Sexting Games

Hot & Naughty Sexting Games to Play With Your Partner

Sexting gives long-distance couples the chance to increase intimacy without actually having to be in the same room. Connecting virtually can be equally as thrilling as being in bed together, especially with so many interactive features available through today's messaging apps. From phone sex to video chat to simple sexting, it's never been easier to ignite your sex life from afar.

And if you and your partner are looking to add an extra layer of fun to the proceedings, sexting games make for an ideal choice. They'll give your imaginations a good workout and help spice things up next time you get together in person. That's why we've put together a list of fun sexting games for you and your partner to try out tonight.

19 Sexting Games To Build Amazing Sexual Tension

From role playing to bucket lists to virtual edging, these are the sexting games to play to keep your long distance relationship white hot. You can also use them as ideas to create your own sex game. Have fun!

20 Questions

The classic game with a sexy, fun twist. This one is great if you're idling at work because it doesn't require a stream of back-and-forth messages. One partner will send a list of 20 questions, all erotic in nature, and the other person will respond adequately. Questions can involve ultimate sexual fantasies, most memorable sexual experiences and whatever else your imagination can conjure.

Truth or Dare

Who didn't play Truth or Dare as a teenager? Well, sexting now gives long distance couples the option to play this great game in a new, fun way. Truths can involve anything you've always wanted to know about your partner, and dares can involve innocent requests like "get on all fours and touch yourself." As long as it's sexy, it's fair game in this world.

The Sex Bucket List

This is one fun game that takes a long time to complete. A sex bucket list should include all of the naughty sexual adventures you want to experience before your number gets called. Threesome? Kiss on top of a mountain? To turn it into a game, just swap individual points with your partner until you've amassed one hell of an erotic adventure catalogue.

Treasure Hunt

This one requires some personal interaction so you'll need to prepare things in advance. When you're next round your partner's place, hide a raunchy item somewhere. It could be a new sex toy, an item of lingerie or something with a saucy twist. When you get home, send your partner a naughty message and send them on an erotic hunt for their sexy surprise.

Role Playing

What's more fun than role playing? Both you and your partner assume a role and fulfill your sexual needs through the medium of text. With role playing, you can either act out a simple sex scenario or you can adopt character roles or introduce elements that might be impossible in real life. For example, you could play the teacher, she could be the naughty student. Or she could be your boss and you could be the lackluster subordinate.

Remember When?

The ideal sexting game to help ignite those hot memories if you're in a long distance relationship. Simply ask your partner, 'do you remember when we...' then mention a particular replay-worthy sex memory. Your partner will then do the same back to you, and these erotic recollections will get you both hot and bothered, leading to some naughty virtual fun.

Date, Do, Dump

If you've ever played Fuck, Marry, Kill or any variation thereof, you'll quickly get to grips with this sexting game. Give your partner a list of three potential bachelors or ladies and they have to tell you who'd they date a few times, who'd they'd sleep with and who they'd kick to the kerb instantly. To make it more interesting, you can even guess her answers in advance (and perhaps get a reward for every correct answer).

King For A Day

One of you is the King (or Queen) and the other is the subservient sextoy. In this game, the royal highness sits back while the other person describes exactly what they'd do to them. The King or Queen doesn't have to lift a finger; just lie back and enjoy the dirty things their partner is doing to them. It's a playful and fun variation on traditional BDSM roles.

Finish The Sentence

Instead of giving a play by play of your ideal sexual adventure, give half of the information and let your partner finish the rest. It's a nice trade off of both your sexual ideals, and you'll end up with a sexy idea that addresses both you and your partner's own fantasies. Then of course, you're free to act out this scenario next time you're together.

Never Have I Ever

This sex game will help you discover a lot about your partner without requesting a play-by-play of their sexual past. Begin with something you know your partner hasn't done, like "never have I ever had an orgasm on an helicopter," then move onto more feasible things. Questions like "never have I ever slept with three people at once" or "...had sex with a friend," can end up being quite revealing.

Erotic Book Club

Read an erotic story somewhere online? Send the link to your partner and see what they think. If it's a hit, you two can then re-enact the story piece by piece via sext, adding in your own sexy flourishes along the way. Combined with a few visual aids to bring the story to life, the Erotic Book Club game might be the number one substitute for porn.

Plan Your Next Adventure

A spin on the classic Choose Your Own Adventure, Plan Your Next Adventure helps you organize you and your partner's next romantic liaison through multiple choice options. For example, you might say, 'you get to mine at 6pm, do we get dressed up and go out or go straight to bed?' It then becomes a mutual back-and-forth full of sexy scenarios.

Sexy Brainstorming

The Internet is full of tips and tricks to help spice up your sex life. A little searching will give you a ton of ideas, and when you find something you like, send it to your partner with a little 'maybe we should do this?' tacked on the end. It can be something as simple as having sex in a public place or trying out a new position in the bedroom.

Would You Rather

A little like Truth or Dare but with multiple choices. For example, ask your partner, 'would you rather have sex on a beach or on top of a mountain?' Once the raunchy conversation is in full flow, you can be a little more specific and realistic. 'Would you rather me put it in your ass or your mouth?' or 'would you rather involve another man or another woman in the bedroom?'

Masturbation Race

This one's quite self explanatory. Most people masturbate as a solo activity, but with an added sexting element it can become a mutual activity. The objective is to reach climax before your partner, and once you do, send them a picture of the aftermath. It's fun, exciting, and obviously results in a lot of pleasure for you both.

Guess The Body Part

We've all seen enough nudes of our partners to last a lifetime, so this game helps mix things up a little. With close ups, it's hard to tell exactly which body parts are on show - and that's the idea. Is a photo of your leg? Your ass? It'll surprise you just how effective this game is, especially when you get to the more explicit body parts.

Red Light, Green Light

Edging is when you tease your partner to the point of orgasm, pull away, then resume. It eventually builds up to an intense release that even toys couldn't simulate. Of course, you won't be present to actually edge your partner, but you can give them instructions as they do it themselves. Red light means stop, green light means carry on, then you'll eventually give them permission to explode.

Guess What I'm Wearing

Some sexting games are very simple. With this one, you'll send your partner a few close-up photos and have them guess what kind of outfit you're rocking. It doesn't matter if it's a dress suit, sweatpants, or of course, nothing at all. Or if pictures are out of the question, simply describe your outfit in vague terms. It sounds simple, but it helps build a little anticipation for what comes later.

Fantasy Pictionary

This one's for the more open minded relationships, because it can open up some seriously steamy topics. Download an interactive drawing app and describe your ultimate fantasy via your artistic (or lack of) abilities. the other person then has to guess what your fantasy involves. It's a great way to discuss fantasies you might have a tough time bringing up elsewhere.