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SextPanther: Hot Sex Chat Rooms & Sexting

Sext Panther. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time. If you're old enough to remember what that quote is from, you'll absolutely love this website. Sext Panther is kind of a unique site in that it connects you with real women for a variety of sexy activities. Video chat, phone sex, sexting - it's all on offer.

But like all similar sites, SextPanther's services are not free. Is the site worth paying for? Will it actually connect you with amazing models, or will it let you down like so many other adult sites do these days? We've put together everything you need to know. Here's the best SextPanther review you'll read any time soon.

What Is Sext Panther?

SextPanther brands itself as a place to explore your hottest virtual fantasies with gorgeous professional models. And yes, that's exactly what it does. As you browse through the site, you'll find online models ready to make your fantasies a (virtual) reality. Every model has their own prices and a list of available services.

So really, SextPanther is kind of like a virtual escort site. You find a hot model that catches your eye, hit them up and then pay for their time once your session has come to an end. It's like an updated version of a traditional cam site, only with more services available. Most models offer voice chat, video chat and sexting options.

Sext Panther Features

SextPanther hasa number of features to help connect with models. Here's what you can expect to find.

Video Calls

Video chats are the backbone of the SextPanther platform. Select your model from the list, contact them through SextPanther and once you've paid the $5 fee, you'll then be given their phone number. You can then arrange your online phone call, video call or sext session directly with the model herself.

No matter what service you choose, your model will usually go to great lengths to satisfy you. There's something about being free of a parent platform that pushes these models to indulge all their clients' filthy desires. Of course, some do it for extra tips, but you'll find that a few of these ladies do it because they simply love to fuck.

Phone Sex

Adult phonesex was all the rage once upon a time, but it's since disappeared with the advent of sexting and Internet pornography. However, if you miss this traditional method of getting your rocks off, you'll be glad to know that phone sex is back in business. Here on SextPanther, you'll find thousands of ladies killing it on a nightly basis with their phonesex sessions.

Even if you're too shy to speak yourself, you can let your model do all of the hard work for you. The conversation topic is yours to choose, but chances are you won't be talking about how bad the traffic is outside. As well as fuck sessions over the phone, your model can also provide some visual nudity via text message should you wish.

Trending New Models

Sign into your account and click into the members area. Along the bottom, you'll see a list of the current trending models. These girls have proved themselves to be valuable players on SextPanther so if you decide to hit them up, you can rest assured you'll be in safe hands.

It's not just the super elite girls you'll find here either. It's basically any girl that's shown themselves to be a good example of what a SextPanther model should entail.

Pros of SextPanther

What does SextPanther do right? Here are our favorites.

Unique System

SextPanther doesn't function like a regular cam site. Instead of interacting through the site or app itself, models are given a dedicated SextPanther phone number. This is the number you'll then message, call or video call, and your total hours/minutes will be logged. After that, the money will be deducted from your account.

We don't know of any other platform that functions this way, and it's fantastic because it doesn't hold you hostage to any particular software or platform. Members can choose what works best for them, and customers are given free reign when it comes to messaging and calling. And thankfully, it doesn't rely on a typical credits system.

Huge Choice

There's a lot of women to choose from on SextPanther. Models come to SextPanther because really, it's easy income for them. It's not like they have to put on public cam performances all day every day. They simply choose the clients they're interested in and give them a private showing either through audio or video calls. It works amazingly well for everyone.

Of course, you're also free to choose the type of model that appeals to you. You have your typical busty blondes, petite brunettes and fiery redheads. Then there's more niche model types like BBW girls, muscle women, mature women and more. With so much choice, you won't have trouble finding your perfect person.

Reasonable Prices

Something that other SextPanther reviews have remarked on is the low prices. Because these ladies are independent workers, they're not beholden to the pricing structure of a big-name cam site. That means they can charge whatever they like for photos, videos, messages, and other forms of interaction.

Like any supply and demand industry, the higher status models can command a higher rate of pay. Most workers tend to charge on a per-minute basis to talk in real time, and they usually have a per-message rate for texting. It all depends on the model in question, so feel free to look around and compare before landing on your model of choice.

Direct Contact

You can message or talk to your model of choice through whatever means you like. For example, most women prefer to use WhatsApp or Telegram to send photos, videos and messages (because they're free and encrypted), while they might opt for Skype for phone sex because the quality is high.

Usually, the model will recommend a platform to interact with, and you can accept or reject it. You can then offer an alternative in response and, providing the app you've chosen is free, they'll usually go for it. If you're opting for phone or video sex, just be sure to choose one with good support for the best quality.

Cons of

Could SextPanther improve anywhere? Here's a (very) short list of cons.

Clunky Website

While SextPanther is a pretty easy to use platform, the website itself is definitely on the busy side. There's so much going on that you won't know where to turn. The site has moving elements, auto-playing videos, tons of profile pictures and a million different categories. To say it needs an overhaul is putting it lightly.

Once you get on the other side of the membership screen, the service is a little better but still messy. For such a unique site, SextPanther needs to make its intentions obvious right from the off. It doesn't do that. Instead, you get a bunch of vague buzzwords that don't really tell you what the site is about. It takes a few minutes to actually unearth its true intentions.

SextPanther Reviews From Real Users

"I live in the middle of nowhere in Canada, so escorting isn't exactly big business up here. I've always loved the rush I get from texting a girl, but these days it's pretty hard for me to find. SextPanther has given me pretty much all the material I need to get my sexting fix, not to mention it's pretty cheap too. All it takes it a few dollars and I can be personally chatting with a hot girl that caters to all my needs. It's perfect." - Brian B. | Ontario, Canada.

"I've always had trouble meeting women, so SextPanther lets me engage with stunners from all over the world at a low cost. I don't mind spending money to get my kicks. After all, I'd rather pay for something I enjoy instead of bills for once! SextPanther's not only great for role playing my fantasies, but it helps me improve my text message game too. Add to that it's got a welcoming community for guys like me and I've got my ideal website." - Jesse L. | Newark, NJ.

Final Verdict: Is SextPanther A Legit Sexting Site?

SextPanther is an awesome website that needs to be more popular than it is. Instead of chatting with paid models through a dedicated platform, SextPanther allows users to interact on their own terms, through their choice of app. It's a revolutionary new chat site that, at least in terms of functionality, blows similar sites away.

We strongly encourage anyone who doesn't mind spending money for sexual gratification to create an account ASAP. The girls are talented, the features are numerous, and you'll even find a few pornstars offering their particular service too. There's no point hitting up girls on Twitter or Facebook when the stunners on SextPanther are gagging for new clients right now.