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Best Asian Sexting Sites: Meet Asian Girls & Hookup

What guy wouldn't be tempted by a gorgeous Asian woman? Is it their luscious skin, their feminine features, their exotic heritage? Asian women have it all, and if you've got a thing for Eastern beauties, there's certainly an Asian dating site out there that'll help you connect with these kinds of women.

In fact, there's no shortage of Asian hookup sites on today's scene, but it's important to separate the good from the bad. Which ones actually get results and which ones leave you with an empty wallet? That's where we come in. We've listed the best Asian hookup apps and sexting platforms for your convenience right here.

14 Best Asian Dating Sites For Sexting & Casual Sex

Every Asian hookup site on this list has been personally vetted for quality and activity by ourselves. No matter which dating app you pick, you can expect to find a trustworthy service that'll help you hook up with real Asian singles.


Paktor is the number one platform for young Asian women in the United States and Canada to find a short-term lover. Given its young demographic, it's mostly a hookup app, although you will find some ladies looking for mutual relationships as well as brief love affairs. Don't expect to find a wife, but expect to find plenty of opportunities for casual sex.

The women on here are mostly from China, Japan and Thailand, but they're all based in North America or Canada. If you're a guy, you can join the app even if you're not Asian, but women need to have Asian heritage in order to be accepted. Given its huge numbers, Paktor might be the number one place to find Asian women online.


EastMeeteast is a dating app to help Asians find casual encounters and committed relationships with other Asian people. The site is exclusively available to Asian users, so if you're a white guy just looking for an Asian woman, this isn't the platform for you. But if you meet the criteria, it's one of the best Asian dating apps around.

It works like a typical swipe-based dating app. Swipe right if you like someone, left if you don't. If you mutually like each other, you can begin chatting. You'll find guys and girls from most Asian countries, including many who have since migrated to the west. Relationship versalitity is high too; you're just as likely to find a one night stand as you are a long term relationship.


Momo is a pure hookup app for the Chinese community. Over in China, it's actually one of the most popular sites in the country, despite hookups being a taboo subject over there. But hey, they didn't become the most populous country in the world by NOT having sex, right? The good news is that the site is also usable in the western world too.

You can join the site as a non-Asian but you'll need to make the first move in most cases. The app is mostly dominated by Asian guys and girls but there's still around 5% of non-Asians on the site too. Momo is strictly a casual dating and hookup app, so you won't find your future bride but you'll definitely find gorgeous Eastern girls to sext with.


Tantan has users from most Asian countries, but the majority of women on here are Chinese. The app is available in both North America and Asia to help you connect with these Chinese beauties, but you do need to be of Asian heritage yourself to sign up here. Don't bother trying your luck if you're a pasty white guy looking to meet Asians.

Unlike the other Asian hookup sites on this list, Tantan is actually completely free to use. There's a paid option available for people who want to stand out from the crowd, but the essential features cost nothing at all to use. Check out the free registration now and see what potential matches might away you on the other side.


Asia Friend Finder isn't actually associated with the famous Adult Friend Finder, but the site works a similar way. It's more of a social media platform than an online dating site, but you'll still find plenty of sexy Asian babes for naughty chat, adult fun and Asian sexting opportunities.

As well as free messaging, AsiaFriendFinder also has forums, personals sections and live chat rooms. The site welcomes anyone regardless of race or ethnicity, so you can still join even if you're non-Asian but interested in finding Eastern love. It's also one of the few free dating sites on this list so feel free to get started without having to worry about cost.

Couplemaker Dating

The name doesn't really imply it, but Couplemaker Dating is a place to meet women from South Korea and South Korea only. You won't find any other type of Asian girl on here, although men of any race and ethnicity are free to sign up. The Asian members are based in both the east and the west.

Couplemaker Dating isn't a completely free Asian hookup app. It comes with a monthly membership cost, but for access to a world of stunning Asian babes, the cost is more than reasonable. Couplemaker Dating doesn't have a dedicated app yet so you'll have to use it through the website, but it's super easy to do so.

Color Dating

Color Dating is about more than just Asian women. It's one of the most diverse and inclusive dating sites around today, offering a safe space for people of color and minorities currently based in North America, Canada and some parts of Europe. But even though its user base is varied, it's vast enough to ensure you'll meet more than a few hot Asian babes on here.

It functions like a traditional online dating site, with both swipe and grid-style features to help match with other guys and girls. It's not free, nor is it the cheapest site in the world, but if you want high quality match-making, sometimes you gotta pay the price. With such great choice, Color Dating gives you the best chance of finding someone you're compatible with.

Asian Date

This Asian hookup app comes with some interesting statistics. While Asian Date is by no means as populated as some of the more well-known dating apps, it boasts the highest success rate of them all. Two out of three people (men included), receive regular responses to their messages and one out of three people meet other members IRL within the first month.

AsianDate caters more towards casual dating and Asian hookups than lengthy relationships, so expect a lot of first dates but not many second ones. It utilizes the swiping model of online dating so be prepared to scroll through a few faces, but with such a massive success rate, you should definitely consider giving this platform a shot.


Want to wine and dine a local Asian beauty? Dine might be the site for you. This dating app is a little more elite than the others on this list, connecting people who are interested in life's luxuries. You'll certainly meet Asian singles on a mass scale through here, but don't expect hookup after hookup. Dine is more about the long game.

Despite the name, it's not just about romantic dinners. Asian babes come to Dine to find higher quality partners than what's offered on most Asian hookup apps. It's also a place to flirt, sext and have intimate fun with like-minded partners. As expected, Dine isn't free to use. It requires a premium membership at $26.99 per month to use in full.

China Love Cupid

China Love Cupid is part of the OKCupid series of casual dating apps, so it's already got a solid and reputable name behind it. Despite the name, China Love Cupid isn't purely for Chinese people, so expect to find members from all corners of Asia. Japanese, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese all call this hookup app home.

Of all the websites on this list, China Love Cupid is the second-most popular after Paktor, clocking in with an impressive 10 million members. Expect to find hookups, sex chat, casual dates and Asian sexting fun if you spend enough time on here. Access is completely free, although you'll want the (relatively cheap) premium package for maximum use.


You might not be aware, but Thai girls are actually super compatible with western men for a ton of reasons. The first is that, in Thailand, most people speak English really well, which isn't always the case in China and Japan. Secondly, Thai babes are a little more sex-positive than other Eastern ladies, which certainly helps aid the online sexting process.

And while we hate to generalize, Thai babes are synonymous with the transgender world. That's why you should check out the ThaiFriendly site if you're into something doubly exotic. It's mostly a hookup app, but no matter what you're looking for, chances are you'll find it through the ThaiFriendly website.


For pure Asian sexting, Brilic is one of the best sites around. The only downside is that you need to live in Asia to make the most of it. The website and app are only available in the east, but if you live or over there or happen to be visiting, grab the Brilic app for your phone and find your next hookup with ease.

Like most online dating sites, it has grid-style and a swipe feature so you can match through you preferred method. If you're a non-Asian, you'll definitely stand out on here, and that's always a good thing on dating websites.