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LewdChat: Sexting & Adult Chatrooms For Easy Hookups

You want free sexting and you want it now. We get it. Judging by the amount of sexting sites out there, you'd think everyone and their moms were exchanging hot messages with total strangers. Maybe they are, and if you want to join the sexting party yourself, you need to find a reliable, trustworthy chat site.

If that's the case, LewdChat might be exactly what you're looking for. This chat platform brands itself as a top dog in the sex chatting world, but how does it fare against similar chat rooms? Will you actually find sexting partners here, or do most people go home empty-handed? Read on to find out. Here's your full LewdChat review.

What is LewdChat?

LewdChat is a collection of IRC-based chatrooms to help you meet new friends and hot strangers for explicit sexting fun. This place offers a thriving community of horny men and women from every corner of the globe, all of whom are looking to fuck, suck and trade nudes. Or at least, that's what the site claims. Here's the description from the site's homepage:

"On Lewdchat you can sext chat with people completely free of charge in our sexting online & sexting chat rooms. The goal of Lewdchat is to get people together whether from sext chat or sexting online in general, and our philosophy is that by using sexting chat rooms people are more open about.. anything! And that’s another thing we take pride in, Lewdchat is open for anyone anywhere and you can talk about anything!"

The good news is that LewdChat is indeed a reputable site that's full of life and character. There are plenty of real women on here, as well as literally thousands of IRC channels to help forge adult connections. There's a lot more to know about the platform, but that's the long and short of things.

Registration Process

You don't actually need to register to start chatting on LewdChat. You can if you want, and it does come with a few perks, but it's not necessary. If you want to begin chatting as a guest, just click the 'Chat Now' button the homepage, input an age and username and go wild on the other side. If you want the full experience, hit the 'Sign Up' button to begin registering.

You'll need to input a desired username, email address, your gender and your age, and then once you've verified your email address you're free to get going. Registered members get a log of their private chat history and the ability to reserve their username. You'll also get a little folder that saves all of the pics you've been sent via private message.

LewdChat's Features

LewdChat has a number of features to help you connect with other users. Here's a detailed breakdown of them all.

Unique Chat Rooms

The thing that'll first grab you on LewdChat is the unique chat rooms. Most chat sites have a bunch of general room for easy chatting; stuff like sex chat, porn chat, kink chat and so forth. But LewdChat doesn't take that approach. Every chat room has a unique name, which often doesn't correlate to the room's theme. To unearth that, you'll need to read the description.

For example, the 'default' room is entitled #PositiveLewd. To us, this doesn't exactly scream sexting, but once you join the room you'll see that's exactly what it's for. Likewise, the taboo chat room is called #TheAlleyway, the kink chat room is called #AphrosOasis, and the room for single parents is called #SexTheBar. Odd, but interesting.

Create Your Own Room

Maybe none of the above chat rooms do it for you? If so, users are able to create their own chat rooms dedicated to a topic of their choosing. Only registered members can make their own rooms, which will then be given their own dedicated server on the relevant IRC channels. After that, the business side of things is up to you.

Your new community will then be visible on the list of available chat rooms, but of course, it will be at the back of the list. You'll need to do a bit of networking to get the word out, like advertise the server in other rooms and invite friends over to play. You'll need to do a little to engage people with your channel, but you'll soon find that people discover it naturally too.

One on One Private Chat

The public chats can be exciting, but there's nothing more stimulating than private chat sessions with another horny user. If you're looking to get virtually wild with an individual, you're free to send them a private message detailing your intentions. Just choose their name from the list and click 'Send Private Message.'

Be warned, the female users on LewdChat get a LOT of private messages - one of the few downsides of the site being so damn active. Of course, if you listen to them talking in the public channels, you can sometimes get an idea of the kind of things they're into. Then simply adapt your creative writing efforts to their sexual preferences so you stand out from their other DMs.

Share Nudes

All of the chat rooms on LewdChat support photo sharing, which is obviously vital for trading nudes. Unfortunately, videos are out of bounds, but images and GIFs are fair game. As well as exchanging pics in private, all public chats also support the sharing of images (you'll find that some LewdChat channels are nothing but walls of pictures).

Unlike some chat sites, LewdChat doesn't have a disappearing media feature. Not only that, but when you exchange pictures with registered users, your hot snaps will automatically save into their picture folders for later viewing. If you're concerned about anonymity, it's best to either filter out your face or only send body shots.

Pros of LewdChat.com

What do we love about this chat site? Here's a list of upsides.

High Activity

There are a LOT of users here on LewdChat. Some might argue too many, but endless choice is part of the fun. Almost every popular room has their own microcosmic community so you'll never be short of users to chat to, and that of course means more potential sexting partners in the long run.

The more niche rooms tend to be less crowded, so if you want to increase your chances of finding an online sexting buddy, hit up some of the less-busy channels. You'll instantly know if you stand a chance because you can see the breakdown of male to female users on the right hand side of the page.

No Registration Required

The fact you don't need to join up is one reason there are so many users on here. You can be sharing your sexy secrets with the world in literally two clicks, so there's no need to wait around. Just input a username and age and you can lose yourself in this world of adult fun.

If you stick with the same username every time, it's a good idea to register because it only takes two minutes. Additionally, once you hop over to the registered side, you'll no longer see ads on the site.

Very Interesting Rooms

The rooms on LewdChat cover a wide range of themes, kinks, and niche types of sexual interest - some of which you might never have heard of. There's definitely a fuck ton of curious users here looking to push their sexual boundaries to the limits, some of which will pique your curiosity and many of which will gross you out.

For example, there are rooms dedicated to scat, and if you don't know what that is then consider yourself lucky. There's a chatroom called #VomitPigs dedicated to people who get aroused from throwing up, and there's rooms dedicated to niche alternative lifestyles like furries and My Little Pony obsessives. If you're shy, contain yourself to the main adult rooms.

Cons of Lewd Chat

Where could LewdChat improve? Here are the negatives.

Bad Design

In today's climate of accessible web design, there's no reason for sites to look terrible. Unfortunately, LewdChat didn't get the memo, which is why the site looks like it was created in Microsoft Paint. The site has a literal beige color scheme that doesn't exactly scream 'adult site.' Additionally, the writing on the front page is very childlike.

Not only that, but finding a server you like in the IRC portion of the site is a total chore. Instead of scrolling through curent live rooms, you need to search by keywords, which will then list each live server individually. We love the rest of the site, but we have to give the design aspect a paltry 1-star.

IRC Based

Anyone who's familiar with IRC will know how much of a pain in the ass it is. Words can't do justice as to how unnecessary an IRC-based site is in today's tech space, especially as it's super easy to make a chat site without it. You'll spend 10 minutes figuring it all out, then another 10 minutes trying to find a server you like.

It works a little like Discord, except Discord is optimized for newbie use, not just for nerds. The chatting portion of the site functions just fine, but jumping from server to server is a total nightmare. Expect a moment of frustration or two when you use LewdChat.

Conclusion: Should You Use This Chat Site?

You absolutely should. LewdChat is one of the most efficient online platforms for free adult fun, and we guarantee you'll find a chat server that appeals to you. Things can get a little wild here, especially with the heavy footfall, but it's better to have too many users than too few. No matter what you're into, you'll meet a new sext partner here.

And since everyone is only on LewdChat for virtual fun, your location isn't important. Whether you're in the busiest city in America or the emptiest town in Greenland, there's no shortage of free fun to be had on LewdChat. We've scoured every adult site to determine what's good and what isn't, and LewdChat sits right near the top.