantastic sex sites to ensure you get laid tonight. Here are the three we love the most:


BeNaughty is a casual sex site like no other, specializing in one night stands and random encounters. Simple sign up, create your account and be browsing all of the luscious ladies on offer within minutes. Anyone who comes to a platform called BeNaughty is only looking for one thing, and it's definitely not in-depth conversations.

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached is the place to come if A) you're single and you just want easy sex without commitment or B) your relationship ends and you're looking for a wild rebound. With a fantastic swipe matching feature and endless stream of horny teens and young adults, No Strings Attached takes the hassle out of finding local fuck buddies. It's also a hub of cheating activity too, so be wary that you don't find one of your parents on here too.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is known as one of the biggest sex sites of all time and this reputation still holds up today. The site exploded into the mainstream in the early 2000s and remains a hotspot for horny teens, kinky adults and attention-starved housewives to find an easy lay in their city. You won't find a serious relationship on Plenty of Fish, but you'll find plenty of opportunies to leave one.
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Still Have Questions?

What is sexting?

Sexting is sending and receiving sexual messages through a digital device such as a cell phones, email, or various apps on mobile phones. Sexting behavior also includes sending and receiving explicit images.

Why is sexting bad?

Sexting can have potential consequences, such as accidentally sending photos to the wrong hands of friends, parents or colleagues. 67% of young people have reported sexting mishaps in their lives. Teens may also sext as a form of peer pressure or attention seeking and in extreme cases can cause mental health issues.

Is sexting cheating?

If you have an exclusive romantic partner and you're sexting others, it can be considered cheating. If you're not in an exclusive relationship, then sexting is not considered cheating. However, the topic is a grey area with differing opinions.

Is sexting good for your relationship?

Yes, multiple forms of sexting can greatly improve a relationship. A 2020 study by the Sexual Health & Sexual Behavior Lab found that couples who send photos and sext messages report higher satisfaction levels in their relationship. It's also a good way to improve confidence and sexual compatability with intimate partners.

Is sexting a crime?

Youth sexting is not a crime providing both parties are above the age of 18. An adult texting with young adults under 18 can be considered sexual exploitation and may incur child pornography charges. When sexting with teens, always get confirmation they're above 18.

Why do guys like sexting so much?

Men enjoy sexting because it gives them easy sexual gratification. It's also the best way to get validation from a woman outside of seeing her in person. It also lets them talk about their sexual fantasies in a safe environment.