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Kik Sexting: Find Horny Girls Who Want To Talk Dirty

No messaging app is more synonymous with sexting than Kik. In just a few years, the Kik Messenger app grew into one of the most popular places for dirty talk, with literally hundreds of millions of people now using Kik to chat with friends and strangers. But if you want to chat dirty, you'll need to find some Kik sexting usernames.

The reality is that not all Kik girls are looking to trade dirty messages. Some just use it as a regular chat app, so you'll need to separate the horny Kik girls from your regular Kik friends. Luckily, there are a few places out there to help you find nothing but pure, dedicated sex chatters. Here's your guide to finding new Kik sexting partners tonight.

Using the Kik Messenger App For Sexting?

The Kik app is certainly one of the best chat platforms for sexting, but such a designation is entirely unofficial. Just as many guys and girls use Kik for regular conversation as opposed to exchanging nudes, so it's important you hit up the right people before you begin chatting. You can't just add any random girl and expect to start sexting right away.

There are a multitude of reasons why Kik is so perfect for sex chat. Firstly, you can keep yourself anonymous on there since all it requires is a username. You don't have to give out your real phone number to add new people, and you can easily find other users due to the search functions and chat rooms.

Finding Kik Users Locally

The most effective way to find hot Kik girls is through the app's Maps function. Turn on the location service on your smartphone, head to Kik's main menu and then choose the 'Maps' feature from the list. Use the filters on the top banner to narrow down by gender, then you'll be shown every Kik girl in your local area, including their Kik username.

Not every Kik user has this feature enabled, but since it's active by default, most people don't even know about it. If you do hit up a Kik girl through the Maps feature, it's a good idea to let them know where you found them so as to skirt any suspicion. You can also use this little tidbit as a good opener, then gradually take your texting to a potentially intimate level.

Best Sites For Finding Kik Usernames

We've collected the best sites where girls are sharing their Kik usernames and looking for sexting partners here.

Kik Friender

Kik Friender is a very simple website that does exactly what it says on the tin. Young, promiscuous singletons from all of the world advertise their Kik usernames on here for the purpose of finding someone to sext with. So that means that whoever you add will (usually) welcome your advancements, so you can continue sexting without the need for small talk.

Profiles on here are quite detailed; moreso than other Kik sexting sites. Users tend to include their age, location, a few pictures or videos and of course, their Kik username. At the very least you'll find mention of the city the other user lives in, so there's a higher chance of finding a real life hookup through here as well as just nudes.


Sexting is a reputable message app designed to help people find easy, hot sexting partners. As one of the most active adult apps on the scene today, there's no shortage of fun to be had - including Kik sexting fun. Sexting encourages users to take their messages to any platform of their choice, and you'll find that Kik is a popular choice amongst Sexting's user base.

Every guy and girl has come to Sexting for the same reason you have, so you don't have to ask the boring questions. No, "hey, how are you?" type questions. You can just get straight down to business without having to mess around. You can create a free profile on Sexting today. It's available as a desktop version or as an app for all smartphones.


Another app that rivals Kik in terms of sexting reputation is Snapchat. Everyone knows that Snapchat girls are some of the sluttiest and most attention-starved on the planet, which is what makes Snapchat such a great place to find Kik buddies. Not only do some Snapchat users purposely use the app to find sext partners, but some of them display their Kik user names outright in their profiles.

As one of the most downloaded apps of all time, you'll have no shortage of finding hot girls to get naughty with through Snapchat. It's pretty easy to find new people on there given all the features, so once you've nabbed them, you can take your conversation over to Kik for easier sexting. While Kik nudes are best, Snapchat nudes are a close second.

Kik Pals

Reddit might not be the first place you associate with Kik nudes, but you'll be surprised at the amount of filthy, attention-seeking girls you'll find browsing the various adult-related reddits. Whether it's Kik sexting usernames, Snapchat usernames or any other kind of virtual engagement, Reddit is the go-to place for a lot of deviants out there.

The popular r/KikPals subreddit has a whopping 200k members as of a few minutes ago, placing it in the top 1% of all active subreddits. It's a place for people to post their desires, be them sexual or not, along with their Snapchat username for other people to add to their friends list. The sub doesn't allow pics or nudes, so you'll have to add the person to see them.

Dirty Sexy Kik Pals

Unlike the Subreddit mentioned above, Dirty Sexy Kik Pals encourages guys and girls to go crazy. As the name suggests, it's very a place for naughty messages, hot pictures, sexy videos and all manner of adult fun. Dirty Sexy Kik Pals helps connect people looking for hot sexting, explicit conversations and real life hook ups.

But despite the abundance of nudes, DSKP has some strict rules in place. All ads must include: age, location, sexual preference and Kik username. A typical ad looks something like this '[24][F4M] Charlotte, NC. Im single, horny and looking to trade pics with kinky guys.' Sign up to Reddit for free tongiht and make the most of these sexting usernames.