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SnapSext: Sexting & Hookup Site - Send Snaps, Get Laid

The dating industry constantly strives for innovation, so it was only a matter of time before online dating services jumped on the sexting trend. Sexting has been a mainstay of hookup culture for a while now, but only recently have so many Internet dating sites begun catering purely to wannabe sexters.

SnapSext is one such sexting site. This is a place to help meet real life people who want get virtually naughty through text messages and hot pictures, but does the site deliver on its promises? Will you actually connect with other members or is it just another dating ghost town? Find out with your best SnapSext review below.

What Is SnapSext?

Before we get going, we should mention that particular service is no longer called SnapSext. It's called SweetSext now thanks to a recent rebranding effort, but a lot of people still call it SnapSext regardless. For that reason, we'll be referring to this dating website as SnapSext for convenience going forward. Here's how SnapSext describes itself:

"Sweetsext is the mobile ready hookup site for adult dating you have been looking for. Having been around for over a decade (formerly known as SnapSext) SweetSext has a simple and clean user experience to make it enjoyable while you are using it. There are various offers for registration plus trials offered in a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. Being a safe and trusted dating site (SnapSext) for so many years, SweetSext has over 1 million registered users in the United States."

Broken down, SnapSext is something akin to a chat room site that utilizes dating online elements. Like dating sites, every user has a profile, and other members can search and scroll through to find a suitable chat partner. Imagine Tinder, but instead of casual hookups, it's purely about sexting.

Creating A SnapSext Profile

Use the form that's embedded into the table of contents to register for your SnapSext account. You don't have to click off the main page of the SnapSext website to begin the process. The form will ask you for the following information:

  • Gender
  • Sexual Preferences
  • Zip Code
  • Age
  • E-mail Address
  • Free Camsoda Tokens; Yes Or No (SnapSext is affiliated with Camsoda)
  • Password

After verifying your email address, you'll then be able to dive into this paradise of adult content. You'll need to be a registered member in order to actually exchange messages with other members, but you can look through profiles and view full-size pictures even as a free member.

The profile verification process will take around 48 hours to complete. The site uses image-recognition technology to ensure that your pictures haven't been stolen from a Google search or another adult site (both female and male members will need to be verified). This verification process takes virtually no time at all, especially in comparison with other hookup sites.

SnapSext Special Features

SnapSext has a huge choice of features to help you connect with site members. Here's a detailed look at all of them.

Search Feature

Like most adult sites, SnapSext has an advanced search function to help you find like-minded people. But unlike other sites, SnapSext's search function actually works! Just hit the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen and you can search the entire site either by keyword or specific filters.

Once you've narrowed your choices down by keyword, you can then narrow down further by; body type, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, exact location, distance away from you, relationship preferences, smoker or non smoker, drinker or non drinker and more ad-hoc criteria. Some of these filters might seem unnecessary for a sexting partner, but they're still nice to have.

Video Chats

One of SnapSext's key features is it's video chat function. If you've reached your sexting limit and want to take things to the next level, video chatting makes it possible. You and your sexting partner can call each other directly through the SnapSext platform, which means you don't have to share your phone number or personal e-mail to get naughty over Facetime.

Video calls are completely free providing you're a premium member and the quality is pretty high too (although it depends on your Internet connection). Keep in mind that SnapSext doesn't have any anonymity features when it comes to video calls, so you'll be fully exposed. If you're concerned about anonymity, maybe just trade pictures instead.

Swipe Game

The swipe game is SnapSext's version of a swiping feature. You probably know how it works by now. Scroll through faces, and if you find the other person attractive, swipe right. If they make you feel sick, swipe right. If the other person mutually swipes right on you, a chat window opens up and you'll be notified of your mutual attraction.

SnapSext offers grid-syle searching as well as swiping, so you can choose whichever method of meeting people you prefer. If you're only looking for other horny people in your area, you'll often find the same users in both the swiping and scrolling parts of the site, but it's still a nice touch to have both options available.

Quick Chats

Quick Chats are a little different from private messaging. It's quite a unique feature, but it's our hot pick for SnapSext's best feature. Quick Chats instantly delete the moment you send them, so you'll have no conversation history available. Additionally, only text chatting is available though Quick Chats. You can't exchange photographs or videos.

You can actually reply to Quick Chats with just a free account too, however, only premium members can send Quick Chats. So basically, you can quickly dive onto new members who don't yet have premium memberships and they can respond to you without needing to upgrade.

Private Photos and Videos

Who says hookup sites don't have any entertainment value? SnapSext has a section dedicated to user-uploaded content, which consists of sexy selfies and home made sex videos. It's like a porn site embedded within a sexting site, so if you don't have the energy to chat to real girls, you can still get your fix of explicit content.

A lot of women join SnapSext just to advertise themselves through this section. As SnapSext is affiliated with CamSoda, some girls make their personal living through content like this. We doubt SnapSext makes them much money, but it's still another great reason to check out SnapSext.

Safe Mode

Okay, so naked pictures aren't for everyone. Not everyone gets off on porn, which is why SnapSext offers a Safe Mode to keep you shielded from those blasphemous materials. Any sexually explicit content will be blurred so you can maintain your innocence and still get your ticket to paradise.

We joke, but it's actually a pretty useful feature. When browsing the site, you'll occasionally come across a stray dick and balls (usually from some comedian who's registered himself as a woman), so it's a great way to blur out those unsolicited male body parts. Nobody wants to see that.

Live Camera Feeds

As we mentioned, SnapSext is affiliated with the popular camsite Camsoda. Those with a paid membership will receive 100 free tokens to use on Camsoda, which is actually quite a generous offer. For those not familiar with Camsoda, it's a place where paid models and live girls put on hot live shows for their viewing public.

If you hit the 'Live Cams' section of the site, you'll find a long list of currently-live cam girls embedded into the site. You're then able to watch them through the SnapSext platform. Like the user content area, it's a useful function for when you've run out of energy to chat.

Premium Membership

If you want to interact with any of the other members on SnapSext (aside from the Quick Chats function), you'll need to opt for the premium service membership. As a paid member, you'll get full access to the following features.

  • Live Cams
  • Swipe Game
  • Premium Content
  • See Who’s Viewed Your Profile
  • Advanced Searching
  • Change Display Name

The site offers two trial options (which can both be used once each per account) and three monthly subscription packages. Here's what you can expect to pay for the privilege:

  • 2 Day Trial - $0.95
  • 7 Day Trial - $9.95
  • 1 Month Membership $34.95 – ($34.95 per month)
  • 6 Month Membership $69.95 – ($11.65 per month)
  • 18 Month Membership $80.04 – ($6.67 per month)

Pros of this Dating Site

What does SnapSext get right? Here's a list of site's positives.

Mobile Friendly Site

SnapSext does have an app, but it's currently only available for Android devices. That means iOS and Windows users will need to use the site through their mobile browser. It's not a big deal, however, since the platform is fully optimized to work on mobile devices and does so swimmingly. It includes all of the same features, including video chat capabilities.

The website might actually be a little bit outdated, but it's far from cluttered. That's one of the advantages of minimal, old school-designed sites - they run smooth as hell. That means it translates really well to a mobile interface. Still, the mobile application is better, but you're not missing out on anything by using the browser version.

Membership Extension

Perhaps the most unique feature of the SnapSext app, the membership extension allows you to renew your previous membership at absolutely no cost. Why? Well, the site claims that if you don't meet someone to sext with, it'll keep renewing your subscription until you do! This is a fantastic - and very generous - little perk.

Don't try and fool the system by lying though, because SnapSext will know. If you try and claim you've been unsuccessful, SnapSext will check your response rate from other members to check your claims. It won't read your actual messages since it's illegal, but it will know if you're lying based on the responses from real users.

Premium Content

With all of the adult content available on here, don't be surprised to find you've aquired online flirting addicting, but obviously that's not the site's fault. The live cams are particularly exhilerating, as are the user-uploaded pics and videos. As it turns out, a LOT of hot women call SnapSext their home.

The fact that the user-uploaded content gets its own page is a testament to just how horny the other users on here are. It's clear that these young chicks and hot moms are all starved for attention, so SnapSext gives them the opportunity to show themselves off to potential sext partners. It's a win-win for everyone.

Positive Reviews

We're not the only SnapSext review on the world wide web that absolutely loves this incredible website. Just do a quick search for this specific service and you'll find that most places speak about it in a positive manner. Like us, other website pages have praised its simplicity, its useful features and its lack of a wild credit system.

Additionally, SnapSext doesn't cancel customer reviews like some other platforms do, so you can rest assured you're always getting honest opinions with each and every review rating. Of course, not ALL SnapSext reviews are completely positive, but you'll be happily surprised to find that most of them rate the site pretty highly.

Cons of

Can SnapSext improve anywhere? These features were a letdown.

Has Some Fake Profiles

You can't escape fake profiles. It doesn't matter if it's a niche hookup app or a mainstream sugar daddy site, fakes and scammers are an inevitable part of the experience. But if you've spent any time in the online dating niche before, you'll quickly be able to separate the fake SnapSext users from the real ones.

The biggest giveaway on SnapSext is that fake users will have only created their profiles in the past few days. If you check their account settings, you can see when their profiles were first registered. If it's the same day or the day before, there's a high chance they're not real people. The site's verification procedure usually weeds out the fakes within 48 hours.

Outdated Interface

SnapSext isn't the most appealing website in the world. The main page has some bright neon pink elements and a stock photo of a woman who's way too hot to be using a dating site. Not only that, but there's very little information about what SnapSext actually is. It doesn't exactly make its purpose clear.

With that said, the website is well organized at least. It's pretty easy to navigate and once you get to grips with the layout, you'll have no particular problems finding the areas you need. It could use a little modernizing, especially in terms of notifications and pop-up messages. But there's a chance they'll come in the future.

Minimal Hookups

For all its solutions, SnapSext's biggest shortfall is that you won't really find any real life action on here. No strings attached dates, casual hookups, serious relationships. Don't bank on finding any of it. You've got more chance of finding the Zodiac killer than you have of finding a romantic date on here. It's purely online dates only.

Is this a negative? In our eyes, yes, because most people consider sexting to be the foreplay and actual hookups to be the main course. Others might see it differently, but either way, SnapSext won't do a whole lot for your actual sex life. Your cyber sex activities will go through the roof, but you'll have to do the dirty work with your own hand.

Conclusion: Is SnapSext Legit?

Very much so. SnapSext is more than just a niche Internet site, it's a hot commodity in the online dating world and something of a pioneer for the sexting market. It might not have the largest site active audience in comparison to other online dating sites, but everything it does, it does right. Put simply, this is one casual dating site you can trust.

The low costs and the membership extension feature are reason enough to check this site out. Combined with the premium content, the live cams and the useful chat features, there's no reason not to check out this web page tonight. It's a genuine hookup website that goes the extra mile to satisfy its users, and we promise it'll fast become one of your go-to dating websites. You might not find genuine romance, but you'll find filthy adult fun.


Got questions about SnapSext?

Is SnapSext free?

SnapSext is not free to use. Free members are given limited access to the SnapSext site, including the options to browse profiles and view images. However, only paying members can exchange messages with other users. Membership prices range from $6.67 per month to $34.95 per month, but there are also two trial options available.

Does SnapSext work?

SnapSext is a legitimate Internet site that has connected millions of SnapSext members together over the past few years. According to the average SnapSext review, SnapSext is a great site that helps forge brand new relationships on a daily basis.