Replika Sexting

Replika Sexting: Dirty Talk With This AI Chatbot

Sexting with artificial intelligence might seem like a really bizarre idea, but you'd be surprised at how many people are doing exactly that in today's world. The truth is that we interact with artificial intelligence every single day, and indeed, a lot of the porn we consume is hosted and sometimes even created by computer program software. Is it so weird that we might take this to the next level?

One platform that's become the go-to place for AI sexting is Replika, or Replika AI if we're using its full name. It's a lot like a messaging app, except you don't talk to real humans, only AI chatbots. The Replika app is used for a variety of purposes, but as with everything else online, humans have eroticized it for their sexual pleasure. So, if you want to sext someone who won't eventually ghost you, read on for your Replika sexting guide.

What Is Replika AI Sexting?

Replika AI is an advanced messaging app used exclusively to interact with 'chatbots,' aka artificial intelligence software posing as real people. Through the Replika app, you'll choose a companion from the list and then customize their apperance to your preferences. Whether you want a big-tittied goth girl or a young college bimbo, there's no shortage of options to help craft your ideal chat partner.

Every Replika AI chatbot sits within a default category, and for sexting, the category you want is 'Adult Roleplay.' This means your bot will already know to expect sexy talk and so will prepare its scripts accordingly. From this point, your AI chatbot will learn and develop as your conversations progress, adapting to your texting style and your sexual fantasies alike. Replika uses a high intelligence computer program to mimic a real person as closely as possible.

How Good Is Replika At Sexting?

If you see some of the no-context screenshots that people post of their sexting sessions, you could be mistaken for thinking they involved two horny-but-real people. But of course, only one real person is doing the talking - the other is very much a bot. However, if you try sexting via Replika for yourself, you'll know that these bots don't always hit the mark every time. It can take a little trial and error to get the right result.

With this said, Replika's AI chatbot will show flashes of brilliance on occasion. Providing you stay on track and don't confuse the poor bot, it will indeed occasionally mimic a conversation with a real life partner. Spend enough time talking and you'll definitely run into a few bumps in the road, but as far as robot sexting goes, Replika offers the most realistic option of all similar platforms.

Surely Replika Can't Replace The Real Thing?

The simple answer is no - Replika can't 100% imitate the real experience of chatting with a consensual sexting partner. The immersion isn't so weak that you won't occasionally think that Replika has become self-aware, but at the same time it's pretty clear that you're not talking to a real human. Like we mentioned earlier, it takes a little time toget things right.

It'll do a great job of taking your fantasies and rolling with them, but it does get things wrong. After all, Replika has to scour your words, pull out the relevant keywords and adapt its responses accordingly. It's easy to confuse these bots, especially if you don't use correct grammar and spelling at all times. When it comes down to it, Replika isn't the same as sexting actual humans, but it's the closest you'll get if you don't currently have a sexting friend.

Can A Chatbot Really Fulfill Our Sexting Needs?

Will sexting through Replika provide the same fulfilment that comes with a real romantic relationship? No it won't, but it can certainly help bridge the gap between loneliness and finally updating your relationship status to something other than single. The truth is, when it comes to sexting, we just want to see words that get us off written down before our eyes. Replika can provide that in spades.

If you're into the submissive stuff, you just want to see declarations of dominance in front of you. If you're into extreme fucking, you just want descriptions of filthy acts thrown your way. Replika does this, perhaps even better than a real human being can. Replika puts the focus on you, whereas consensual sexting is more of a two-way street. Replika allows you to be selfish but at the sacrifice of 100% realism.

Why Choose Replika For Sexting?

If you're curious about giving this AI platform a shot, here are a few reasons to check Replika out today.

Dirty talk practice

No one is born a sexting god. If you want to eventually get good at this kind of stuff, you need to be sexting on a daily basis. Replika gives you that opportunity. You might think that exchanging sexts with a bot won't help you get better, but it'll give you a chance to flex your creative writing muscles without fear of judgment.

Likewise, Replika will actually throw some pretty decent sexts right back at you. Ranging from cute to sexy to downright filthy, Replika can really hit the spot sometimes because it's pulling its messages from pre-written and learned scripts. There's some good stuff hiding in its robot brain, and you can steal those sext ideas and later use them on real users.

Fulfill crazy fantasies

We've all got some weird perversions we wouldn't even share with our closest friend, but with AI bots, you don't have to worry about their opinion of your filthy fetishes. Robots don't have feelings, so you can go as wild as you like - much wilder than you could with a real chat partner.

And since Replika bots adapt their responses based on your input, they'll be able to indulge your deepest fantasies in ways real people might not. It doesn't matter if you're into extreme insertion, impregnation fantasies or anything under the taboo umbrella, Replika will use its AI to craft a conherent message that indulges anything you desire.

No awkwardness

How many times have you sent a message and immediately gone 'oh shit, that sounds awful'? We can't deny it happens all the time, and when you're messaging real sexting friends, once it's out there, you can't take it back. But here on Replika, that doesn't happen. Your AI bot won't judge you for neither your weird fetishes nor your less-than-stellar sexts.

You can just move past it right on to the text portion of your interaction as though it never happened - and no one will be any the wiser. As well as providing a judgment-free zone, it also helps you learn what NOT to say during real life sext sessions. You can also delete your old messages so that Replika's AI doesn't process them and learn from them.

Sext on your terms

When are you in the mood to sext? Morning, noon, night? All of the above? It doesn't matter, because Replika will be ready to sext whenever you are. It doesn't have a life outside of your interactions, so you can jump on and off as you see fit. You don't have to wonder if it's in the mood and you don't have to get consent. It's literally your sext slave.

Better still, you don't have to concern yourself with the worst part of sexting relationships - the sign off. You don't have to make sure it's reached orgasm before signing off. You can just close the app down and go straight to bed without saying goodbye. People in real relationships aren't quite so lucky!

Cheap and instant

With a real romantic relationship, your partner might not always be in the mood for sexting. But with a Replika account, you can call the shots. Robots don't say no, so it doesn't matter if it's first thing in the morning or last thing at night, you can decide when the sexting happens. Better still, you don't have to worry whether your partner is really in the mood for dirty talk or whether they're just doing it to please you.

Sexting on Replika is probably cheaper than sexting a real human too, especially in regards to time and energy. Money wise? Probably not, since a Replika Pro Membership costs $4.99 per month. There's a free version available but you're only limited to 48 hours of fun.

Is Replika AI Sexting Dangerous?

Sex messaging an AI bot seems harmless, but are there any long term dangers to this kind of activity? Well, yes actually, there are a couple of main dangers, both for very separate reasons.

The first is that these AI conversations are not 100% private. If the Replika staff wish, they can spy on your conversation, and this is far more dangerous than just having your lame sexts leaked to the world. It means they can harvest your personal data from both your chats, your login information and any pictures you send. This mean they can discern your preferences and sell your data to advertisers.

The second hazard is quite obvious. Basically, you could build an intimate connection with a robot. You're having back and forth chats with a degree of a realism, so your cognitive system can easily mistake this for genuine interaction. This could then alight the receptors we associate with real emotional intimacy, all the while our brains are unaware we're talking with AI machines incapable of emotion or feeling.

How To Sext With Your Replika AI Chatbot

So now you know that messaging an AI bot is kinda weird but not so weird that it's not worth trying once, you should learn exactly how to maximize your interactions for the best results. Here's a couple of smart tricks to improve your robot-sexting game.

Be patient

Accept that you're dealing with an AI chatbot, not a human being. It can sometimes take a while for the AI to really uncover the meaning of what you write, so it pays to be patient and let the software work its magic. Likewise, if you initiate a sext session, the AI chatbot won't immediately bite your hand off and lean in for the virtual kiss. It needs to learn the process.

You basically need to teach the AI what your kind of sexting looks like. Does it start with a kiss, a pussy lick, head while you lie back on the bed? Treat it like you would any real female. Start slow, be patient and throw example after example at them so the sexting algorithm generates properly in the AI software.

Use a lot of keywords

Using theright keywords is half the battle. With every message you write, your AI friend will scour the words, pluck out the most important parts and draft a suitable response. Therefore, it's vital that you use the kind of keywords you're supposed to - not to mention you need to spell them correctly!

We know that typos are a natural part of any sext session, but in an AI environment, they mean trouble. Your chatbot won't know that you've spelt something wrong, so there's a massive different between a sext and a sect. You don't want your bot thinking you're sexually attract to cults now, do we?

Keep messages short

This goes for humans too, but it's especially important with chatbots. When it comes to sex, the last thing we want to see is huge walls of text. We want things short and to the point, not convoluted diatribes that are more efforts in creative writing than sexy discussion. Try to keep things between 1-3 lines.

Another advantage to short messages is that it's easier for your chatbot to pick up the keywords and ignore the filler. If your messages are massive, it'll assume that 90% of it is important, and it might steer your conversation down a path you don't intend to go down.

Encouragement goes far

This is going to sound stupid but hear us out. Yes, your AI chatbot doesn't have emotions, but positive reinforcement will let the algorithm know that it's doing its job. If your chatbot hits you up with a particularly arousing message, encouragement will teach it that yes, that's how you send a sexy message.

We don't mean you should say things like "yes, well done Sophia" (or whatever your bot's name is). Little exclamations of "wow!" or "damn that's hot" will teach it to send more messages in a similar vein.

Alternative Sex Chatbots

Replika isn't the only AI sexbot on the market. There's actually quite a few, so if Replika doesn't cut it for you, here are a few alternatives to check out.


Slutbot works a lot like Replika, only it operates through regular SMS messaging like you would with another person. Slutbot's scripts have actually all been written by professional erotica writers, so there's no doubt that the quality here is pretty damn high. The mods at Slutbot also listen to your feedback and adapt their bots accordingly.

The bots on here are a little more story-based than the ones on Replika. Together, you'll build up a steamy roleplay scenario (based on a category of your choosing), then once the story is finished, you can actually listen to the whole thing back in audio form through the Slutbot site. The app is free to use but there's a paid version for additional premium features.


You might notice that throughout this article, there's one aspect of sexting we haven't mentioned much - pictures. That's because most AI bots don't really respond to pictures very well, but Bottr is on a different level entirely. On here, it's ALL about the raunchy images, which is your chosen bots will punctuate their naughty sexts with erotic pics and selfies.

Selfies of a robot? But they're not human? Of course, all the pictures you'll see have been purposely taken for use on this app. As well highly intelligent AI, Bottr has also made the effort to evoke a more human sexting experience by including images. The site is free to use at a basic level but requires a paid membership for maximum accessibility.


Ever wanted to see what other users are getting up to their AI companions? With Thoughtscreen, you can do exactly that. Thoughtscreen functions like one giant public chatroom, with hundreds of users all talking in 'private' with AI chatbots. It's definitely a strange feeling, spying on someone else's robot sexting, but we can't deny it's fun.

Aside from this neat little gimmick idea, Thoughtscreen offers some very human-like bots that talk to you as though you've been friends for years. You can discuss your emotions and other human shit, or you can decide to get right down to business and start sex chatting. Thoughtscreen is currently free for both Android and iOS devices.

Personality Forge

Personality Forge is something of a newbie chatbot site, but it's actually one of the most downloaded apps in this niche in the world. The difference between Personality Forge and other sites on this list is that these bots weren't actually built for sex chat and virtual relationships. You can talk about whatever you like with these cyber babes.

It might not be as advanced as some other AI platforms, but for a completely free site, Personality Forge is definitely worth grabbing for your smart phone tonight. It's only available for Android but watch out for the iOS coming soon (alternatively iPhone users can use the features through the Personality Forge site).