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Sexting Numbers That Work: Find An Instant Partner To Sext With

Did you think phone sex was a relic of the past? Well, think again. Phone sex chat has sprung back onto the scene with new life in recent years, offering instant and convenient connections to dirty talk partners in your area. Some of these partners might be professionals, some might be amateurs like you. But either way, phone sex can be awesome with the right person.

With the local sexting numbers below, you'll be able to connect with other users in a very short time, and trust us when we say these girls know exactly what they're doing. All these phone sex and sexting numbers have been verified beforehand so you can rest assured they're genuine. For good sexting sessions, check out the phone numbers below.

Best Free Sexting Numbers

We've checked out every sexting number below in advance for quality, availability and low cost. Beside each name, we've put a number of minutes, which relates to the length of the free trials on offer. So, if you see 60 minutes next to the name, it means you can sex chat for up to an hour then you'll be billed for anything further. Costs can vary depending on your location and phone service provider so it might be a good idea to check your potential costs beforehand.

Each phone sex and sexting number below will connect you with real life women every time, so don't worry about running into any AI bots or voice systems. Some sites require ID verification while other websites don't, but we've listed any must-know info in each description. So, if you want real sexting numbers that'll get you hard and won't break the bank, try the following.

LiveLinks (60 min free) - 1-800-916-1090

LiveLinks is perhaps the most popular phone sex and sexting number of all. It connects thousands of men and women together on a nightly basis for varying kinds of sex chat, although the most popular is phone sex by far. If you want free sexting fun, the easiest way to go about it is to download the dedicated LiveLinks app, which will give you ten free sexting messages before asking you to commit.

Questchat (60 min free) - 1-504-620-2222

Questchat is another super popular place to flirt, sext and dirty talk with thousands of real, professional operators. You'll need to register for a free ID verification before you can get going, but once you do you'll be given a choice of literally thousands of random numbers, all with a talented sex chatter on the other end. It's free for a total of sixty minutes, and you can indulge anything on here, from steamy voice chat to trading nudes.

ReHot Dateline (30 min free) - 1-800-945-3616

Most people use ReHot Datline for free phone sex, but it's actually one of the best free sexting numbers available today too. Call the number, go through the lobby system and select which woman you want to chat with (you can see their photos on the ReHot Dateline website too). If it's pure sexting chat you want, just input that as your preference and then expect some hot messages coming your way pretty soon. No identity verification required for this one.

Megamates (30 min) - 1-888-634-2628

The name might sound a little out of date, but Megamates is stacked full of users ready to sext, sex chat and trade some serious nudes. Megamates is a private platform so you'll have to register through the website before you can call up. It only takes a few minutes and it's definitely worth it for what's on offer. Megamates has several thousands active users ready at any given time, so there'll always be a caller ready to chat with.

Axxess Latino (30 min free) - 1-312-327-2323

If you're interested in a little Latino fun, Axxess Latino is the sexting number to call. You don't have to be a Latino to call the line, but all of the pro guys and girls who operate through here will be. With 30 minutes free call time, there's a good chance you'll love everything about AxxessLatino, especially if you're interested in texting some more exotic ladies. People have been using this line to meet people for nearly 20 years so you can rest assured it's safe.

Night Exchange (30 min) - 1-713-574-5255

Night Exchange is something of a premier line for sexting numbers, so the rate is a little higher than the other websites on this list. Call up, talk, flirt, exchange nudes and hot messages with local strangers. Then once you're done, you'll receive a message stating the name of your chat partner and how long you've talked for. It's a great place for sexting numbers if you don't mind paying a little more than usual.

GuySpy Voice (30 min free) - 1-800-998-7792

If you're looking for hot gay chat, GuySpy might be the answer to your prayers. Available for chatters in both the USA and Canada, GuySpy is one of the top services for gay sex chat on the scene today. You can simply call the line straight away or you can search their website to find a chatter that catches your eye. Additionally, GuySpy has amateur users on here too, so there's always a chance of finding consensual sexting partners or a real life hook up.

Vibeline (30 min free) 1-800-811-1633

Vibeline is a chat line purely for black women. While any race and gender can call up, you'll only connect with talented, capable ebony babes on here. It's completely free for 30 minutes and there's an easy sexting numbers option for people who just want text chat. Just request it when you're in the lobbby area and the operator will make it happen. Anonymity is also high encouraged on Vibeline so there's no verification required.

Woman Radio (30 min) 712-432-5650

This one's for the ladies. Woman Radio is by women, for women. While you'll find a handful of pro phone models on here, there's also a ton of real life lesbians looking to indulge their own personal fetishes. Sure, you'll pay a premium (after 30 minutes) to chat with them, but it heightens your chances of finding a consensual sext partner. If you're seeking gay women, Woman Radio can help you find your next thriving relationship.

Taboo Chat (30 min) 1-509-876-5988

Want to indulge some of your most depraved desires in a discreet environment? Well, you can message and chat with strangers through Taboo Chat any hour of the day, and all these users speak the language of perversion. These phone sexers don't want to engage in boring old vanilla sexting. TabooChat is a place to get a little wild, so if you've got a nasty fantasy you want to discuss, TabooChat might just do the trick.

College Party Lines (30 min) 1-516-620-581

Want to relive those careless, trouble-free days of college? Want to meet women who still engage in that kind of racuous, party lifestyle? If so, College Party Lines is full of wicked members ready to take you on an erotic journey either through their voices or their fingertips. Sexting and phone sex is both on offer here, and you'll need to sign up through the website before getting down to business. However, CPL is a secure and trustworthy platform.