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Best Sexting Apps: Trade Nudes, Send NSFW Messages, Sext Strangers

Sexting has come a long way in the past decade. Once upon a time, we were limited to basic SMS messages and winky faces, and today, we have the option to send high quality, naked videos of ourselves at the click of a button. We can instantly exchange endless pictures, hot messages and whatever else we deem appropriate for our late night sexting sessions.

In fact, we might even have too many options available at our fingertips today, and one particular area of abundance is sexting apps. From Tinder to WhatsApp to Reddit, we really have our pick of the bunch when it comes to messaging platforms. Which one works for you really depends on our personal preferences, and picking the right one is super important of today's world of privacy and security.

That's why we've put together this massive guide to help you find the sexting app that gels with your needs. Whether it's a dating app, a hookup app, a social media site or a messaging app, we guarantee you'll find the app that works for you on here. Your guide to the best sexting apps begins right here.


Sexting is the number one free sexting app on the scene today, boasting interactive features, millions of users and sexting opportunities in abundance. It works similar to a dating app in that you'll create a profile and browse through other users, but the focus is solely on sexting, phone sex and video chat. If it's pure virtual fun you want, Sexting should be your first point of call.

This free sexting site is available worldwide and offers multiple ways to help connect with horny sexters. As well as private messages, Sexting also has a number of chat rooms for mass sexting opportunities, and best of all, it's completely free to use. If you're looking for the ultimate online sexting experience, start Sexting tonight. A lot of other dating apps (including the ones on this list) can't compete with what Sexting offers.


If there's one messaging app that's synonymous with sexting, it's Snapchat. The famous disappearing media feature has vanished plenty of raunchy nudes over the years, and more than a decade since it exploded in popularity, Snapchat still makes for one of the best free sexting sites around today. It has a million positives, including its mainstream appeal and its accessability, not to mention it's totally free.

The issue you'll have with Snapchat is that it's not always easy to find new people on there unless you know their username in advance. However, there are a number of ways to find Snapchat usernames on the Internet, so it's just a matter of sourcing them and adding the names to your friends list. With vanishing media to keep your nudes safe and plenty of opportunities for interaction, Snapchat is a sexting app for the ages.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services of all time. It's hard to find someone who doesn't have WhatsApp installed, especially in Europe where it's the number one messaging app. Given its widespread appeal, WhatsApp makes for one of the best apps for sexting around today, and it's also got a number of useful features that really aid the sexting process too.

Video chats and voice messages are possible through WhatsApp, and all media you receive is automatically saved into a dedicated folder. You'll also need someone's personal phone number to talk to them through WhatsApp, which means you already have that initial layer of interconnectivity before the sexting even begins. It's not an anonymous sexting app, but it's definitely worth having WhatsApp on your phone.


Another sexting-synonymous app, Kik is a chat platform that makes it real easy to find local sexting partners. Much like WhatsApp, Kik offers text, video and voice chat services for maximum interconnectivity, but it's also got a couple of features that make it slightly better than WhatsApp for sexting. The first is that there are group chats available to help you meet multiple people at once. The second is the Kik Maps feature.

With Kik Maps, you'll be able to see all other Kik users up to 100 miles of your location broken down by gender. Kik Maps is activated by default and a lot of users don't know it exists, but it's an awesome feature that lends itself well to meeting sexting partners. You'll need to charm any woman you randomly approach, but that doesn't mean she won't up for exchanging naughty messages (and some users keep themselves visible on Kik Maps for this very reason).


If we're being honest, it's hard to find any other dating site that does what Reddit does. Reddit is pretty much the spiritual home of horny singles (and not so singles) in the modern age, and in many cases, it's the first platform people check out given its widespread appeal. For those unfamiliar with Reddit, it's basically a giant, Internet-wide forum broken down into literally millions of different topics. If it exists, there's a Subreddit for it.

Sexting is highly represented on Reddit. Whether you're looking to sext with married people, sext with strangers, roleplay sext or whatever else, chances are there's a popular-and-active corner of Reddit specifically for that purpose. Reddit puts a lot of dedicated sexting apps to shame, so we highly encourage you to get involved in this extremely popular app as soon as possible.


For those not familiar with Discord, it's basically a bunch of anonymous chat rooms all dedicated to different topics and niches. Discord has rooms dedicated to ordinary stuff like video games and anime, but as we all know, every social media site ends up finding its way into the sex market. Discord is no different, now offering hundreds of thousands of chat rooms catering to different adult preferences, sexting included.

Discord offers anonymous, free messaging for all of its users. All you need is a username, an email address and the willingness to get involved with some of the raunchiest conversations this side of Tumblr. There are hundreds of chat rooms that cater purely to sexters, including; Sext Chat Room, Cyber Bar, Plenty of Sexts, Sexting VIP and many more (a quick search of 'sexting' will give you a list in order of activity).

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is one of the most famous online dating sites of all time, and for good reason. It was more or less the site that laid the foundation for what later became hookup apps. Plenty of Fish was bringing horny people together long before Tinder was even an idea, and has continued to remain one of the best free sites in the dating niche ever since. This is just one of the reasons why it doubles as a fantastic sexting site.

As POF is a standard dating platform, not every user is looking to sext. Most are looking for real life dating and hookups, but that doesn't mean there aren't any pure sexters on here. Given POF's super high activity, a lot of people use the site to get their fix of stranger interaction for the night and nothing more. Search around and you're sure to find a few sext partners. And like all the best apps, the essential features on Plenty of Fish are free to use.


Telegram is a super popular messaging service ideal for private messaging. While it functions almost identically to WhatsApp, Telegram has the added benefit of being completely encrypted so no one else can spy on your chats. Very few dating sites and messaging apps in the modern age actually offer complete privacy (including WhatsApp), so if you want to keep that naughty message between you and your partner, Telegram is the way forward.

As well as being a safe place to invoke your next sexting session, Telegram also offers voice notes, voice chat and video calling. There's also a chat room section called Telegram Groups, and a locations feature to help you connect with potential sexting buddies in your local area. So, whether you want to start sexting or start screwing, Telegram is certainly worth checking out.


For absolute privacy, Signal is the perfect app for your mobile device. While it's a fairly straightforward messaging app, Signal offers 100% end to end encryption, meaning that the only eyes privy to your private messages will be you and the other person. No one else can access your messages or sexy photos, not even the FBI. It would even be illegal for them to look at your private communication directly through your own phone.

Put simply, Signal is as secure as Alcatraz. Send encrypted messages to your heart's content safe in the knowledge you'll never get the fuzz knocking at your door. You can download the free app right now and make the most of its fantastic features; including voice chat, video calling and the option to see the top 100 Signal users closest to your location. It's not a dedicated sexting platform, but it certainly works as one.


As one of the top adult dating apps in the world, Tinder is an excellent place to fine tune your sexting game. Anyone who's spent any time on the Internet will be familiar with this popular dating app as it's pretty much a household name. Swipe right if you like someone, swipe left if you don't. If you mutually match with each other, you're free to begin conversing, and this often includes the giving and receiving of erotic messages.

Naturally, not everyone on Tinder is looking for a sexting buddy. It is, after all, a hookup app, so the majority of users are on the hunt for real life liaisons. However, dirty talk is often a precursor to the act of hooking up, so Tinder users can get the best of both worlds. Features on Tinder are limited as its biggest selling point is its popularity and vast user base, and as of the time of writing boasts a whopping 50 million active users in the United States alone.


Imagine Snapchat but without all of the filters and stories. You've just imagined Wickr, one of the fastest emerging messaging apps on the scene today. You can send messages, delete messages, send pictures - all within the confines of total end to end encryption. That means that no one can spy on your sexting. Not hackers, not the authorities, no one. The same goes for your voice and video calls too.

While it's a straightforward messaging service, Wickr's standout feature is that it lets you find other Wickr users without needing a third party source. Since Wickr doesn't require your personal phone number to use, people sign up through usernames and email addresses instead. There's a chat room section, a locations feature and even a mini personals board (which most people use to buy and sell stuff, but you'll occasionally find hookup ads in there too).


HUD (which stands for hookup dating) is a new but fast-rising dating site that's quickly seized the attention of millions of would-be sexters. It's something of a sex-positive platform, which means anything and everything is fair game. The site was originally created to help people find IRL hookups, but it's since evolved into an all-encompassing hub that covers the entire spectrum of adult interests.

Sexting is very much on the menu too. You can utilize the site's 'icons' to let other users know what you're looking for, be it a serious relationship, a short term relationship, casual hookups or online-only fun. You can use the site's search function to only find people that match your preferences too, so you don't have to wade through a million profiles to find your new sexting partner.


Headero is a brand new platform that's leading the current generation of sex-positive dating apps, offering privacy, discretion and simplistic features to help you meet your ideal match. It caters to a wide range of interests, including people who are just looking for sexy private chat sessions. If that's your preference, you can set your profile as 'chat only' so that you'll only match with people looking for the same.

Headero is a swipe-based online dating app, and only your matches can see your full photo library (non-matches are limited to your profile photo). All messages disappear after an hour and the site offers regular sexting tips and tricks from a dedicated relationship coach. It's very much an adult community as well as a sexting app, so give it a try if you're looking to mingle with thousands of like-minded sexters.


Confide keeps your explicit materials safe. This app is the virtual equivalent of a lockbox that only you and your sexting partner have access to. Literally everything you send on Confide can only be viewed once, whether it's a text message, a picture, a voice note or a video. Once you've seen the other person's message, it'll disappear as soon as you begin typing your response (so you're gonna need a good memory if you want to use this one).

This little feature makes Confide one of the best sexting apps because it does away with any awkwardness. How many times have you sent a sext, read it back and thought, 'ugh, that sounds so cringe'? Well, on Confide, there's absolutely no record of your lame attempts at erotic conversation, which lowers inhibitions and makes for a better sexting experience all round. If you want to send messages without judgment, Confide is the place to be.


OhMiBod are a popular manufacturer of sex toys, and now they've created an app to help heighten your sexual pleasure even further. The OhMiBod app allows you to control your partner's sex toys through an Internet connection, so you can drive them wild even if you're on opposite ends of the world. You can set speeds, pulsations and change settings depending on what toy they have inserted in them/on them. It's pretty amazing when you think about it.

Of course, the app only syncs with OhMiBod products, so if you have any OhMiBod vibrators or digital cock rings under your bed, now's the time to dig them out. Usually guys get a raw end of the deal with sex toys, but the app syncs perfectly well with male products too. You and your love never have to be apart from one another again, not when the OhMiBod app provides virtual and physical intimacy at the touch of a button.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook. What is it, really? Obviously it's a social media platform, but Facebook can really be used for anything. Voice chat, video chat, phone calls. Some people use it as a hookup or dating site, and some people even use it to find sext partners. After all, pretty much everybody has a Facebook account, so if you know how to use it right, there's nothing stopping you connecting with millions of people that share your penchant for sex chat.

If you want to make things even easier, you can just join Facebook groups that are dedicated to sexting. Sure, you'll have to do it discreetly to hide your activities from your busybody followers, but it's a convenient way to meet potential sexting buddies en masse. You also have the added benefit of detailed profiles, allowing you to see the important things about potential sexting buddies before you get the ball rolling. Finally, we've found a use for Facebook.


Juicebox is much different to the other sexting apps on this list because you don't chat with real people on here. Instead, Juicebox utilizes intelligent AI software to give the illusion you're chatting with a real person. That might sound kinda pointless, but these bots are Skynet levels of realistic. After a few messages, you won't even realize the other person isn't human. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of a robot.

It's a pure sexting website too so there's no voice or video chat functions. Why would someone use a site like this? Well, you can practice dirty talk to your heart's content and get pretty good feedback from the bots. You can also request the services of a personal relationship coach to give you more detailed feedback (although this comes at a cost). Juicebox is certainly one of the more unique sexting sites around, so definitely try it out.


Arousr is an anonymous sexting site where you can pay women to send naughty messages your way. Scroll through the list of available models, choose whichever one grabs your eye and then you're free to exchange messages with these talented sexting professionals. Costs depend on each model in question as the more elite ladies will charge more, but prices are pretty reasonable overall, especially to chat with such expert sexters.

As well as sexting, Arousr offers video chatting and old school phone sex too. Basically, any kind of sexy online conversations are up for grabs providing you pay your sexting partner for their time and effort. It might not be completely consensual, but this sexting website can still give you exactly what you need. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about your pictures being leaked because you're dealing solely with professionals.

Ashley Madison

If you don't mind bagging yourself a married sexting partner, Ashley Madison might be the ultimate online dating site for you. You've probably heard of Ashley Madison by now as it's the biggest affairs site going, and that's what makes it such a fantastic place to find a sexting buddy, albeit a not-single one. But for some people, that's part of the fun. It means there's a layer of naughtiness to your conversation before you've even begun.

While most people think that Ashley Madison users just want casual sex, there are plenty of users looking for pure sexting partners too. A lot of these married folks don't have the balls (or the female equivalent) to actually go through with the act of cheating, so many of them just flirt with the idea through virtual interaction. That means there's no shortage of chat buddies to get naughty with on here, just don't expect them to leave their husbands for you.


You might have heard the name Zalo before, and that's because they make high end sex products. And not only are they a pioneer in the sex toy industry, they've also created one of the most immersive sexting apps on the scene today. The Zalo app allows you and your partner to sync your sex toys with your app, giving you full control of the other person's pleasure. Zalo goes beyond sexting to give a visceral, physical experience.

But surely it's just the ladies that get pleasure out of Zalo right? Not quite. Zalo make some incredible sex toys for men, including vibrating cock sleeves, nipple ticklers, cock rings, anal beads and plenty of others. All of these are syncable with the Zalo app so your girl can stimulate you from a hundred miles away. Zalo is far from a pure sexting or dating platform, but the sexting experience you'll get through here is one of a kind.


Dust brands itself as 'a safer place to text,' offering numerous privacy features to help keep your texts, nudes and personal info confidential. It functions sort of like a social dating app, except nothing on Dust lasts forever. Pictures, messages, videos - they all vanish after an hour, so you can use the app safe in the knowledge that nothing of yours is being stored on anyone else's phone.

As well as disappearing messages and media, Dust also has screenshot protection features. If someone tries to nab your pictures, it'll blur everything out and notify you that someone's screenshotted you. This goes for messages, pictures and videos, so pretty much anything you filter through the Dust platform is going to be fully secure. For these security reasons, as well as the promiscuous-minded user base, Dust makes for a great sexting app.


If you know how Tinder works, you'll know it comes with a few problems. Namely that women are inundated with messages whereas guys barely anything. Women are able to have their pick of the bunch, while men only get what they can. Bumble skirts this issue by only allowing women to initiate contact. If you're a guy, this means that the only women messaging you are women who to want to sleep with you.

Bumble does have a feature called Bumble Plus (sort of like Tinder Gold), giving you the option to message 5 girls first per week. However, all other interaction must be initiated via the female party, which helps ensure that no one wastes their time on here. While Bumble is a dating app rather than a sexting app, plenty of sexting opportunities will still come your way.