SextFriend: Find A Sexting Buddy & Get Laid For Free

We live in a world of endless dating sites and hookup apps, with fancy new gimmicks and key selling points popping up on a weekly basis. Companies are constantly pushing for innovation, so it was only a matter of time before they threw sexting into the mix. Now, there are hundreds of sexting sites that promise to get you virtual companionship in record time.

One such sexting site is SextFriend. This platform aims to connect wannabe-sexters with new sexting friends for online fun and possibly even real life meetups. If this is your idea of a good time, SextFriend might (or might not) be exactly what you need to spice up your sex life. Check out our SextFriend review below.

What Is SextFriend?

SextFriend advertises itself as the hottest platform in the sexting community. The site claims you can find new sexting buddies without a few minutes of signing up, and while this doesn't sound beyond the realms of possibility, it still seems like a big promise - especially for such an obscure site. Here's how SextFriend describes its platform on its homepage:

Sexting is the act of sending an explicit/nude photo to another person, usually done via a mobile smartphone, SMS, or an in-app mobile sexting application. Sexting involves sending arousing messages to a sexting buddy. SextFriend is a fun, simple, and easy way to send anonymous messages to people near you and complete strangers around the world. Use the Sextfriend app to send 100% free and secure messages without having to use your phone number or real identity. Sign up to free to find a local sexting buddy minutes! No credit card required. 

SextFriend claims that you don't need to pay any money to get in on this dirty talking action, but that's far from true. It throws the term 'free sexting' around a lot, but pretty much every feature on this site requires payment.

SextFriend Sign Up Process

Hit the 'Start Sexting' button in the top right hand side of the page to get started. Doing so then takes you to a site that looks completely different from the SextFriend homepage. You'll then need to provide the following details:

  • Sexual Preferences (I am a man/woman seeking a man/woman)
  • Email Address
  • Zip Code
  • Date of Birth
  • Username
  • Password

Verify your email address then you'll be able to explore a very limited section of the website. You can scroll through the so-called 'massive selection' of users on the right hand side, but you'll quickly notice a few familiar faces - mostly because all of the images have been stolen off the Internet. This is the point where we started to worry, because these were clearly not real people.

SextFriend Features

SextFriend has a number of features to help you meet local people. Here's what they offer.

Unlimited Free Sexting

Sext Friend allows you to communicate with everyone on its site providing you're a premium member. You can message people through the platform itself, or you can take your communication to peripheral apps like Kik and Snapchat. The site encourages users to post their social media usernames in their profiles for convenient online sexting.

As well as text messages, users can also trade pictures and videos through the Sext Friend plaform. If you do manage to find a real person to talk to on here, exchanging videos and photos through Sext Friend itself is probably the best way because all media disappears after a while. It means there's less chance of your stuff being leaked anonymously.

SextFriend Membership Price

SextFriend claims to be a free site, but if you actually try and go any further than the main page, you'll be prompted to 'upgrade.' Bizarrely, the site then claims that upgrading is free too, yet still asks for your credit card info. Right away, this is a huge red flag. Inputting your credit card info will then land you with a $150 fee.

You'll then be given access to a bunch of dating sites that you didn't want in the first place. Apparently, this $150 fee is so you'll have an account on these other sites, not SextFriend itself. It's all very, very confusing, and it's clearly just a way to part you with your money whilst being able to boast of being a free platform.

Pros of SexFriend

Does SextFriend have anything good going for it? Here are our positives.

Hot Photos

As you might be able to tell, we're struggling to find anything interesting about Sext Friend. There is one fun element, and that's the number of sexy photos and videos you'll find. There are some nice stock images of gorgeous girls, and even a looping gif of a sexy young brunette in lingerie. Really, that's the whole story. There's not much else to add.

Are these explicit pics and videos worth sticking around for? Absolutely not. There are a million places to find such content - ones that don't cost $150 to join (more on that later). So really, if you're curious about this app, you'll at least to get see a little hot video content as you trawl its empty hallways.

Cons of Sext Friend

What sucks about this site? Here are out Sext Friend cons.

Questionable Customers Reviews

We're not the only people that found this site to be a dud. Multiple people have mentioned just how bad this platform is. There are tons of reviews out there that have said similar things to us, and if everyone's arrived at the same conclusion, chances are it's true. Sext Friend is not a place for hot messages. It's a place to lose money.

It's a real shame because the site could easily work with a few (okay, a lot of) tweaks. The website doesn't look terrible and it's not a chore to join. If the scam aspect wasn't so obvious from the word go, a lot of new people might stick around and begin checking things out. Unfortunately, Sext Friend falls at the first hurdle.

Fake Profiles

Sext Friend is basically one huge database of fake profiles. To their credit, they've done a good job of creating such a versatile range of fakes, even right down to their profile bios. You'll find mentions of fetishes, kinks, fantasies, ex-partners, video content, and even a few emojis for that convincing slice of realism.

But dig further than the surface and it's clear that these 'girls' are not girls at all. You can't really engage with them at all, and when you do, they'll just bombard you with obviously-stolen photos and refer you to their marketing websites. Don't expect to find like-minded people here. Expect to find unsolicited images and lots of sketchy links.

Fake Everything

And to add to the fake members point, almost everything about Sext Friend is just a front. It's the Internet equivalent of walking onto a film set where buildings are made from cardboard. It might look like a door, but you'll quickly find the room inside is empty. The more you browse, the more you'll find that there's no meat on the bones.

For example, there are links to a forum and for some reason, an OnlyFans page. Neither of these links work. They just refer you to different sex and messaging sites. The testimonials are obviously forged, the FAQ section is just a Sext Friend advertisement, and the blog pages are AI-generated nonsense to help create the illusion of activity.

Conclusion: Is SextFriend A Scam?

Yes, Sext Friend is nothing but a scam. You won't find local people here at all. In fact, you won't find any real girls whatsoever. All of the other 'users' you'll chat with are scammers who just want to link you to their personal websites and extort some cash out of you. The chances of you meeting someone to exchange hot messages with is close to zero.

There's really nothing interesting or useful about this site whatsoever. It doesn't even have free porn pictures or videos. That would make it at least worth checking out once, but we feel you should avoid this platform entirely for your own security. There are no real people here, messaging costs a ton, and you'll run out of things to do after five minutes. Avoid at all costs.


Got questions about SextFriend? We're here to help.

Is SextFriend legit?

SextFriend is not a legitimate sexting site. It's a fraudulent platform that doesn't have any real users. It comes with high membership costs and low rates of activity, so it's recommended to avoid this website when searching for reputable dating sites.

Is SextFriend safe?

SextFriend is not a safe sexting site. The platform hosts a lot of unsavory users that will send you malicious links to third party websites and services. After signing up, the website will also send numerous unsolicited emails to your inbox. It's advised to avoid this website for your own protection.