Sexting Examples

Hot Sexting Examples You Can Use To Turn Someone On Now

Dirty talk is now a core part of the sexual experience. Since we live in an age of constant interconnectivity, it's never been easier to vocalize your sexual intentions to your partner. It doesn't matter if you're talking to a sexy stranger or if you've been married for 20 years, sexy messages are a surefire way to increase libido and add some spice to your bedroom activities.

But dirty talk is about more than just detailing your sexy desires. Many professionals, sex therapists included, agree that there's an art to the whole sexting game. There's a fine line between sexy text messages and coming off as cheesy. So, we've put together your ultimate list of sexting examples to help blow up your sex life.

Beginner Sexts

So, you're dipping your toes into the sexting waters. You want to get to grips with the whole sexting game without going in too hard or making yourself (or your partner) uncomfortable. If you're just learning how to sext, these beginner sexting examples will give you a good idea of what to expect.

  1. I've been horny all day. I think it's your fault.
  2. Help me learn how to talk dirty?
  3. Do you have plans tonight? Want some?
  4. The only thing I want to eat for dinner tonight is you.
  5. I had a dream about you last night. Want the details?
  6. Feeling playful? I know I am.
  7. I want you to undress me with your teeth.
  8. They say idle hands are the devil's playthings, but don't worry: I've got a great idea about how you can occupy them.
  9. What's your ultimate pleasure?
  10. Are you busy tonight? If not, I can make sure you are.
  11. I’m so excited about our date tonight. If you play your cards right, then you’re going to love what I’ve got planned for later.
  12. When's the last time you touched yourself?
  13. I can tell you and I are going to have a lot of fun together.
  14. I've got a lot of hot ideas. Are you the person to help me explore them?
  15. I'm in the mood to be bad.
  16. I got some new clothes. I think they'd look good on your floor.
  17. I can't wait to see you again. Next time I want to see a lot more of you.
  18. Every time I pick up my phone I can't help but think of you.
  19. The way you kiss me is super hot.
  20. Everything about you drives me wild.

New Partner Sexts

You've just started dating someone new and you want to show them you're more than comfortable with getting naughty but you're not a complete freak. If that's your current situation, try some of these sexting ideas with your new sweetheart.

  1. I want you to undress me with your teeth.
  2. Let's act out your wildest fantasy when you come over.
  3. Dessert is on me tonight—literally.
  4. Want to watch me strip?
  5. I've been thinking about seeing you naked all day.
  6. When you come over later, don't wear anything you don't want me ripping off of you.
  7. I had a sexy dream about you. Come over and let's act it out.
  8. Come remind me if you're as good in bed as I've been imagining.
  9. Thinking about all the things I'd do to you is making it really hard to work today.
  10. Do you like it from behind? I sure do.
  11. I just got out of the shower. Help me get dirty again.
  12. I'm going insane thinking about being inside you.
  13. Tonight, I'm the boss.
  14. I want you to look in my eyes when you finish.
  15. I want you to to ride me like a pony.
  16. I'm going to make you beg me for it tonight.
  17. You know just what to say to get me hot and bothered.
  18. I haven't been this turned on in the past year.
  19. I hope you know this relationship doesn't stop at sexy messages and sending photos. We have a lot more to do together.
  20. I know last night was our first time, but I think I’m addicted to you already.

Long Term Relationship Sexts

Married people and long term relationship partners still love sex too. Just because you've been together years doesn't mean your sex life should be contained to basic missionary once a month. Use these sexting examples to keep your married love life white hot.

  1. How loud do you think you can make me scream before the neighbors complain?
  2. I want to have sex with you in public. I don't care if we get caught.
  3. Want to cancel all our plans and go at it for hours?
  4. If you knew what I was going to do to you later, you'd leave work now.
  5. Let's give the neighbors a show later.
  6. What was the hottest sex we've ever had? Tell me about it.
  7. I want to pick up where we left off last night.
  8. Let's get takeout, so there's more time to make out.
  9. I don’t like sitting here in work when I could be at home doing filthy things to you.
  10. Tonight I want to spoil you.
  11. You can do whatever you want to me when you get home.
  12. I want you to touch yourself until you're about to come, and then stop and beg me to let you finish.
  13. Can you log into work late tomorrow? We haven't had morning sex in a while.
  14. I thought of something dirty I want to try tonight. Come home, and I'll show you.
  15. I've got a surprise waiting for you when you get back.
  16. I can't stop thinking about the sex we had last night.
  17. I want to devour you on the kitchen counter.
  18. Let's try something new tonight. Use your imagination because I'm yours.
  19. I’m taking care of dinner tonight. All you have to do is drink a glass of wine and get naked.
  20. How does being worshipped all weekend sound to you?

Storytelling Sexts

Sexting is best when it evolves into a full-fledged roleplaying scenario. When your sexts mimick that of a real life hookup, it allows both partners to become more immersed in the experience. For maximum and full sensory engagement, try these storytelling sexts.

  1. Tell me the dirtiest thing you've ever done. I bet I can do better.
  2. Tonight, we're going to play teacher and I'm going to give you a hell of a lesson in bed.
  3. I came so hard last night thinking about you. It’s a pity my hands aren’t nearly as good as the real thing.
  4. You're standing alone at a bar in a tight, black dress. Suddenly, you feel my hand on your hip.
  5. You're my misbehaving secretary and I've called you into my office. What do you do?
  6. Imagine you're alone in a big city and I'm your male escort. What would you make me do to you?
  7. You've hired a plumber to help rotate your tubes. I show up at the door. You can't keep your eyes off the growing bulge in my jeans.
  8. Officer, I've got something you can take down in evidence.
  9. You're my personal stripper for the evening. What extras would you give me?
  10. We're two stranger making eyes from across the bar. How long is it before our clothes are off at my hotel room?

Kinky Sexts

You don't have to be a hardcore kinkster to enjoy some kinky sexts. Kink can include light things like introducing handcuffs or whipped cream to a scenario. For something a little less vanilla, try these sexy texts with a kinky twist.

  1. I learned a new pussy eating technique. Can I practice on you?
  2. I want to write the alphabet with my tongue inside you.
  3. I'm going make you come so hard you can't remember your name.
  4. I want to make you tongue tied in more ways than one.
  5. Come over. Bring handcuffs.
  6. Tonight is going to be about pleasure and pain.
  7. I just thought of a new position that I desperately really want to try with you.
  8. What would you like more - a quick fuck or a long sex session?
  9. What I wouldn't give to hear you moaning my name.
  10. I'm going to make your biggest fantasy a reality.
  11. What about me turns you on the most?
  12. Tell me your biggest masturbation fantasy and I'll tell you mine.
  13. All we need is a phone camera and we can both become pornstars.
  14. Ordering some new toys on the internet, thinking about all the things we will do with them.
  15. How about you play the sex therapist and I'll be your patient?
  16. I'd love to tie you up and spank you.
  17. I want to pull your hair while I take you from behind.
  18. I want to blindfold you and tease you until you're begging me for more.
  19. I'd love to watch you get fucked by another person.
  20. Would you ever want people to watch us have sex?

Complimentary Sexts

Who doesn't love being complimented? Compliments are a vital piece of ammunition on the sexual battlefield, and they'll aid you especially well in the sexting game too. If you want to give your sexting partner a little ego boost, try these complimentary sexts tonight.

  1. You are so damn gorgeous.
  2. You are so fucking sexy.
  3. I can't stop thinking about you.
  4. Your body is so hot.
  5. I can't wait to see those gorgeous __ of yours again.
  6. Do you know how turned on I get thinking about you?
  7. You make me so fucking hard.
  8. I'm so lucky that I get you all to myself.
  9. You do things to me no one else can.
  10. No one makes me cum like you do.
  11. You're the only person who could ever get me this hot.
  12. I was losing interest in sex, but you've reinvigorated me.
  13. You give me the best sex of my life.
  14. I never feel uncomfortable in bed with you.
  15. You're my favorite thing to do in the morning.
  16. You know my body so well.
  17. Would you rather we fuck like rabbits or should I tease you first?
  18. I love both you and your vagina.
  19. You've got everything I want from a girlfriend.
  20. I'm going to satisfy all of your sexual urges with a smile.

Nostalgic Sexts

If you're texting a current partner, chances are you have some memories to draw on. This is also the case if you're texting an ex or an old friend with benefits. When you draw on past IRL experiences, it adds another layer of realism to your dirty texts.

  1. It was so hot when you __.
  2. Remember the first time we had sex? Let's reenact it later.
  3. I still get turned on thinking about __.
  4. I love making eye contact with when we have sex.
  5. I miss feeling you underneath me.
  6. You looked so sexy when you __.
  7. Did you like it when I __?
  8. I can’t imagine ever coming as hard as I did when you__.
  9. I can't wait to fuck you again.
  10. Tell me about the best sex we've ever had.
  11. Come remind me if you're as good in bed as I've been imagining.
  12. I want you to do exactly what you did last time we __.
  13. It's been a while since we__. Maybe we should do it again.
  14. Do you ever think about the time we __.?
  15. Think about the hottest sex we've had because we're going to re-enact it later.

What-I'm-Doing-Now Sexts

There's nothing sexier than living in the moment, which is why these types of messages will get your partner rock hard or dripping wet. What I'm Doing Now sexts describe the dirty acts you're doing at that very moment.

  1. I'm so turned on right now.
  2. I'm touching myself and thinking of you.
  3. I'm so hard right now.
  4. I'm wearing that sexy shirt you like - and nothing else.
  5. I just got out the shower and I'm still naked.
  6. I'm imagining how it would feel to be inside you right now.
  7. I'm completely naked and thinking about you. Want a preview?
  8. I'm imagining how you would look riding me right now.
  9. I've lying here thinking about all the dirty things I could do to you.
  10. Guess who I'm masturbating over right now.
  11. It’s too bad you aren’t here right now.
  12. Don't mind the typos. I'm typing with one hand.

Anticipation Sexts

They say the chase is better than the catch, which is why anticipation sexting messages are so damn effective. If you're planning on ravishing your partner the next time you're together, these messages will let your partner know in the best way possible.

  1. I want to take off your clothes the second I walk through the door.
  2. I've been bad. I need you to come home and punish me.
  3. I'm already hard thinking about what I'm going to do to you later.
  4. You're going to cum so hard tonight you'll feel like you haven't orgasmed in a few weeks.
  5. God, I can't wait to fuck you.
  6. I’ve never felt as attracted to anyone else.
  7. Guess what I'm thinking. Here's a hint: it involves my tongue and you moaning.
  8. Cancel your morning plans, because I'm going to keep you up all night.
  9. That pussy is going to taste so fucking good tonight.
  10. I'm going to make you feel so fucking good tonight.
  11. I can't wait to be inside of you.
  12. I can't wait to feel you inside of me.
  13. I'm going to bend you over the bed and have my way with you.
  14. I'm going to make you cum so hard tonight.
  15. You're doing something tomorrow night. Me.
  16. I’m so horny thinking about seeing you later.
  17. I thought of something I want to do to you tonight.
  18. When I get home, I want you wearing something sexy for me.

Domination Sexts

Want to remind your partner who's in charge? Then domination texts will help build the sexual tension until you can meet in person. Even if you don't have a dominant/submissive relationship, domination sexts are still a ton of fun.

  1. Be a good girl and make your pussy wet for me.
  2. How many times do you think we can have sex before I wear you out?
  3. You can't wait for me to come over and fuck you, isn't that right?
  4. Your last photo/message made me hard.
  5. I'm going to make you my plaything tonight.
  6. What do you have to say for yourself?
  7. You're about to make me come. I want you to beg for it.
  8. What do you have to say for yourself?
  9. You’re not going to be able to move after I’m finished with you tonight.
  10. I know exactly what you want, and I'm going to give it to you, if you're lucky.
  11. Someone needs to be punished.
  12. I want to hear you beg for my cock.
  13. Tell me how you're touching yourself right now.
  14. I'm going to use your face as my chair.
  15. Send me some naughty voice messages.
  16. Tonight you’re not allowed to cum until I say so.
  17. I’m too busy tonight. You can’t have me until tomorrow.
  18. Tell me what turns you on the most.
  19. What do you think about while I'm fucking you?
  20. What do you fantasize about when you touch yourself?

Submission Sexts

Does your partner want to hear all the things they're allowed to do to you? These submissive sexts will help give them some new ideas about how to handle you next time you're in bed. Just make sure you're on the same page before offering your body to them!

  1. Do you think you can spank me hard enough to leave a mark?
  2. I've been bad.
  3. I want it rough tonight.
  4. I think I need you to punish me.
  5. I want you to relax and let me do whatever you want.
  6. I want to beg you to let me come.
  7. You were so good to me last time. It's my turn to return the favor.
  8. I'll be a good boy and do what you say.
  9. I've been naughty. What are you going to do about it?
  10. I think I need to be spanked.
  11. I need to be taught a lesson.
  12. Do whatever you want with me tonight.
  13. I want to worship your body tonight.
  14. I text my ex and got an instant response. Are you going to punish me?
  15. I'm thinking about you tying me up, and it's getting me so hot.
  16. What toys do you want us to use together?
  17. Tell me what you imagine when you touch yourself.
  18. I want to use me like I'm your human sex toy.