WhatsApp Sexts

WhatsApp Sexts: Try This New Way To Get Laid & Get Nudes

Unless you've been living on Mars, you're probably familiar with WhatsApp. It's probably the most popular free messaging service out there today, allowing people to chat with friends and strangers so long as they have an Internet connection. And like all other messaging apps, millions of people use WhatsApp to get their sexting fix.

But unlike similar apps like Kik, Skype and Snapchat, WhatsApp numbers utilize a person's real phone number. So, if you want to WhatsApp them, a simple username isn't enough. You need their personal phone numbers. How do you find WhatsApp numbers for sext purposes? Don't worry, we've got the answers. We're here to guide you through the world of WhatsApp sexting.

Setting Up A WhatsApp Profile For Sexting

When it comes to WhatsApp sexting, the first thing girls will see is your profile. Just like on any dating site, you want to make sure your profile is as eye-catching and interesting as possible to maximize your chances of eventually sex chatting with them. There's not a whole lot to learn, but it's important to familiarize yourself with the basics before you get going.

Download WhatsApp

Obviously, the first step is to download the app itself. WhatsApp is available for all types of smartphones so no one is excluded from the fun. You can download the app for free from the relevant app store. Once it's downloaded, you'll need to select a few preferences, such as how often your chats get backed up and whether you want the app to know your location.

Choose Your Profile Photo

Everyone knows the importance of a good profile photo. If your primary desire for using WhatsApp is sexting, you're going to want a good picture that shows your face. No shirtless selfies because they're tacky, and no pictures of friends, kids, family members or exes in the photo. You'll then need to crop it so it fits WhatsApp's picture parameters (and be sure to double check this because it's a little wobbly).

Write The Perfect Bio

Like on any online dating site, you're going to need a short bio to let girls know the basics. Don't include your name, age or location or anything boring like that. A good idea is to write something that another person can latch onto to start a conversation. Mention your hobbies, interests, job (if it's interesting), ideal date - anything that might grab a girl's attention.

How To Find Sexting WhatsApp Numbers

Finding WhatsApp numbers is a little different to finding usernames for other social media sites because your identity is linkd with your phone number. People are a lot more willing to give out usernames and email addresses than they are phone numbers, so you'll need to do some digging for this part. Not a whole lot, because we've put together the best places to find WhatsApp numbers right here.

Kik Friender

Kik Friender is like an online dating site for sexting usernames. It might say Kik on the door, but there's heavy representation for every chat app on here, including WhatsApp. Like a traditional dating site, just scroll or search through girls, send them a message and see if they're down for some naughty chat fun.

Horny is the default state of the girls on here, so you don't have to worry about making small talk. You can be direct in your communication. They're all looking to chat dirty so use this knowledge to your advantage. Quick note; there are a few fakes on here, but like on any dating app, you can identify them a mile away.


It might sound simple, but Facebook is a fantastic place to meet women. Like WhatsApp, everyone is on Facebook, and it's completely free to exchange messages on there. Chances are you have a social sphere on Facebook, so all you need to do is scour through your sphere and find a few girls who catch your eye.

Obviously, you'll need to talk to them first; engage in normal conversation. A lot of guys have reservations because they think that girls don't want to be hit up on social media, but you'll be surprised just how many girls welcome it - especially the younger crowd. Just be respectful and honest with your reasons why you've contacted them and you'll go far.


Arousr is a very unique platform. Imagine a dating site, chat room, camsite and escort site all rolled into one. That's Arousr. Like a camsite, you'll scroll through looking for attractive models, and once you find one, you can hire their services. Obviously Arousr isn't free, but it's worth paying for if you want unadulterated sext fun.

Once you've procured a model's time, you can then sex chat through whichever app works best for you. WhatsApp is a popular choice because everyone has it and it's free. Even if they don't have it, they're usually happy to download it for your sex message session. It's not consensual sexting, but it still gets the job done.

Dirty Pen Pals

If there's a nirvana for dirty chat messages, it's the Reddit page Dirty Pen Pals. The whole feature of this place is that people can share their dirtiest fantasies through the medium of text, and plenty of these conversations end up moving to third party apps like WhatsApp. If you can take a moment to sign up for Reddit, you'll love this page.

People post their age, location, sexual desires and their hard limits, and the rest is up to your imaginations. It's a purely-sext based Subreddit so there's no chance of finding a hookup on here, but it doesn't matter because the sext aspect is so appealing. Not only that, but the page gets a LOT of traffic, so you'll never be shortage of chat partners.

Your Social Circle

This isn't the name of an app. We're talking about your actual social circle. If you're looking to meet girls, sometimes the simplest ways are the most efficient. Just ask your friends if any of their lady-pals are single and looking and go from there. Some guys feel uncomfortable doing this, but there's really nothing wrong with it.

A lot of girls are in the same boat as you - they're waiting for someone to hit them up. Besides, you have an easy route into conversation because if they're the friend of a friend, you'll already have something in common with them. And once you realize a lot of girls want to be hit up on WhatsApp, you'll be going on date after date.

What Makes WhatsApp Sexting So Great

Sexting is a lot more fun on WhatsApp than it is most other apps. There's a deeper sense of intimacy on WhatsApp than there is on similar apps, maybe because WhatsApp is a lot of people's main source of communication to their friends and family members. To give you an idea of why WhatsApp sexting is so great, we've put together a few of the most popular reasons.

Better than Snapchat?

Ask any app-lover and they'll tell you that WhatsApp blows Snapchat out of the water. WhatsApp offers a lot more versatility, especially when it comes to direct messaging and sending photos and videos. Additionally, WhatsApp has its own version of Snapchat's famous disappearing-media function, so it can pretty much do everything Snapchat can and more.

Stickers and GIFs

Nothing gets a girl hotter than a suggestive GIF. There's something about GIFs that can portray your intentions much better boring old words, and of course, WhatsApp has a massive collection of GIFs built into their platform for easy access. Just tap the GIF menu and search by key word for suitable images.

You can delete messages

Sometimes, you communicate the wrong thing. You might say something you instantly regret, especially when it comes to sexy messages. If you've had a change of heart and decide you do want to salvage your relationship, you can easily erase messages providing your chat partner hasn't seen them. Your partner will get a notification telling them you've deleted it, but you can just tell her you made a typo.

You can hide read receipts

Don't want that girl to know you've been up all night chatting to other ladies? Want to play the mysterious card? Then you can set your read receipts to hidden. Usually, there are two blue ticks next to the message when the other person has read them, but this is easily changed in your WhatsApp settings. Rest assured, you can keep your activities hidden.

100% free

It's hard to find a completely free chatting app in today's world, especially one that doesn't steal your data or bombard you with ads. Well, WhatsApp does neither, and it still remains completely free for all phones. And given that it's the most popular chat app in the world, we're confident WhatsApp will remain free for the foreseeable future.

Message from your computer

Is there anything worse than being constantly pulled between your phone and your computer? With WhatsApp sexting, you don't have to worry about that. If you're hooked up to your computer or laptop, just open WhatsApp Web in a new browser and chat through there instead. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the WhatsApp Web page.

Popular with young women

WhatsApp's target demographic is the 18-35 crowd, so this means there are literally millions of young ladies with the app installed on their devices. That opens up a massive pool of potential sext partners - more than any online dating site could ever provide. This is a massive positive for any would-be sexter.

Is WhatsApp safe for sexting?

Yes, WhatsApp is arguably the best app for online sexting around today. It's simple, versatile, and it's got just enough features to make it attractive to the younger demographic. It's no wonder millions of women use the app for everyday chat and sext fun, because it's got everything a sexter could want.

The only risk that comes with WhatsApp is the fact you have to give out your personal number, but it's real easy to block undesirable users. If you want the biggest pool of potential conversation partners, we encourage you to create a WhatsApp account right this second.