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Sexting Finder: Find Snapchat Sexting Usernames For Free

If there's one app that's universally bonded with the world of sexting, it's Snapchat. Given the app's social media elements and disappearing-media feature, Snapchat is the first place people think of when it comes to dirty talking online. However, there are just as many users looking for regular chat as there sext-seekers, so how do you find Snapchat usernames for sexting?

The easiest way is to use a site dedicated to finding sexting friends, and SextingFinder is one such platform. This site allows people to upload their Snapchat usernames so that other would-be sexters can find them and start getting naughty. It's a great idea, but does SextingFinder actually work? Find out here. This is the only SextingFinder review you need to read.

What is SextingFinder?

Imagine a personals page, add in a few interactive features and you'll have an idea of what SextingFinder is all about. If you've ever had trouble finding sexting partners, SextingFinder is the place to come. People detail their desires in advertisements (along with their Snapchat usernames), allowing you to add them to the famous social media platform for explicit fun.

Just sign up, create your profile and list your username(s) right away. Include your basic details that potential sext friends might need to know; age, location, gender, sexual preferences, and you're good to go. It's a very simple idea and one that fills a much-needed gap in the online sexting space.

While Snapchat gets mentioned a lot in the site's copy, SextingFinder allows users to advertise their username for any similar social media platform; Snapchat, Kik, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Signal and more.


As well as snapchat usernames, SextingFinder has a number of features to utilize. Here's what's on offer.

Find Snapchat Friends

SextingFinder makes it real easy to find new Snapchat friends. You have a number of options to make use of, the most efficient of which is the site's search function. Search for guys or girls by any specific keyword to find people into the same kinks as you. Alternatively, you can scroll through users to see if any particular profile photos catch your eye.

Additionally, users also have the option to use the locations feature to find new friends in their area. Either input your zip code or use the location service on your phone and you'll be shown all of the potential sexting buddies within a designated parameter of your location. This is doubly useful because finding people nearby can sometimes translate to real life hookups.

Gay Snapchat Usernames

Gays often have trouble finding people for Snapchat sexting since the platform is straight dominated. However, SextingFinder doesn't discriminate. It has an entire section dedicated to helping gay guys find like-minded partners for sexting fun.

Video Chat

As well as exchanging messages with other users, SextingFinder has a video chat function built in to its platform. It might seem like overkill, especially as the site is all about Kik and Snapchat sexting, but this little function helps add a little security to the proceedings. Before you begin your conversation on an external app, you can double check the person is real beforehand.

Given that SextingFinder is free, it naturally attracts a few fakes. The videos feature helps you discern that the other person is real before you waste time adding their Kik or Snapchat username. For example, if the other person refuses to talk with you through video, chances are you're talking to a scammer. Additionally, it allows users to see if they gel before taking their conversation elsewhere.

Trade Nudes

Before you head over to Snap, you and your potential sexting buddy can trade pictures to get things started. Of course, you're only going to want to chat with strangers you're attracted to, so you'll need to see a few photos rnad videos before you go all-in with your sexting convo. SextingFinder allows you to dabble before committing yourself.

And much like Snapchat, these images and will self-delete after the user has viewed them a preset amount of times (from 1-5). This helps add a little reassurance that your nudes (probably) won't get leaked to the world. You'll also get notified if the other user screenshots your photos too.


What do we love about SextingFinder? Here's a list of our favorites.

Detailed Profiles

You want a Snapchat sexting partner who you hit it off with. While SextingFinder only requires your username in your profile, it encourages users to fill things out in more detail where possible. Thankfully, a lot of members do indeed offer a little more information than the average, including their age, location, interests and sexual preferences.

This is great for guys who struggle to craft an opening line because it gives you more to work with. Everyone knows that it's hard to sound interesting with an opening line, so detailed profiles allow you to find a mutual talking point. Likewise, it's a good idea to fill out your own profile with a bunch of specific keywords so others can find you when they're searching for suitable sexting buddies.

Good Search Function

SextingFinder's search function makes it super easy to find Snapchat usernames. You can search by keyword query to scour full profiles, or you can narrow down by physical characteristic. You can also search for usernames through the locations service to find hot strangers in your local area.

Another quite unique aspect of the search function is the ability to search by profile photo. The site's AI scrutinizes every profile photo and lists relating invisible keywords. For example, if a photo features a younger brunette with tattoos, you can occasionally find her by searching the relevant keywords.

LGBT Representation

Like we mentioned earlier, sexting tends to be a straight-dominated industry. Most sites and apps that cater to filthy message-sending are only really interested in attracting the straight crowd, which is why it's refreshing that SextingFinder takes a different approach. Boys looking for boys, women looking for women - you'll find both on here.

The even better news is that SextingFinder doesn't just dedicate a small section of its platform to the LGBT crowd. It very much encourages those with alternative sexualities to create an account on here, and with its sizable alternative user base, SextingFinder is a must-visit for anyone looking for alternative sexting partners.

QR Code Adding

You can add new Snapchat and Kik friends by simply tapping the QR code on each respective username SextingFinder site. This will automatically add the person to your Snapchat friends list without the need to do anything else. It's a super convenient feature and it'll save you a lot of time in the long run.

Exchanging usernames has always been kind of a headache. Even today, we still don't have an efficient way to swap phone numbers with someone else, instead having to input numbers and details manually. This little QR code approach is a nifty little touch and we hope similar apps start using it in the future.

Disappearing Media

How many celebrities have had their careers ruined through a few dirty images? More than enough. That's lesson enough that everyone should take extra precaution when sending their hot snaps out to the world, and thankfully SextingFinder utilizes the famous Snapchat function of erasing all images (and messages) after they've been sent.

They used to say that once something was on the Internet, it was there forever. SextingFinder is helping to change that. Users can set their pictures and messages to auto-delete after a certain amount of time or number of views has elapsed. If another user tries to save your pictures to their phone, you'll be notified.


Where could SextingFinder improve? Here's a short list of downsides.

Amateur Website

To say the SextingFinder website is less-than user friendly is putting it lightly. The website is an assault on the eyeballs from top to bottom. It's got a very boring, muted color scheme and lots of oddly-positioned elements that don't work well together. It's also got some questionable pictures that don't correlate to the element they're paired with.

We have no doubt that SextingFinder is an amateur creation. This isn't a professional effort backed by some big parent company. We can't find its exact origins, but chances are it was created by a small team with a passion for Snapchat sexting. We can't fault their dedication, but their execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Affiliate Links

Further proof that SextingFinder is an amateur project is the sheer abundance of affiliate links dotted around the site. Popups are very common, and there are a few sections in the main banner that lead to completely different sites. Avoid the 'Become A Model' and 'Live Sex' links because they'll lead you astray.

This is clearly how SextingFinder funds itself, and to be fair, they do a decent job of hiding these links (at least in comparison to other sites in this niche). You'll definitely find the ads annoying - especially the ones with autoplaying videos - but providing you avoid the sketchy links along the top, your experience shouldn't be affected too much.

Conclusion: A good site to exchange nudes?

SextingFinder might look terrible, but it's actually one of the best places to find sexting usernames for a variety of social media platforms. It's basically a huge, free advertisement platform for people to show themselves off, and its simplicity is what makes it such an attractive place to meet new friends for dirty talk.

If you can look past some of the downsides like the bad design and the bombardment of links, there's a lot of fun to be had here on SextingFinder. Access is completely free, and you don't even need to interact with other users before adding them to your Snapchat friends list. If you're feeling dirty tonight, don't hesitate to give SextingFinder a try.