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Kik Friender: Find Kik Friends, Girl and Guy Usernames

If there's one app that proves we all just want to get laid, it's Kik. Over the past few years, Kik has evolved into the number one platform for guys and girls to get their sext on. It's anonymous, it's discreet, and everyone uses it. It's popularity can't be understated, and it will continue to be the number one sexting app for years to come.

But there's one problem. Finding Kik users can sometimes be a little difficult - especially if you want to exchange hot messages. That's why there are so many sites dedicated to helping people find new Kik buddies, including the site we're looking at today: KikFriender. Does this site work? Will it get you laid? Here's the only KikFriender review you need to read.

What Is Kik Friender?

KikFriender is an app to help you find other Kik users to connect with. It's perfect for those looking to discover new sexting partners, and it works easily well as a place to bond with new platonic buddies too. You can either scroll through the guys and girls on display or utilize the site's function to find someone that matches your specific criteria.

Once you've found a user that catches your eye, dig into their profile to grab their Kik username. Add them to Kik and you're good to go. Additionally, you can chat to people through the KikFriender servers too if you're not comfortable taking your conversation over to Kik right away.


KikFriender has a ton of features to help meet Kik chatters. Here's a detailed list.

Local Kik Search

KikFriender lets you search for local Kik girls with its Local Search function. You can either input your zip code and connect with people in your city, or you can use the locations service on your phone to give you more accurate results. Your results will be filtered by nearest people to your exact location.

While KikFriender is mostly used to connect with hot sexting partners, there are quite a few guys and girls on here looking for real hook ups too. Most users post their desires in their profiles so you'll know what you're getting into beforehand.

Find Kik Usernames

The site's main focus is on finding Kik names. Everyone who signs up to KikFriender needs to write their Kik username somewhere in their profile. You're then free to add them to your social media.

As a quick note, we should mention that there are a few sex workers on here. They're pretty easy to distiguish from the real girls because they A) declare that they only offer paid services and B) often send you links to their external platforms. You can block these users quite easily though.

Make New Kik Friends

KikFriender isn't entirely about dirty talk. The site actually began as a way to connect with other Kik users for platonic friendships, but like everything else online, people eventually found a way to turn it explicit. So even if you're not interested in sex chatting or exchanging hot pics, you'll still be able to meet tons of people to connect with on a non-sexual level.

And of course, these platonic relationships you make can eventually turn romantic. This is commonly how a lot of relationships begin, so don't overlook the idea of being friends first, fuck buddies second. Even if that girl you're chatting with doesn't want to trade nudes straight away, she might eventually.


What do we love about KikFriender? Here's what we thought.

Dirty Kik Usernames

KikFriender has a very simple goal and it pulls it off real well. There's no denying exactly what this site is about and that's why we love it. It doesn't bog itself down with an abundance of features of categories or content. It lays all its card on the table from the off.

Not only can you discover Kik tags with ease, but you also get a good idea of the person behind the username before adding them. A lot of users have pics, videos and detailed bios, so you can determine whether or not they interest you before taking your chat over to Kik.

Completely Free

Put your credit card information away. It's not needed here. You can use everything on the site at no cost, including viewing pics, sending messages and listing your own Kik tag. As you can probably guess, the only cost you'll incur is if you happen to procure the services of the one of the many sex workers on here.

There's also an option to donate should you wish to support the site, but it's obviously not mandatory. KikFriender was created to bring people together, and the app retains that philosophy without requiring payment.


How could KikFriender improve? Here's our negatives.

Fake Profiles

This website has a LOT of fakes. Just browsing through the collection of girls on the homepage, you'll see tons of recognizable faces, mostly because the images have been stolen from porn sites and Instagram pages. If you see some familiar faces, chances are you're looking at a scammer.

On a similar note, there are a ton of sex workers here on KikFriender - something that scammers take full advantage of. Of course, you can easily tell the fake users from the real ones. Fakes always use stolen photos and they're never the most exciting chat partners, so just to make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Conclusion: Is Legit?

KikFriender opens up a new world of sexting possibilities. While it's not the most popular sext-finding app on the scene, millions of people use it to track down willing partners every month. You don't need to sign up or verify yourself. You don't need to pay a cent. Just log on, scroll through and start meeting new Kik partners immediately.

Aside from the fakes, everything else here is on point. For virtual fun with like-minded strangers, cum get in on the action. Hit up the KikFriender website or download the app tonight.