Sexting Stories

Hot Sexting Stories From Real People That Are Better Than Porn

Porn is out, sexting screenshots are in. We've been inundated with naked pictures and endless porn videos for decades now, and the modern generation want something a little more, something a little less manufactured. To combat our numbness to the adult industry, a lot of people are turning to sexting stories to get their orgasm fix these days.

Combine this with the fact that, even right now, there are literally millions of sexts being sent back and forth between horny people the world over, it means there's no shortage of material for us to enjoy. If you're ready to play the part of the voyeur and dive into other people's intimate messages, you'll absolutely love these hot sexting stories we've got for you.

Why Sexts Are Better Than Porn

We can't deny that porn has its place in the modern world. It's convenient masturbation material and accessing it has never been easier. But in our hearts, we know that porn isn't real. Even the amateur stuff from next-door models that apparently 'love sex' seems a little stale these days, especially as we know most of them are just doing it to make money.

But sext screenshots are a different kettle of fish. These are real, sexy texts from real people who've experienced that blood-rushing moment of excitement as a hot message or naughty snap lights up their phone. These days, we're crying out for something real. We want to imagine ourselves in the shoes of people luckier than us, and that's why sexting screenshots make for great ways to vicariously live out our personal fantasies.

Real Life Sexting Stories

The following sexting stories have all been taken from real people who've experienced incredible sexting moments and lived to tell the tale. Be warned, some of them are a little taboo, but isn't that the beauty of sexting? We're able to visit erotic realms that might not be possible in reality, but in the confines of a virtual environment, they're fair game.

Office Fun - Carla, 30

Long story short, I'd built up a little sexual tension with my boss. We'd been on a night out and we'd kissed, but I didn't go any further because, hell, he was my boss! But one evening at the office I couldn't stop thinking about him. He'd been parading around all day in his tight grey suit, so I sent him a few messages that started off innocently but gradually ramped up in intensity.

The kicker? I could see into his office from my desk, and every time I'd say something naughty I'd see him smile. We started making eye contact after that, and you should have seen the look on his face when I started sending him some naughty pics. Needless to say, neither of us got much work done that day, and amazingly, I somehow managed to keep my job!

High School Reunion - Jessica, 34

About a year ago I went to my high school reunion and ran into my old crush Dean Spencer. I found myself just as attracted to him as I was 20 years ago, especially as he was a doctor now. We got chatting and I managed to extract his phone number from him.

The moment I got home, I had to grab my dildo and masturbate like a wild animal. In a moment of weakness, I sent him a naughty photo and he seemed more than happy to reciprocate things!

My Best Friend's Girlfriend - David, 29

I'd be lying if I said I took no pleasure in sexting with my friend's new girlfriend, but I really did. She was part of our social circle and I'd always quite fancied her (incredible body, amazing ass, total party girl). One night I text her asking her if she'd up for planning a surprise party for my friend (her boyfriend), but the conversation quickly took a sexy turn.

She asked me about my sex life and I told her it was a little stale. From that point, the dirty talk seemingly exploded. She told me she cheated on her boyfriend a ton, and that if I wanted, I could be her next 'victim.' Looking back, it was totally wrong, but my cock was hard as granite. We had a little sexting fun and luckily, she and my buddy broke up not long after. Phew!

I Sext The Wrong Guy - Tessa, 26

There are two guys named Mike in my phone. One is my boyfriend, the other is some guy I used to work with. When I got my new phone, I accidentally text the wrong Mike a photo of me looking hot in the mirror. Oops.

But of course, my old workmate seemed to really like the idea. One thing led to another, and soon we were both relieving a little stress together. I felt a little naughty, but Mike seemed to have a way with words that got me instantly juiced up.

His Hotwife Fantasy - Kate, 38

My husband has always had a particular fantasy that involves watching me with another man. We've never actually done anything in real life, but last week when I was away with work, I got curious, so I put the fantasy into action. Well, I didn't, but I just told my husband that I was.

I sent him a picture of me in my sexy business suit and told I'd met a guy at the hotel bar. I said we'd had a sexy conversation and that he was coming to my room in the next fifteen minutes. Then I purposely went quiet for a couple of hours to let the idea take hold in my husband's mind. Ever since, my hubby can't stop bringing the moment up whenever we have sex!

Sexting Gives Me The Best Orgasms - Rachel, 28

I'm a woman who struggles to reach climax at the best of times. Doesn't matter if it involves endless foreplay or getting straight down to the business, I've always struggled to reach orgasm, especially with a partner. Naturally, it makes relationships difficult.

But phone sex and sexting has given my sex life the boost is needs. These days, I can't wait to get home and get virtually-intimate with one of my boy toys. I've found that I'm much more interested sitting alone with a phone than I am actually getting jiggy.

Wife Teased Me Like Crazy - Rob, 48

Me and my wife have had a semi-open relationship for a while. She doesn't just screw anyone, but she has two 'boyfriends' that she meets up with a couple of times a year. Anyway, we've never been much into sexting because we're ancient by today's standards, but a few weeks ago she went away with some friends to Europe and my god did she tease the fuck out of me.

When she got back to her hotel room, she told me she'd brought some Italian stud back home with her. She send me some hot photos and sure enough, there was another person holding the camera! Then she went quiet on me for an hour while apparently her new 'friend' went to town on her, then she called me up for the best phone sex of my life. After this, I think we're going to start sexting a lot more!

I Accidentally Arranged A Threesome - Gareth, 32

A threesome is my guilty pleasure, so me and my partner have often discussed it during heated sexting sessions. One night our sexting went a little further, and I let out a mention that we should arrange to have a real threesome for the first time ASAP.

My girlfriend took the initative. One evening when I got home from work, I found her and her friend sitting at the kitchen table. Amazingly, my girlfriend then led me upstairs to 'watch the show'!

Sexting My Old Professor - Jenny, 28

During my university years I had this professor named Mr. Bradley. A total silver fox, dripping with mature sex appeal, amazing physique for a 50-year-old. I always had trouble paying attention when he took class because while he was talking, all I could think about was riding the life out of him. Anyway, about 6 years after I graduated, I hit up Mr. Bradley on Facebook because I needed to ask him about a book he'd written.

One thing led to another and I quickly found out old Mr. Bradley had just gotten divorced. Looking back, I know it was super wrong, but I told him about the fantasies I used to have about him. Needless to say, he was VERY pleased to hear about them! He might have been an English lecturer, but that day he was my certified sex educator. That's all I'm going to say!

Roleplay Sex Session - Stephen, 25

So I'm gonna be brutally honest here; I've always wanted to have sex with my step-mom. Obviously, I wouldn't ACTUALLY sleep with my step-mom, but it's been in the back of my mind since the first time I saw her. Thankfully, my incredible partner was more than happy to roleplay the scenario out with me over sext.

She played the part of my step-mom and crafted a whole erotic scene for me. We were alone for the weekend, and she came into my house while I was sleeping. After that, I got completely lost in the fantasy and I just went wild. I couldn't keep my hand off my dick the whole time. Obviously, I had to give my partner some serious praise afterwards.

My First Sext Experience - Richard, 21

It took me years to build up the courage to begin sexting, but once I did, it's really helped me build up confidence. My first sexting experience involved a random girl I'd met in a chat room, and it was all harmless fun atfirst, but it quickly turned erotic.

I didn't realize just how easy itwas, and soon her words were making my legs quiver like crazy. Once we took the convo to video chat, it was the most intense experience of my life. Now, I can't even watch a porn movie without thinking about that experience.