Sexting Pics

Complete Guide To Sexting Pics: How To Take Sexy Selfies

Taking the perfect nude is something of an art form. We’ve all seen tasteful nudes at some point or another, but we’ve also seen a lot of nudes that leave us with an uncomfortable feeling in our stomachs. Maybe there’s too much on show, maybe there’s nothing left to the imagination?

It can be a difficult balance. There’s a fine line between class and seediness, so it pays to know your way around the pic-sexting game. Thankfully, there's never been a better time to master the craft of taking hot pictures given how rampant sexting is these days, so we've put together a handy how-to. Here's your ultimate guide to taking sexting pics.

Your Guide To Taking Nude Photos

Hot photos aren't just about grabbing your camera and pointing it at your body. You need to be aware of your surroundings, watch your angles and much more. Here are 11 points to keep in mind at all times.

1. Get Consent

Consent is paramount. Obviously, you don't need to get your partner to sign a contract saying it's okay to send an explicit photo, but you still need approval of some kind. If your convo is steering towards sex, then feel free to share some sexy content with her. Get a sense of her feelings and go from there. Don't pressure her and certainly don't send unsolicited pic messages (because these days some places even have laws against this kind of behavior).

2. The Power of Suggestion

Fantasy is always better than reality, that's why your photo should merely make hints rather than show everything explicitly. The monster in the horror movie is more scary when you only catch a glimpse of it, just like the bulge in your pants is sexier than seeing your length outright.

3. Your Phone Is Your Partner

Basically, you should look at your phone camera like you want to fuck it. Women have an easier time doing this than guys, which is why you see so many bad selfies from guys. Another good technique is to look away from the phone for a minute, then snap a photo the moment you turn back to it.

4. Find Your Light

Light is everything if you want to give the other person the best possible views, not to mention it sets the mood. For an erotic feel, you want low orange lighting. For a love feel, a little red will go a long way. Avoid super-bright pictures because they don't usually portray sexiness. You can also use dark areas to add a layer of mystery to your photo.

5. Angles Matter

Everyone has a good side. To give your sexting partner the best possible view, be sure to use angles to your advantage. A top-down pictures will make you look thinner and tighter, while a from-below picture will enlarge certain areas. Only a maniac would take a close-up photo, unless you're certain that your facial beauty regime is on point.

6. Use Filters

A filter is more than just a cutesy pair of puppy ears or a halo of flowers. When placed right, they can be the difference between a sexy pic and a very sexy pic. Filters don’t have to cover your face, you can place them anywhere – including over your explicit areas. Play around with them to see what kind of creative shots you can come up with.

7. Gradually Heat Things Up

As with normal sex, the buildup can sometimes be the best part. If you’re planning on sending a sexy nude to your partner, don’t just dive right in. Instead, begin the interaction with a sexy message or two, maybe alongside a snap of you fully clothed. Tell your sext-buddy that you can’t wait to get them behind closed doors, followed by a fully naked shot of you in your sexiest position. You can guarantee they’ll be thinking about you for the rest of the day.

8. Hint, Hint

Instead of sending a picture of yourself, try sending your sext buddy pictures of things that merely hint at sex. For example, if you send your partner a picture of your candlelit bedroom with some saucy lingerie lying on the bed, you’ll force their imagination into overdrive. It creates anticipation and excitement and you won’t even need to find the perfect filter to cover that zit on your cheek. 

9. Combine With Hot Sexts

Even though your hot photo might already say a million words, throwing in a couple of sexy comments along with it is sure to get your partner replaying over and over again. If you’ve sent her a sexy topless picture, try adding a line like: “I wonder if anyone’s around to give me a massage?” Words can be just as sexy risqué photos, so combine them together to give your partner a taste of heaven.

10. Respond Promptly

There’s nothing more frustrating than a sext session that takes hours to get off the ground, and then another few hours to get to the good parts. If there’s a 15-minute gap between every photo you send, there’s no way to build up the sexual momentum. As soon as you see the message, reply quickly and efficiently. It will ramp up the intensity a lot quicker.

11. Keep Your Photos Safe

Sexting pics is a whole lot of fun and it's very easy to get carried away. However, privacy is an important component of the sexting world. You should always err on the side of caution and play your cards close to your chest. Don't go syncing your erotic photo album with your cloud or Google Drive or anything like that because you're basically asking for a privacy violation.

How NOT To Take Sexy Photos

Now you're clued up on the world of pic-sexting, it's equally important to know what NOT to do. Follow these 5 tips to ensure your sexting game stays elite level.

DON'T Include Your Dog

Sure, everyone loves a cute dog picture, but they're not sexy. Don't include them in your saucy snaps because it'll evoke a sense of childishness rather than pure lust you're going for. Also, your lucky sexting partner might want to pleasure themselves to your snaps, so the last thing they want to see is little Jimmy Chew sitting beside you.

DON'T Send Nudes Before 12pm

There's a time and a place for nudes and it's usually from early evening to late at night. Obviously, this isn't set in stone as different relationships will have different routines, but it's important to time your pics in accordance with your partner's schedule. Don't go sexting them while they're busy at work or college.

DON'T Tease Too Much

If you’re sexting someone you haven’t slept with before, too much teasing can be overkill. When you actually come down to getting it on, expectations will be so high that it will be impossible to live up to them. Keep your sexts minimal and only send them when the mood is right.

DON'T Send Walls of Text

It’s human nature to be put off by long paragraphs of text. We naturally associate them with crap like legal agreements and terms of services – aka, boring stuff. You don’t want your sexy messages to fall into the same category. Keep any sexts you send alongside your photos short and to-the-point. Anything longer than two sentences will immediately put them off.

DON'T Show Your Face

Ignore this one if you're sexting a partner or a person you trust not to leak your pictures. If you're messaging anyone else, try and omit your face from any shot. As long as you only take pics of your body, you can just deny it’s you if your photos ever get leaked elsewhere. A good idea is to put a sexy filter over your face to kill two birds with one stone.