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Arousr: Free Random Sexting & Video Chat

We have cam models for video chat. We have escorts for real sex. But what about guys who just like sexting? Isn't there a service available to pay girls for steamy sext sessions? Well, thanks to Arousr, the answer is yes. This versatile new cam site offers all manner of virtual engagement with real women, but it's primary focus is sexting.

It might sound like a weird niche, but it's already proving quite popular. However, is Arousr right for you? Is sexting with professionals better than consensual sexting? If you're on the fence, you might want to read out detailed Arousr review. Here's everything you need to know about this unique video chat/phone sex site.

What Is Arousr?

Arousr bridges the gap between phone sex and traditional cam sites. You basically pay women to sext with you, although the site also offers voice functionality and video chat options. Everyone knows that sexting is a worldwide phenomena, and most other webcam sites have overlooked this little aspect of today's hookup scene. Here's how Arousr describes itself:

"Curious about sex chat or phone sex? Our inclusive community is here to help you explore your most explicit dreams. Arousr will help pair you with someone ready for a private encounter with you. All you have to do is scroll through potential partners and find someone who looks like a great match. We offer video, voice, and text options, so you can engage with someone else at a level that is comfortable for you."

Arour Features

Arousr has a number of available features to help satiate your sexual thirst. Here's a look at all of them.

Meet Sexy Girls Online

Arousr gives you the chance to connect with hundreds of stunning real girls through your preferred chat type. The site uses 'chat hosts,' who function similar to webcam models on traditional cam sites. You purchase credits and exchange them to talk with these gorgeous ladies on the phone, via text messages or through video chat.

Models choose their own working hours so you'll never know what ladies are going to be available. However, most girls list their regular times in their bios so you'll know when to expect them online. Additionally, you can add models to your Favorite's list and their online status will be displayed in the website's members area.

Video Sex Chat

Arousr's video chat feature functions like that of any webcam site. However, the difference is that all video chats are one-on-one. You'll rarely find a model offering public shows to multiple people (although they do happen on occasion). All video chats are done through the Arousr platform so you don't have to give out your phone number or take your chat to a third party site.

Enjoy Video Clips & Sexy Pictures

Even if you don't want to flirt with these girls, you can browse all of the naughty videos and sex pictures in their profiles. Like cam models, these girls want to sell themselves to you. They want you to choose them over all of the other girls on the site, so they'll deck their profiles out with explicit content that you can enjoy for free.

Additionally, some models will give out free shows in order to advertise themselves. If you check a model's account page, you'll find photos, videos, and occasional mentions of free cam sessions. Be online at that particular time and you might find yourself treated to a little preview of what's in store later.

Sexting Chat

Arousr's sexting option is the one core feature that makes it stand out from the rest. A ton of sites allow you to connect with real women on a per minute basis, but hardly any of them let you sext with them - a real oversight in today's sext-frenzied world. On Arousr, you can exchange naughty messages and photos as though you were sexting a consensual partner.

With the sexting chat option, you don't have to worry about phone quality or any of the other hazards that come with videos calling. You can do all your flirting from the safety of your message screen - perfect if you're the shy type. It also allows you to get your sexting fix without having to give out your personal phone number.

Credits System

To start chatting with these incredible models, you'll need to create your account and then purchase credits. Credits allow you to access to all of the interactive tools and other fun features, which are essential if you want to actually connect with these ladies. All of the chatting is done through your Arousr account, so you won't need to give out your own number.

Android users will receive 100 free credits when they first download the Arousr app, and these credits will actually go a long way. For this much, you can get around 5 minutes of voice chat, 3 minutes of videos or 10 free sexts. Alternatively, you can use it to tip your model of choice (which won't translate to interaction, but it's a nice gesture).

Pros of Arousr

What areas does Arousr knock out of the park? Here's a look at the positives.


All things considered, the cost of credits is pretty low, although it depends on the type of chat you utilize most. For example, it only costs 10 credits to send basic text messages through Arousr. Voice chat will cost 20 credits and the per minute rate for video chats depends on the model in question. Additionally, chats cost more at peak times.

If it's sext messages that you're into, the credits cost is super low. Even if you purchase the most expensive package, you'll only be spending $10 for around 30 messages. Usually when you chat online with pro models, you can expect to pay around five times this much. Therefore, the credits cost on Arousr is more than reasonable.

Hybrid Site

Arousr does what other webcam sites wish they could do; put everything under one roof. Video chat, video clips, voice chat, and sexting phone sex all under the same umbrella sounds like a dream come true for a lot of guys. Arousr has achieved this incredible feat without compromising on quality or making the site seem too clunky.

All Arousr models are currently female since the site targets a mostly heterosexual male audience. There are absolutely no fake profiles on here since the Arousr platform is very strict about who it lets on (much like the reputable webcam sites). It's rare for a modern site to specialize in so many different services, but Arousr pulls it off perfectly.

Mobile App

If you want to connect with these wild chicks through your mobile phone, you can download the Arousr app directly from the Play Store. Right now, the app is only available for Android phone users, so iOS users will need to wait a little while before it comes out on phone (although credits can be purchased with Apple Pay).

The app is as streamlined as it comes. It has a pretty layout, great useability and you'll have access to all the other features you would have through the desktop site. You can also go through the signup process through the app too. You'll also need to use your phone's camera for some of the features (depending on your preferred chat type).

Cons of Arousr

Where could Arousr improve? Here's the features we didn't like.

Chat Hosts Only

The only people you can video call and sext with are the site's chat hosts. These are the sexting equivalent of cam models, so there's no consensual interactions available through here whatsoever. All the girls are being paid to be here, which is a shame because we think there'd be a big market for consensual engagement too.

Furthermore, there are very few chat hosts compared to some of the bigger cam sites out there. On average, there's less than a hundred hosts available at any one time, so chances are it's a bunch of America, Latino and Chinese girls desperately sexting multiple people at once. But with that said, these Arousr models are hot as hell, so that's a positive.

What Does Arousr Cost?

Arousr utilizes a credits system rather than the standard subscription model. Any interaction with the site's chat hosts require payment, be them video chats, voice chats, or individual sexts. Credits can be purchased through the site or app and come in a choice of 4 options. Here's what you can expect to pay:

  • 300 Credits - $16.95 ($0.0565 per credit)
  • 600 Credits $34.95 ($0.0583 per credit)
  • 1000 Credits - $54.95 ($0.0550 per credit)
  • 2000 Credits - $100.00 ($0.0500 per credit)

All users will receive 100 free credits when they download the Arousr app from the Google Play Store. Payment can be made via credit card, Paypal, Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Final Verdict: Is Arousr A Good Sexting Site?

Arousr is a very interesting and unique site that throws everything you could want from virtual sex into one convenient package. Video calls, audio chats, sext chats, and a host other services sure to satisfy your sexual cravings all from the comfort of your smartphone. There's no denying that Arousr fills a much-needed gap in the market, and for that reason alone it's worth checking out.

Combine this with the cheap credit system and you've got yourself a recipe for success. Is sexting more fulfilling with a consensual partner instead? Unfortunately, that's for you to decide, but whatever your moral standing, there's a ton of fun to be had on Arousr. It blows any typical webcam site out of the water, so we encourage you to give this one a try at your earliest convenience. We guarantee you'll be logging into the Arousr app daily.