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Sexting Forum: Dirty Chat Online & Trade Nudes

Who remembers forums? Once upon a time, forums were the hottest thing on the Internet. Every official site and subculture had a dedicated forum, and they were usually the most efficient way of connecting with people interested in the same topics as you. Social media and dating apps have replaced forums as the go-to method of communication, but you'll still find the odd forum page if you look hard enough.

Sexting Forum is one such platform. Not only is it old school in its approach, but it's entirely dedicated to Kik, WhatsApp, and Snapchat sexting. It's a place to find usernames for sext fun, but does it work, or is it another spam dump? We've scoured Sexting Forum top to bottom for your convenience. Here's our brutally honest Sexting Forum review.

What Is Sexting Forum?

Sexting Forum is an adult sexting community designed to connect people who have a love of exchanging raunchy messages. It's a pretty standard forum site, with sections broken down by individual topic, and every topic concerns a different method of texting chat. It's a place to find usernames to add to Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, Wickr, Twitter and Instagram.

Unlike a lot of other forums, you won't find much general talk on here. 99% of the posts concern that solely of usernames, usually foregoing pictures and videos in favor of simple username advertisements. While you will occasionally find the odd picture to complement a post, most users keep it solely to text content.

One question that pops up when discussing sites like these is; why use forums when other mediums offer more streamlined conversations? Well, forums do come with a few advantages over things like chat rooms and social media threads. Forum discussions tend to be more organized and easier to digest, while social media discussions tend to be outright chaos. Additionally, some people have a nostalgic bond with forums given their old popularity.

Sexting Forum Registration Process

In the top right hand corner of the homepage, hit either 'Create Account' or the Facebook logo to get started. Signing in with your Facebook information is pretty straight forward, and SextingForum will then take your basic information to create your profile, but you'll need to input a unique username. You'll then need to use your Facebook info every time you log in.

Alternatively, the regular registration process requires a username, email address, age, gender and a quick security check. From this point you'll just need to verify your email address and you'll be ready to go. As a new member, you can create threads and leave comments, but private messaging is off limits until you've made 10 posts.

SextingForum Features

SextingForum has 4 main categories. Here's a detailed look at all of them.

General Section

The categories in this section are broken down into the following: Introductions, General Chat, Help, Feedback & Support, Forum Rules and Amateur Porn Videos. This isn't really the section for general texting talk or usernames, it's mostly just to help familiarize yourself with the rules and the search functions. It's worth a read through, but it's all basic stuff.

Snapchat Section

This section is dedicated entirely to Snapchat usernames. As everyone knows, Snapchat is the number one free platform for dirty talk and swapping nude selfies, so it's only natural this is the most visited section of the website. If you're looking for a person to trade naughty images through Snapchat with, you'll find a long list here.

Kik Section

This collection helps find people to chat with on Kik Messenger. Next to Snapchat, Kik is one of the most efficient places for sexting, and here you'll find sections for usernames, nude images, sexting, gay users and general discussion. The section offers easy searching and nude images are allowed alongside text discussions.

Other Message Apps Section

Finally, there's one section dedicated to all other types of chat app. If it doesn't fit in to the sections above, you can browse for usernames through here. The search ability lets you find users on your app of choice and pretty much every major chat app is represented; Whats App, Telegram, Wickr, Signal, Skype, Discord, Threema and more.

Pros of Sexting Forum

What did we love about SextingForum? Here are our highlights.

Completely Free

Like most forums, you don't have to pay a cent to use SextingForum. It's completely free from top to bottom, so that's something to be happy about. It's also free to browse without the need for registration (but obviously you can't post or interact with other members). Most people don't do this anyway and just instantly follow any desired user on their app of choice.

Cons of Sexting Forum

Can SextingForum improve in any areas? Here are the negatives.

Some Broken Links

Some sections of this site don't work at all. There's a banner across the top of the page that boasts of live cams and chatrooms, but clicking on them just brings up an advertisement and redirects you back to the SextingForum home page. You'll find quite a few popups, so expect your fingers to be busy.

Lots of Ads

Sexting Forum is what some people might call a bannerfarm. Once you dig into some of these discussions, you'll find that there's a different ad between every single post. Not only is it super distracting, but it really clogs up the site and makes it look like absolute crap. Also, it's really easy to accidentally click on these things since a ton of them have annoying moving parts.

Some Bots

As you've probably gathered, not every thread on Sexting Forum is legit. While the topic at hand might suggest the people inside are talking about sex, a lot of these discussions are just bots talking to each other, only disguised as mutual conversation. It's quite a smart approach to the whole advertising system, but it won't help you meet horny people.

Conclusion - Will you find a sexting partner on Sexting Forum?

If luck is on your side, you MIGHT find a sexting partner here. If your luck is crap, then Sexting Forum won't net you many positive results. If you come here hoping to find a revolving door of potential sext buddies, you're going to be disappointed. While there are a few real, horny members on here, the sheer number of fakes makes the whole thing a chore. The old adage of a needle in a haystick is the first thing that comes to mind.

Put simply, Sexting Forum isn't really worth the hassle. Given that so many better platforms exist in this niche, there's really no reason for Sexting Forum to exist. Aside from the easy sign up and good search function, everything else about this site is nothing but a lot of hassle. This site was obviously originally created to spam links, but has since atracted real people who believe it's a genuine platform. Our final word - avoid.