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SextWithSluts: Dating Site For Trading Nudes & Local Sexting

Sext With Sluts. If that name doesn't get your attention, nothing will. This site is one of the many new sexting apps popping up on the scene, offering easy sexting with like-minded partners from all over the world. And with no shortage of sexting platforms, modern sites need to do something special to stand out.

Can SextWithSluts compete with the more popular sexting sites out there? Will it actually get results, or is it another scam site posing as a dating app? We've devoured this app from top to bottom so that you don't have to, and you might be surprised to learn what we discovered. Here's your SextWithSluts review.

What Is SextWithSluts?

If not the sledgehammer name, you wouldn't have a clue what this site was about. The homepage gives nothing away; only a vague comment or two about 'discussing your wildest sexual fantasies.' However, it does throw out the phrase 'adult entertainment platform,' which is an instant cause for concern.

We can discern that SextWithSluts sits somewhere between a dating site and a chat room. It's a place to meet a virtual companion who shares your penchant for filthy text messages, which you can then transpose to your message app of choice. You can also communicate directly through the SextWithSluts platform should you wish.

Signing Up For SextWithSluts

Use the embedded sign up form to create your SextWithSluts account. You'll need to imput the following details:

  • Sexual Preference (I am a man/woman looking for man/woman)
  • Date of Birth
  • Region
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Password

Verify your email address then you begin searching the site in full. You can browse every section, but you won't be able to send messages until you either purchase a subscription or credits. Don't expect to contact anyone without spending money.

SextWithSluts Features

SextWithSluts has a few features to help get you chatting with other members. Here's a list of them.

Chat With Women

As the name suggests, SextWithSluts claims to connect you with sex-loving women the world over. Once you're up and running, you can start talking with all of the available ladies and make magic happen. Well, we guess you could in theory, except Sext With Sluts doesn't have any real women.

Upload Pictures

Deck out your SextWithSluts profile with pictures and videos to show yourself off. Even though the idea is to take your conversation over to your phone, you can still communicate with other users through the browser version of the website too.

Buy Tokens

As well as a monthly membership option, SextWithSluts also gives its members the option to purchase tokens. Instead of paying a lump sum for unlimited messaging, tokens allow people to only pay for each individual message they send (and hopefully save on costs in the long term).

SextWithSluts Membership Price

SextWithSluts has two types of payment options; monthly subscriptions and credits. A monthly subscription gives you unlimited opportunities to connect with other users whereas credits cost on a per-message basis. Here's what monthly members need to pay:

  • 1 Month Gold Membership - $11.95
  • 3 Months Gold Membership - $29.86
  • 6 Months Gold Membership - $46.59
  • 12 Months Gold Membership - $53.75

Here's what credit bundles cost:

  • 10 coins - $17.92
  • 25 coins - $41.81
  • 50 coins - $77.65
  • 100 coins - $143.35
  • 200 coins - $238.91


What do we like about this site? Here are our positives.


We're really struggling to find something to write in terms of positives here, but we guess the site is very affordable. However, even after you've paid, there are no genuine interactions to be found here. So, unless you like paying for malicious links and fictional messages, you'll find a lot to love.


Where could SextWithSluts improve? Here's a list of the things we didn't like.

Bad Website Name

We get it, a name like Sext With Sluts is fun. But does anyone really think that real women are going to visit a site with this name? Obviously not. Even though some women might label themselves as sluts, this site's name reduces them to men's playthings. It's a little demeaning, and it's another guarantee that you won't find a real or virtual hook up here.

In our experience, any site that has terms like 'slut,' 'fuck,' 'bang' or 'hookup' in their name isn't going to get very far. Terms like 'sexting' and 'hot' and 'passion' are fine, but all of the big name platforms have subtle names like Tinder, Match, Hinge, Bumble. If it's overly-explicit, chances are it's going to be a problem.

Not Free

SextWithSluts throws out the word 'free' like it's going out of style. It's published on the homepage about ten times. It's even in the website's title. With this many mentions, we'd hope that the site was indeed free. However, SextWithSluts asks for your credit card details at the first opportunity.

It wouldn't be so bad if SOME things were free, but you can't do anything on here without spending money. You can't comment, chat, view photos or anything. The whole site has scam written all over it, so scrub this site from your computer history at the first opportunity.

Fake Profiles

SextWithSluts doesn't JUST have fake profiles. It actually has 'service profiles,' also known as 'fantasy profiles,' 'entertainment profiles' and a number of other misleading names. Put simply, the chances of meeting a real person on here is like finding gold in the middle of the street. This is directly from SextWithSluts's terms of service:

"Yes, we use fictious profiles for testing behavioral/social studies and for entertainment purposes. The profiles posted on the Website are fictious and are associated with our “Fantasy Entertainment” (FE) service. This Digital Fantasy service is part of our efforts to stimulate conversation with users to encourage further and broader participation in all Website's services."

Negative Reviews

If you Google SextWithSluts reviews, you'll find the majority of them slam this site just as hard we have. They're not wrong. Almost every user we contacted on here turned out to be fake, so you've really got more chances of winning the lottery than getting laid on here. It's nothing but a bot and phishing fest, so avoid, unsubscribe, delete, go elsewhere.

Conclusion: Is SextWithSluts Legit?

Any site that uses the word 'slut' in its name isn't going to get very many users. Sure, women love sex too, but if you think they're going to come to a place called SextWithSluts then you're very much mistaken. Unsurprisingly, there aren't many women on here. No women at all, in fact. SextWithSluts is a scam site with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

You might think you've found a real user on this site, but the admission of using 'fantasy profiles' all but confirms the site is a ghost town. The company behind SextWithSluts, Mountain Top Digital, have a history of pumping out these kinds of sites, which all but confirms it's a waste of time. Avoid like the plague.