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LocalSexting: Free Sexting Site & Local Hookups

In the past few years, sexting has massively exploded in popularity. We mean, it was pretty widespread already, but ever since that pesky pandemic sexting has become as popular as actually hooking up in real life. And even though we're no longer confined to our homes every day, it seems we still can't get enough sexy virtual action.

Naturally, a million pages have popped up in our time of need, all of them promising to quench our thirst for naughty messaging. One such platform is LocalSexting, a place that encourages sexting and all manner of virtual fun. Does it work? Will it provide exactly what you want from a sexting site? Here's the only LocalSexting review you need to read.

What Is LocalSexting.com?

LocalSexting is basically a dating app and chat room site that puts a huge emphasis on sexting. According to its description, it's "the best place for sex chat, Snapchat nudes, Kik sexting and more." It's a place to meet people who share your love for virtual fun, although some people here are also on the hunt for IRL hookups too.

The site has been online for quite a while, but as you'll see from the main page, it's not the most appealing site in the world. It's got a lot of mismatching elements and pictures that evoke a real amateur vibe, but the good news is that LS is a genuine sexting site packed with real users. Hit the 'Register' button along the top bar to get started.

Local Sexting Features

LocalSexting has a number of features to help you connect with like-minded strangers. Here's a detailed look at what's on offer.

Instant Sign Up

You can get access to everything on LS within a couple of minutes. Just touch the 'Register' button, input your basic details (username, email address, location) and then you can begin interacting with all of the other users on the site. You'll receive a verification email but you don't need to activate it right away.

Dating App Functionality

LS functions a lot like a dating app. As you make your way around the site, you'll find individual profiles that you can click into. You'll see their basic information, their location, their online status and a few pictures. If you like the look of them, you can contact them through any of the available methods (different users have different preferences).

Chat Rooms

As well as the dating app approach, LS also lets you meet people through its chatrooms. There are only 11 available rooms (as of the time of writing), and they're broken down by sexual interest. They do this in order to keep numbers high so you can be sure there's always someone available to talk with. LS keeps it simple, and that's a good thing.

Pros of LocalSexting

What did we love about LocalSexting? Here's a list of the positives.

Active Chat Rooms

It's difficult to find a report of LS's exact numbers, but it's fair to say there are at least 1,000 online members at any one time. High activity is the most important component of any chatsite, and it looks like LS has its priorities in order in this regard. You'll rarely find a chatroom that doesn't have at least a few hundred souls.

Promotes Other Communication Methods

A lot of sites try and hold you hostage to their platforms, but LS takes a refreshing approach in this regard. Users are encouraged to list their preferred contact methods in their profiles, including: Kik, Skype, WhatsApp, email, text message, Twitter, Facebook or a number of other platforms. You're then free to send them messages through their app of choice.

Safe & Secure

Every message you send on LS is kept strictly between you and your sexting partner. There are no chances that your personal data will be leaked since the site doesn't retain any personal info whatsoever. You don't need to input your real name to sign up, and like similar sites, LS will only keep your email address on file in case they need to contact you.

Cons of LocalSexting?

Where could LocalSexting improve? Here's a short list of the downsides.

Looks Amateur

The site doesn't exactly boast next level web design. Quite simply, the website looks awful. It's very muted and minimal, like something you'd expect from a second-hand listings site. This amateur appearance no doubts puts a lot of potential members off at first glance, which is why LS seems to have a loyal-but-stationary userbase.

Not Very Active

While the chatrooms tend to see some action, not a lot happens across the rest of the site. At most, a few thousand people log in per day, and the majority of them are dudes. While locations aren't super important since LS is predominantly a sexting site, you won't ever get to meet someone IRL through here.

More Men Than Women

As we mentioned, you'll find a lot more guys than you will girls here on LS. The male to female ratio seems to be at least 9:1 in favor of the guys, which is a touch high by any metric. On average, you'll need to send at least 30 messages before receiving a reply.

Final Verdict: Is LocalSexting A Good Sexting Site?

LocalSexting is far from the best sex chat page in the world. Sure, it has its upsides, like free access, busy chat rooms and good adult content, but you'll quickly find that after a couple of hours here, there's not much else to do. There's a very restricted feel here, like there's only so much fun you can have before you hit the glass ceiling.

Combine that with the amateur design, the lack of new people and the abundance of men, there aren't many reasons to stick around long term. The site demands a lot of effort for little reward, and while you might find a sexting partner or hookup if you try hard enough, there are plenty of better sex sites out there. Overall, check out LocalSexting if you've exhausted every other option, but don't expect it to change your sex life.