Lesbian Sexting

Lesbian Sexting: Hot Tips For How To Talk Dirty

Gay, queer and bi women often get overlooked in today's straight-dominated world, especially when it comes to things like sexting and adult entertainment. It's pretty easy to find online guides for straight sexting and the like, but what about lesbian sexting? Just like everyone else, non-straight ladies love getting virtually-naughty too.

With that in mind, we've taken the liberty of putting together this lesbian sexting guide for your convenience. For that authentic touch, we've enlisted the help of a lesbian sex coach so you can rest assured that all these tips are coming from a place of authority. Whether you're looking for places to meet lesbians or a free chat sexting partner, here's everything you need to know about lesbian sexting.

Lesbian Sexting Tips You Need To Know

On the whole, lesbian dirty talk isn't so different from regular dirty talk, but there are a few things that need pointing out. For the ultimate in lustful sexting, we've put together the most important sexting tips to help liven up your lesbian sex talk.

Avoid Porn Tropes

We all have that voyeuristic human urge to mimic the things we see in porn. Not only that, but a lot of young people have been raised on pornography so they think it's normal to start immediately eating ass. This isn't how sex happens in the real world, and your sexting partner isn't a professional porn star. Therefore, avoid porn nonsense during your sexting rendezvous.

This is doubly true for lesbian porn, where every woman wears high heels to bed and keeps a stash of double-ended dildos in her drawer. Instead, ensure your partner is feeling sexy, not like a piece of meat. She might be very much into curiously dirty things, but she doesn't want to screw her mom's best friend or her daughter's teacher. Keep your sexts in reality.

Understand Your Partner

You might think you have the best sexting skills in the world, but they're not going to get you very far if you don't understand your partner's needs. What works for one person won't work for another. For your ex, a memory of a kinky moment might be enough to get them tingling, but it might take a lot more dirty talk to get your current sextee hot and bothered.

This part takes a little trial and error, but it's crucial to learn before you start sexting. In the past, you might have just been able to send a little aggressive talk to get your partner going, but doing that now might just make your partner feel angry or irritated. Converse with them and find out what works for you both before you explore dirty talk together.

Adjust Your Autocorrect

Lesbian sexting will naturally use a few terms that won't exactly be in the Oxford Dictionary. Combine that with today's super-intelligent smartphones and you've got a recipe for endless typos. Now, nothing ruins a horny sexting session by throwing out the wrong word. Your partner won't exactly get aroused by the thought of you rubbing her Clint.

So, just before entering lesbian chat sites or grabbing your phone to text your partner, check your autocorrect screen and make the necessary changes. Add the terms you're expecting to use in there so you can be fully prepared before you begin sexting. Licking her pussy sounds great, but licking her pushy doesn't have the quite same effect.

More Than Words

You don't just have to rely on typical lesbian sexting quotes when geting dirty with a chat partner. In fact, it's encouraged to go beyond text and ramp up the intensity with other types of interaction too. Naturally, the go-to supplement is usually naked snaps, and of course sending nude selfies to a trusted partner is never a bad thing.

But there's also the option of voice memos. Most messaging apps allow users to send voice clips, and these are ideal to add a layer of intimacy to your phone sexting session. Like dirty pillow talk, hot pictures and fun sexting notes are an easy and creative way to get your girl smiling. If you want to go full hardcore, just call her up and have full-on phone sex.

Naked Selfies Beware

Ah, naked photos. While we're on the subject of going beyond the written word, we should quickly discuss the element of risk that comes with exchanging nude selfies. First of all, if you're talking, sexting or preparing a hot photo send your partner, remember there are optimal times to do so. Don't send them a naked picture while they're in a work meeting.

If you're having some sexting fun with a stranger, be aware that your online sexting partner might not be as courteous with your snaps as you are with theirs. A lot of guys out there just pretend to be lesbians online to score amateur pictures of real life lesbians, so only send nude selfies to people you wholly trust with your intimate materials.

Be Present

The problem with fantasies is that they're different for everyone. Even two people who are into the same kind of sex won't be on the exact same page regarding sexual fantasies. When you're sexting, it's easy to lose control of yourself and become a slave to horniness. This then prompts you to steer your sexting session towards your own personal desires.

But doing this will just pull your partner out of the moment. Instead, you should run with whatever's happening in your virtual role play session. Think of it like a sexy improv session; always resort to the pillar of 'yes, and..." Not only will this ensure your partner responds accordingly, but it'll also help you both immerse yourself in the role play a little more.

Use Memories

Your job as a sexting partner is to stimulate your partner's nerve endings through words and images. The ideal way to achive this is to enliven your partner's senses, and nothing does this better than jogging their memory of your previous sexual antics. This is something of a sexting life hack because it's easy to do and gets them feeling sexy in record time.

For example, something like 'remember when we screwed all night in that hotel room in Paris?' will be enough to get the old sexting memories flowing. Another good one is to remind them of one of your initial sexual encounters when you first got together; back before you were super familiar with each other. Reinvigorating old memories can lead to hot new ones.

Lesbian Sexting Examples

If you need a little inspiration for your next sexting session, try out these sexting examples with your partner:

  • I like your profile pic. It makes you look like you have a secret.
  • I had a dream about you the other night. Would you like to hear about it?
  • Thinking about you makes me feel all warm and tingly. I would love to see you again soon.
  • I think I need my ass slapped. Wanna help me out?
  • Come round tonight. Bring your best vibrator, nipple clamps and a safe word.
  • I can’t stop thinking about your fingers in my pussy.
  • Will you wear those hot leggings for me on Friday?
  • Fucking you on your couch last week was so incredible.

Lesbian Dating Apps To Find Sexting Partners

The most efficient way to find a lesbian sexting partner is to hit the dating and hookup apps. Obviously, these platforms are designed for physical dating, but if you make your intentions clear from the off, there's nothing stopping your finding a partner for virtual fun too.


HER is the most popular dating app for lesbian and queer woman on the app scene today. It's an all-encompassing adult community for those with alternative sexualities and combines social media and dating app elements to create one immersive platform. As of the time of writing, HER boasts over 10 million users worldwide.

Unlike more modern dating apps, HER is very much geared towards lasting relationships and sturdy connections. It's not a place for a hookup, although you can certainly find that if you look hard enough. But if you want to connect with someone on a deeper emotional level, HER is the platform to make it happen.


Taimi is actually a social networking site, not a dating app, but it caters solely to the LGBQT crowd. It functions an awful lot like Facebook, offering profiles, photos, videos, status updates, check-ins, group discussions and more. It operates perfectly well as a dating app too, allowing users to interact with one another without the need for a swipe system.

It might sound like a relatively obscure platform, but Taimi actually boasts 8 million members worldwide, with lesbians and other non-straight women making up around 56% of the user base. The site intends to foster a spirited sense of community, which naturally translates to close bonds that can result in hot sexting fun.


According to the site's tagline, Lex is a place to meet 'lesbian, bisexual, asexual and queer people; for womxn and trans, gender-queer, intersex, two spirit and non-binary people.' We're fairly certain a lot of people won't know what some of those terms mean, but basically, Lex is the app to check out if you're not a straight male.

Additionally, Lex is 100% text-based. There isn't a single picture or video in sight, so you're gonna have to let your words do the talking for you. If you're looking for sexting, this is a dream come true. If you're looking for a physical partner, you might need to dig below the surface to find one.


A lot of people use modern dating apps to get their dopamine hits. For example, how many women do you know who match with people on Tinder then never actually message them? We're guessing a lot. Hinge, on the other hand, does away with the 'likes' model and actualkly encourages users to engage in real conversation rather than mindless swiping.

Users are given two matches per day. That's all. You can talk to them if you want or you can choose to wait until the next day. Hinge believes that quality over quantity is the way to finding your ideal mate, and its high rate of success proves it's doing something right. You won't find a sexting partner immediately but you'll find a solid one eventually.


If you fancy taking a walk on the wild side, Feeld is the place to go. This dating app was originally created as a platform to find threesome partners but has since expanded into all manner of kinky territory. You'll still find tons of people looking for three-ways and multi-person sex, but it's also a place for swingers, fetish and BDSM community members.

You don't have to be in a couple to explore this place either. And naturally, any platform that caters to the kinkier crowd is sure to attract a few would-be sexters. The users on here are pretty outspoken about their sexual interests too, so if you're uncomfortable talking explicitly, you might need to give Feeld a miss.

Lesbian Chat Sites To Find Sexting Partners

Another excellent place to find some filthy talking lesbians is in sexting chat rooms. You might think of chat rooms as relics of the past, but online chat sexting has since come back in a big way. The sexting phemonenon has spread its fire underneath chat platforms, giving them a new lease of life. Here are the best lesbian chat rooms to find a sexting partner.

Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is perhaps the most popular sex chat room around today. At any given time, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people trawling the hallways on here, offering a wide range of potential sexting partners across the whole spectrum of sexual interests. With endless rooms available, Chat Avenue is always a solid choice.

One of the most appealing beauties of the site is its overwhelming simplicity. Just type in a username and get going immediately. No sign up, no registration, no profiles. Users can then choose from a ton of topics, from kinky chat to role play chat to lesbian pornography rooms. The site also offers video chat and voice chat functions for maximum intimacy.


Chatinum is a purely video-based chat site for lesbians and women in the LGBQT community. Rather than dumping you into a public room full of text chats, Chatinum puts you into rooms of 100 maximum users. And yes, it's all video based, so be sure to have your webcam or your phone camera in operation because you'll be on full show to everyone.

Video chat sites aren't for everyone. They definitely require an outgoing personality to make the most of. But if you're looking to create quick connections on intimate levels, there's no faster way to do it than through face-to-face interaction (even if that interaction takes place through a screen).


PinkCupid is actually a dating site - a member of the OKCupid family, to be exact. Given its parent company, you can expect high quality every time from PinkCupid. Like OKCupid, it's packed with loads of interactive features, a verification process and a swipe system for appearance-based matching. It's basically the lesbian version of OKCupid.

But if it's a dating app, why is it in the chat room list? Well, one of PinkCupid's stand out features is its high quality chatrooms. It has a number of rooms dedicated to certain areas of the lesbian lifestyle, and since all members are verified, you're only getting real people every time.


LesbieMates is a dedicated lesbian chat room with around 1 million registered users and 5k users active at any given time. From the site's About page; 'LesbieMates (formerly Lesbian Txt) supplies lesbian, queer, bisexual and asexual women with a place to meet like-minded partners for cyber chat fun.'

There are only 9 chat rooms available, but it's always better to have too few rooms than too many. The small choice ensures that rooms are always busy so there'll always be someone to chat to. The site doesn't require registration to join. Chatters can simply type in a username and begin chatting immediately.

Lesbian Love Finders

Lesbian Love Finders is another dating app/chat site hybrid, and definitely one of the best if you're looking for an increased sex life. It offers a wholesome community, plenty of rooms to choose from a ton of real, verified members for safety and security. It hosts video and voice chat functions in all of its rooms too.

This is the only site in the chatroom section that requires payment to use, but it's very much worth it. Membership costs are low too, and sometimes quality is worth paying for, especially given the number of duds out there. To find your next lesbian sexting partner, Lesbian Love Finders should be on your list.