Sexting Emojis

Sexting Emojis Glossary: Dirty Combinations & Meanings

Do you know the emoji code? If a woman sent you a picture of a peach emoji alongside an eggplant, would you know what the hell she was talking about? A lot of guys sure wouldn't, but if you want to level up in the sexting game, you need to know your sexting emojis. Communicating via pictures is nothing new. Hell, the ancient Egyptians did it 4,000 years ago, and emojis have brought this phenomenon back in a big way.

Emoji combinations are simplistic ways of telling someone you want to get nasty, not to mention they're quirky, cute and fun. You can create a million different emoji combinations with a little imagination, but there are some tried and tested dirty emojis that always hit the spot. With our sexting emoji guide, you'll be a sexting expert in no time.

Basic Sexting Emojis

These are the basic sexy emojis that most people are familiar with. Some of them can transcend definition depending on the context, but most of them are pretty self explanatory.

Eggplant Emoji


The eggplant is the most recognized phallic-shaped object in the emoji directionary. Therefore, it means the penis.

Taco Emoji


We're not sure why the taco symbolizes female genitalia, but it does. When a woman sends you this sex emoji, she's talking about her sweet vagina.

Peach Emoji


A peach means the ass. Because when an ass gets spanked, it bruises like a peach. It's like sexual heiroglyphics.

Hot Dog Emoji


Quite a few emojis can be used a dong symbol, including everyone's favorite phallus-shaped food the hot dog.

Peace Sign


Anyone who went to middle school will know that this means vagina. Just look at the placement of the fingers. While most people use the taco to represent the pussy, the peace sign is a close second.

Lollipop Emoji


This means blowjob. It's sometimes combined with a kiss emoji for good measure, but the lollipop alone is usually more than enough.

Shower Emoji


This is one is quite literal, but it can used in a couple of different ways. The most obvious one is to tell your partner you want to shower together. The other is that you're about to go shower and use the head as a makeshift vibrator.

Winking Face


The wink is the universal symbol of teasing. Sometimes it suggests that you're going to be all over your partner when they get home, or it's sometimes a cheeky way of saying "yes, I have indeed been naughty." Either way, it's hot.

See No Evil Monkey


Not a sex emoji as such, but often used during dirty talk. This innocent monkey face means that you're a little disgusted by what the other person just text you. Perfect to use if your sext session is straying into uncomfortable waters.

Smiling Devil Emoji


Who's naughtier than the devil? No one. This photo suggests you're about to get really bad and do something you'll probably later regret.

Lipstick Print Emoji


These lips can be used for a variety of suggestions, and they're a great sex emoji for combinations. They can represent a French kiss, dirty talk, true love or "get your mouth around my penis."

Sweat Droplets


A lot of people mistake this for gushing water, but it's actually sweat running off someone's forehead. It means orgasm, either male or female.

OK Hand Sign


Any emoji that features a hole can be used to represent the vagina, as the OK hand sign does. Under other circumstances, it means something entirely different, so be sure to use it in the right context to avoid confusion.

Cherry Emoji


Another versatile emoji, the cherry often represents virginity as the old saying 'pop your cherry' goes. However, they can also represent the balls, especially as one cherry hangs below the other. Again, context is everything here. Don't go telling your partner you want her to pop your ballsack.

Scissor Emoji


The most used emoji with the lesbian community. This means you want to scissor with your partner.

Shushing Face


It's easy to say some awkward things when you're horny. If you get the sense that you or your partner are going too far, the shushing face reduces the heat a little. Don't use this one in the early stages of a relationship because it can somtimes come off as a little abrupt.

Smirk Face


This one is quite malleable. A smirk can suggest a lot of things, but it tends to mean that you're in the mood for some sexting fun. It can also imply you're in the mood for a booty call.

Full Moon


The moon has been synonymous with the butt for decades, and dirty emojis are still playing their part in keeping this connection alive and well.

High Voltage


Meaning your connection - or a previous sexual experience - was electric.



How many penis symbols do we need? More apparently. The banana sex emoji also means the dick.

Red Apple


Sometimes people use apples to represent their asses. A red apple usually portrays a butt that's been recently-smacked. Perfect for kinky sext talk.



Another versatile sex emoji. Fireworks usually represents semen, but it can also just mean a general "we're going to have a lot of fun next time we get together."

Strawberry Emoji


The strawberry is the juiciest fruit of all, and it's got a close association with the world of sex. The strawberry can represent a ton of things, and it's regularly used as a catch-all symbol within online flirting.

Sexting Emoji Combinations

Why use boring old words when an emoji combination does the job much faster? Now you know all the emoji related slang, it's time to try your hand at emoji combinations. Combining a few little images together is sometimes much more convenient than the alternative, so we've put together a few ideas to help improve your virtual sex life.

Eggplant + Peach


An eggplant and a peach is the universal code for penetrative sex. Additionally, it's also become the accepted way to tell your partner you're feeling dirty. The simplicity of it is also a great way get the dirty talk started in a new relationship.

OK Hand Sign + Pointing Finger


Perhaps the most common combo in the emoji sexting world. Quite simply, this means you're going to penetrate the vagina (you probably made this gesture a lot back in the playground).

Peach + Telephone


A booty call! A classic emoji combo. It says "I want sex now."

Tongue + Taco + Sweat Droplets


You're going to lick the vagina until she starts sweating. Basically, you're going to perform oral sex on her until she cums.

Tongue + Peach


Texting this means you're going to lick your partner's asshole and give her the experience of her life.

Baguette + Honey Pot


As well as sounding like a tasty dish, this is another combo that means penetrative sex.

Heart + Bone


"I'd love to bone," or "I love your bone." Legend has emoji combo was first carved in ancient Egyptian runes.

Popcorn + Snowflake + ?


This is one for the more experienced sexters out there. This means Netflix and chill. Why? The popcorn represents movies and the snowflake represents being cold (chill, get it?). It's a stretch, but it works if you stop thinking too hard about it.

Donut + Eggplant


Not just a horrible meal idea, but also a suggestion of anal sex. The donut represents the butt and the eggplant means the dick.

Hand + Peach


The classic booty smack, or "I'm going to give you a spanking." A good idea if you and your partner want to heat things up kink style. It can also be used to to reprimand your partner if they've misbehaved.

Rocket Ship + Moon


Anal sex. You're going to land your rocket in her moon, aka, you're going to put your penis in her back door.

Dancing Woman + Eyeballs


Meaning "I want a strip tease from you."

Champagne Bottle + Melons


Melons universally mean breasts, so combining it with a champagne bottle suggests you want to bust your nut over her cans, or vice versa.

Finger + Sushi + Sweat


A sexy way of telling your girl you're going to finger her until she cums.

Sexting Emoji Quick Guide

Now you know what these sex emojis represent, it's time to put this knowledge to good use. Before you do, keep the following things in mind.

Minimal Emoji Use

Sure, emojis are fun, but regular texting is equally as important, especially if you've just started dating someone new. Sex emojis are surface-level communication, whereas that new girl you're dating wants to know you can hold a conversation too. Use words to convey your real emotions but emojis when you're both in the mood for light fun.

Keep It Simple

Emojis were created to convey intentions with minimal effort, however, we've reached a point where people combine emojis to convey complex intentions. The meanings of emojis should be either A) obvious or B) easily decipherable.

Get Creative

There are endless combinations to make, so go wild. Just make sure the meaning of your emojis is obvious otherwise you'll just confuse the other person. The simple addition of a hot emoji can really ramp up your sexting game, and we're sure your girl will find it endearing that you've put the effort in.