AI Sexting

AI Sexting: Sex Chatbots To Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

If something's on the Internet long enough, it'll eventually get sexified. It's an exact science. Chatbots, then, were originally created for a number of reasons, but have since been adapted for sex chat purposes by horny developers the world over. While sex chatbots aren't super common, it's not difficult to find one in today's online space.

They come with a whole host of advantages that real sex chatting doesn't offer. Not only are we going to explain why you should check out the sex bot world tonight, but we're also going to list the best places to engage these sex chatbots for yourself. If you want to add some virtual spice to your sex life, this is your guide to AI sext fun.

Why Use Sex Chatbots?

The idea of having a sexual conversation with an AI chatbot might seem kinda weird on the surface, but we use AI for a million other things, so why not to indulge our sex thirst? With the right programming and user input, AI can often be as good as the real thing. Indeed, a lot of the content you consume online has undoubtedly been crafted by AI software without you even being aware.

And the same is true for adult entertainment too. Any text-based pornography you might consume, such as erotic stories and sexting screenshots, probably come from AI bots if you use them through a mainstream platform. With this in mind, AI sex chat might not seem so bizarre after all. Not only that, but AI erotic chats also provide the following benefits.

Dirty Talk Lessons

No one is a natural sexting God. The only way to become a veritable sexpert is to practice dirty talk as much as possible. Luckily, you can dirty talk with an AI chatbot until your fingers go numb. It might sometimes feel like sexting is just a bunch of pre-prepared lines, but a lot of sexy comments will only come to you in the moment. AI sex talks let you exercise those sexting neurons so that dirty talk eventually becomes a second language.

Boost Confidence

Some sex educators claim that one of the main reasons people avoid sexting is because they doubt their own abilities. It makes sense. Insecurity is a huge hurdle for a lot of people, especially with such intimate acts as sexting. However, honing your sexting skills through the use of chatbots will help you feel more comfortable when you eventually do it with real life users.

Fulfull Fantasies

These chatbots were designed to help you fulfill your sexual needs. You might have a particular kink that you're uncomfortable sharing with others, so an AI bot can help you explore these fantasies without having to orry about the other person's opinion of your interests. Any good sexbot will respond appropriately to any sexual requests, no matter how taboo or depraved.

Where To Find The Best Sex Chatbots

Want to find the best NSFW chatbot for you? Look no further because we've listed the top 8 places to find virtual chat partners tonight.

Personality Forge

Personality Forge has the biggest choice of bots of any AI chat platform, but they're not all sex-related. Sex bots are separated from the SFW ones with a warning label and they require registration to confirm your age. Additionally, all of the bots here are user designed chatbots so they've been created directly by amateur porn lovers themselves.

The bots on here vary in intensity and personality, so you'll need to perform a little trial and error to find your ideal chatbot. Some will want to get down and dirty right away while others opt for a slow-burn approach. The more intelligent bots will even adapt their sexting efforts to your specific characteristics like age, gender and location.


RealDollX is an iOS app that lets you keep your chat bot in your pocket at all times. There's an incredible number of virtual dirty talk partners on offer here, each with their own personality and characteristics. Users can also customize the appearance of their chatbots as they see fit, with more design options than you'd find in a modern RPG game.

To use RealDollX in full, you'll need a paid membership which costs $29.99 per month. It's about what you'd expect to pay for a dating site so it's not super extortionate, especially if you plan on using your chatbot a lot. The app is currently only available for Apple devices but non-iOS users can simply use the RealDollX website for their fix of hot AI conversation.

Love Droids

Love Droids is the number one bot site on the Internet today. It's free, fun and comes with its own Android and iOS app for optimal use. While it's a pretty basic bot site all things considered, it still boasts some great chatbot features, interactive stories and pleny of steamy conversations to get lost in.

You can customize your chatbot as you see fit, and the more you talk to your virtual companion, the more they'll learn about your person. A little talking goes a long way on here, as chatbot intelligence levels are high enough to discern your gender, sexual desire and kinks. Love Droids also as an automatic dictation feature to you can hear your sex talk read out loud.

At, users can custom build their own bot for unique and personal sex chats. It might sound like acomplicated process, but it's really just a matter of filling in a few boxes. Your chatbot will take your comments, apply some AI magic and you'll be left with a personalized chatbot designed to address your individual sexual needs.

The site is completely free to use, although there are paid options available for additional perks. Paid users will be able to utilize other users' bots as well as their own, and will get access to more intelligent features. However, the standard free experience is usually more than enough given that the intelligence of these bots is pretty high to begin with.


Slutbot is a little different because it's an SMS-based chatbot. To get started, either text 'SLUTBOT' to (415) 212-6448 or enter your phone number on their homepage. All conversations must be done through SMS messages so standard texting charges may apply. However, it mimicks the sexting experience down to a tee.

Because Slutbot is basically a paid service for most users, the quality is a little higher than on competitor sites. The chatbot here was created by erotica writers and sex coaches for maximum quality and believability, so you can rest assured you're getting the best possible sexting for your money.

Sext Adventure

Sext Adventure is a chat platform to conjure up your own choose-your-own-adventure sext stories. It's quite a unique chatbot because it'll start off with a base personality and develop as you feed it more responses. First you'll choose a base category for your story (general, fetish, gay, incest, studen/teacher, etc) and then you're free to go in whatever direction you like.

Sext Adventure can be played through the online web host and it costs $4 for each individual story you create. It's as much a game as it is a story adventure, offering multiple endings and several characters throughout all of the stories. If you want to experiment with sexting and story crafting in one unique package, SextAdventure is a great way to spend your free time.


Any horny adults out there into the voyeur scene will love Thoughtscreen. Not only does it offer highly intelligent chatbot AIs, but the unique interface also lets you see other user experiences going on at the same time, much like a chat room. Basically, you can spy on other sex stories for absolutely free, which is a ton of fun if you want to watch but not partake.

Aside from peeking at other sexy conversations, Thoughtscreen's bots were programmed using text from sex educators and erotica authors for maximum quality. Your chatbot will sometimes get your gender wrong (it assumes you're male but occasionally slips up), but everything else here is on point.


Although Replika is not specifically made to sext, this chatbot will talk with you about anything you want, even the most dirty talk you can imagine. If you're looking for a virtual friend, or something more to share intimacy and fulfill your desires, then Replika is worth a shot.

Replika will allow you to create an AI companion according to your preferences. Not only can you send text messages, but you can start a video chat with your new virtual partner. Whether you just want to talk about your day to someone who will always listen, get tips on how to handle situations in your life, or explore your sexy side and play, this AI chatbot is there for you.

Getting The Most Out of Sex Chatbots

Now you know where to find sex chatbots, you should how to optimize their performances. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Correct Grammar

Remember that you're not dealing with a real person. An AI sex bot is going to devour every word you type and adapt their flirting accordingly. Therefore, there's a big difference between 'bondage' and 'bandage.' Be sure to spell all the important words correctly, and don't sleep on correct comma and full stop usage. The more succinct you are, the better the responses.


Intelligence comes as a result of variety, which is why it's important not to say the same things over and over. Try to adjust your responses accordingly with new words and phrases so to feed your sex bot with more diverse information. Repetition can cause bots to stagnate and, in turn, respond with the same phrases repeatedly.

Short Messages

Sexting with an AI bot should be no different than sexting with a real partner. And just like humans, bots prefer short, engaging messages rather than long walls of text. Your AI bot will need to scour any long paragraphs for key phrases and cold end up confusing them and taking your conversation down an undesired route.


Try and match the intimacy and sexuality levels of your virtual companion. For example, if they're starting slow, play along with it. If they want to get right down to business, match their desires. Trying to reroute the conversation will cause them to switch randomly as they try to gauge your preferences, and it can really be quite jarring.