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FreeChatNow: Start Sexting For Free With This Sex Chat Room

If there's one thing the Internet has taught us, it's that everyone's looking to make new friends online - especially if those friends are as horny as we are. That's why free online chat rooms have been a mainstay for decades now, and even in today's world of endless dating sites and hookup apps, online chat rooms are still going strong.

One site that caters to the chat-loving crowd is Free Chat Now. It's remained one of the go-to places for adult chat for almost 10 years now, offering random chatting, webcam chats and easy interaction with like minded people. But is FreeChatNow still the top free chat website on the scene? Here's your ultimate Free Chat Now review.

What Is Free Chat Now?

FreeChatNow is a collection of free chat rooms all based around different sexual topics. It's a completely free online chat service that claims to be the number one place to meet strangers for explicit content and sex chatting, and indeed, FreeChatNow has been around for a while, so it's definitely doing something right.

As well as hosting free online chat rooms, Free Chat Now also has a couple of embedded features in some of its rooms. It's got a cams section, voice chat functions, and in some of the rooms you can even play boardgames online. The site goes the extra mile to help you connect with new friends - a testament to its longevity. When you sign up, you'll get instant access to the following rooms:

  • Sex Chat
  • Adult Chat
  • Roleplay Chat
  • Gay Chat
  • Porn Share
  • Lesbian Chat
  • Boobs
  • Mature Chat
  • BBW Chat
  • Group Share
  • Subs And Doms
  • Cam Chat
  • Singles Chat
  • Dick Ratings
  • Quarantine
  • Kink
  • Horny Nerds
  • Furry Chat
  • Group RolePlay
  • Random Chat

These are the 'basic' free chat rooms which is where you'll find most of the action. There's also a section for user-created rooms which, while tend to cover more specific niches, aren't as active as the premium free chat rooms.

Features of FreeChatNow

Free Chat Now has a huge choice of features to help connect with other users. Here's what you'll find when you join up.

User Friendly Mobile Interface

Free Chat Now doesn't have a dedicated mobile app, but the website is fully optimized to use on mobile devices. It's one of the most user friendly sites you'll come across, with a simplistic layout and easy navigation. The minimalistic design even stops things from getting too cluttered on your phone screen too.

With the site's user friendly mobile interface, you can browse chat rooms, create your own or message people directly with ease. Additionally, you can adjust the site's settings so that you'll receive a notification on your home screen whenever someone private messages you. The site basically functions as an app within your mobile browser.

Free Random Video Chat

Random chatting has never been so easy. Anyone who's familiar with sites like Chat Roulette or Omegle will know exactly how this little feature works. Simply head to the Free Random Video Chat room then press 'Start' and you'll be connected to a random chat partner somewhere in the world.

It could be a guy, it could be a girl, but that's half the fun. It's a fun way to meet people who you might not otherwise talk to within the confines of a regular chat room. You're free to exchange instant messages with them too, but if you're using the camera on your phone you'll be able to voice chat with them.

Create Your Own Chat Room

As we mentioned up above, Free Chat Now offers a ton of premium chat rooms, from singles chat to gay chat to video chat. However, if none of these rooms get your juices flowing, you can start free chat rooms of your own. Just hit the 'Create Your Own Chat Room' button in the top right to get started.

Creating your own room is quite detailed. You'll need to give your room a name, a description, and explain how your room fills a gap in the FCN chat room space. Once your room is accepted for use (and not every room is), you can then invite people to help build up a following. You can then assign moderators to take care of the room (or do it yourself).

Audio Chat Rooms

If cam online chat is a bit too full-on for you, the audio chat rooms are a great alternative. In here, people use voice clips to speak live with other chatters. It's a great way to get saucy conversations going because voice chatting allows people to interact in real time rather than waiting for the other person to finish typing.

Users can put voice clips in the public section of the room or they can start chatting privately with other members. Unlike the cam chat rooms, there are no pictures, videos or live feeds allowed in the audio rooms. It's purely voice-based, so if you're looking for an intimate way to meet new people, FCN's audio chat rooms are a good choice.

Cam Chat Rooms

As well as text chat rooms, Free Chat Now offers a cam online chat room for naughty video fun. This room functions a little differently to the other chat rooms on the site, operating more like a live cam site than a chat room. People are free to broadcast themselves to the entire room should they wish.

Alternatively, the FCN software allows you to video chat privately with users too. The quality is pretty good (although it depends on your Internet connection) and you can video chat for as long as you like. It's basically like WhatsApp video calls or Facetime built into the Free Chat Now platform.

Great Chat Room Selection

Free Chat Now's selection of sex chat rooms is amazingly versatile. Pretty much every room sees regular activity, although it's the general rooms that get the bigger numbers. Sex Chat, Adult Chat, Mature Chat, Boob Chat and Roleplay Chat are the most popular by a large margin, with the Gay and Lesbian rooms coming in a close second.

The user-created rooms are, whilst not as busy as the regular rooms, excellent places to meet new friends that are into the same things as you. These amateur creations run into the hundreds, so you're pretty much guaranteed to find an online space that helps you explore your sexuality and your interests.

Basic Text Chatting

The bulk of your interaction on Free Chat Now will be done through basic text chatting. As soon as you enter any room, you'll see a flurry of text messages in the public section of the room. However, most people just use the public section to advertise themselves, and then chats are usually taken private.

As well as being able to message people directly, the platform also supports picture messaging. Some rooms support further media features (videos, gifs, webcam features, the option to play boardgames online), but it's only the specialist rooms that offer these services. Most conversations will take place through text message alone.

Niche Chatrooms

Free Chat Now allows you to easily access niche chatrooms that address some of the more bizarre fetishes and interests out there. For the kinksters, there's Sub and Dom chats, Group Roleplay and the Dick Ratings chats. These are all fairly active, usually with at least a thousand users in there at any one time.

And for the more perverse adults out there, there's Horny Nerds, which is basically where nerds roleplay their niche erotic fantasies with other nerds. Then there's the Furry Chat, which is a place to chat with friends interested in the furry fandom lifestyle (or the "anthro" lifestyle as it's universally known).


What do we love about Free Chat Now? Here's a list of the positives.

No Registration Required

There's no registration required to join this site. Users can simply press 'Start' and begin chatting as a guest. While there's a few downsides to chatting as a guest, it's ideal for people who just want to jump and chat with friends without having to go through a boring sign up process.

The fact users don't need to register means that people are more likely to give the site a shot. Registration screens are the biggest turn-off for any site, so FCN has found a way to skirt this issue and keep a nice rotation of new people coming and going.


Over the course of its long career, Free Chat Now has changed dramatically. It was once a very limited chat site with no webcam features, no video capabilities and no voice features. It used to get monthly visits of around 100,000, but these days it's getting almost ten times the number of monthly visits.

All sites have to change and grow with the times, FCN has done exactly that. It also no longer requires registration - something which it only introduced a few years before. Users can now join instantly, which translates to a lot more users in the long run. Put simply, the website has evolved alongside societal and market advancements.


What could Free Chat Now do better? Here's how we think the site could improve.

Empty Chatrooms

A few of the online chatrooms, even the premium ones, are ghost towns. Don't expect much from the BBW chat or the Quarantine chat room. You might find a couple of strays idling in them out of curiosity, but they don't stay in there for long.

Likewise, a ton of the user-created chatrooms are completely barren too. It's up to the room creators to invite people to their chats, and it seems that most people can't be bothered to do it. Don't expect to meet strangers for hot sexting in any of the chats mentioned above.

Scam Users

When you start free chat rooms of your own or message people in other user-created chats, you might find that your instant messages don't always deliver. This is because not every user on here is a real person. Some are scam users and some are, more alarmingly, 'advertisement users.'

In today's online space, it's almost impossible to avoid scam users. Every dating site, hookup website and chat website has them, and by now we should have become accustom to them. But providing you keep an eye out, they shouldn't affect your enjoyment of the site too much.

Final Verdict: Is FreeChatNow A Good Sexting Site?

Free Chat Now is a fantastic place for online chat, perhaps the best site online today. You can start chatting within a few minutes and you'll have no shortage of rooms to idle in or users to connect with. You can easily enjoy live chat with friends, strangers and new sexting buddies from the comfort of your couch. The high activity, endless chat rooms and simple interface really lends themselves well to the whole sexting game.

Better still, all of the online chat rooms here are totally free to use. These days, even the big-name platforms like Chat Avenue are charging a little something for full access to their platform, but Free Chat Now offers hundreds of chatrooms at no cost at all. Everything here is fun, free and relevant to today's online dating climate. If you want to discuss sex with millions of like-minded people, Free Chat Now can make it happen.


Got questions about Free Chat Now? Here's the most commonly asked queries.

Is Free Chat Now safe?

Free Chat Now is a completely safe platform that does everything it can to protect the wellbeing of its users. While public chats are visible to room admins, private chats are kept strictly between chat partners. Additionally, the site does not retain any personal user data other than email addresses.

How to get unbanned from Free Chat Now?

If you've been banned on Free Chat Now, you can appeal the ruling through the Ban Appeal form. Input your username, email address, age, gender, country, your IP address (if known) and then explain why you believe you should be unbanned. Mods will respond to you within 48 hours with their decision.