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Best Free Sexting Sites: Talk Dirty With Strangers Online

You don't even have to leave the house to get your sexual kicks anymore. You can fulfil all of your deepest fantasies from the comfort of your couch, so long as you have a smartphone in your hands. Sexting is a common pastime for millions of people worldwide, and in today's climate of constant interconnectivity, finding a willing sexting partner has never been easier.

And unlike dating sites and apps, sexting sites tend to be free. They're more like chat rooms than dating apps, so there's rarely any registration or membership fees to worry about. If you're looking for a hot free sexting app to spice up your sext life, we've got the ultimate list ready to go. Here are the best free sexting sites to find dirty talk partners tonight.


As one of the premier sexting apps on the scene today, Sexting should be top of your to-do list. As the name suggests, Sexting is a completely free sexting site that helps connects users with like-minded people for text chat, video chat, voice chat and more. The site utilizes dating app elements such as profiles, bios and swipe features, but also offers sex chat rooms and forums for ease of interaction with other users.

If you want to keep your activities on the down low, you can also remain anonymous should you wish. You don't need to show your face or your location and indeed, many users don't. The majority of Sexting members simply crave an easier way to find someone who shares their penchant for dirty talk, which is exactly what Sexting offers. Don't miss out on this one. Give Sexting a try tonight.


Sweetsext runs 100% like any hookup app, but the focus on here is sexting rather than real life hookups. Sweetsext is one of the fastest-emerging sexting apps on the scene today, currently the home of around 5 million worldwide users. This might not sound like much in comparison to some other sites and apps on the scene, but since location isn't important for a sexting partner, this means you've got a massive pool of potential chat buddies.

Sweetsext comes with the standard functions; profiles, bios, swipe options, private messages, chat rooms and location services. As well as swipe matching, you're also free to scroll through users and direct message anyone that grabs your attention. It's a completely free chat app too, although there is a paid membership option for those who want a few more perks. However, free members will still be given access to all of the site's essential features.


Snapsext is something of a pioneer in the world of sexting apps. It was one of the first places to really emphasize the sexting portion of cyber communication at a time when most platforms were focussed on dating app and camsite elements. Ever since, Snapsext has continued to grow in popularity and now boasts of being one of the most active sexting sites on the scene today (to the tune of around 10 million users in the US alone).

Better still, Snapsext is one of the few 100% free sexting sites. It's pretty rare to find an online dating site that doesn't try and siphon a little cash from your wallet, but you don't have to concern yourself with that here. It functions mostly like a dating app but with a big emphasis on sexting, and as the name suggests, it tends to only attract people who just want naughty fun in a virtual environment. Hookup options are small, but sexting options are vast.


SextPanther is the closest thing you'll find to a virtual escort site. In the real world, you'd hire a sex worker, head back home and she'd fulfill all of your wildest fantasies. On SextPanther, it's kind of the same, only without the meeting-up-in-real-part. Some might say that's the most important component of hiring a sex worker, but maybe not so much in today's world. A virtual companion can be just as thrilling as a real life one.

What do SextPanther's virtual escorts offer? Anything you want, providing it can be done through the phone. You can exchange photos, start sexting, or call each other for old school phone sex. The models are numerous, super talented and reasonably priced too. We know it's kind of a strange gimmick, but there's a reason SextPanther is such a popular dating app. It's the perfect antidote for those lonely nights at home.


Arousr is a very unique sexting app, but we can't deny it's incredible results. Imagine a cross between a phone sex site and a cam model site. That's basically Arousr. Users can browse through a huge list of available 'performers,' then pay one to carry out the most exquisite phone sex or sexting session of your life. It's like paying a cam model for a private striptease, only instead of girating her ass for you she'll send flirty messages instead.

This sexting website is totally free to register and browse through, but obviously it costs to hire the models on question. It might sound like a strange service, but it's no different to hiring a sex worker for some guaranteed sexual fulfilment. These models are total sexting professionals, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands with these babes. If you don't mind spending a little money, Arousr makes for one of the best sexting apps around today.


Chatzy is a chat room/sexting site hybrid platform that boasts literally thousands of rooms under a single umbrella. It doesn't matter what you're into; whether it's pure vanilla stuff or the nastiest shit on the planet, you'll find it available for discussion on Chatzy. It's not completely adult-related either. Chatzy has a ton of SFW rooms that even your mom would feel at home in. But if you want the good stuff, head to the adult chat rooms instead.

If members can't find a room that caters to them, they can just create their own rooms instead. You might think that a brand new chat room would just get lost in the shuffle, but Chatzy has so many active users that you'll definitely get a few people visit your room out of curiosity. If it's high-activity sex chat you want, Chatzy is worth a visit. Signing up is free, it has millions of registered users and there's a chat room for every niche under the sun.


When you think of good sexting sites, where does Reddit rank on your list? Probably nowhere, because most people think Reddit is a place for nerds to talk about video games and encryption. However, Reddit is actually one of the best free sites to find a sexting partner, and may in fact be the best place of all. Reddit gets literally hundreds of millions of visitors every single day, and a fraction of these are real life women who love sexting.

It's Reddit's sheer numbers that make it a sexting paradise, not to mention there are Subreddits dedicated to various different sexting features. A quick search of 'sexting' will net you a hundred different results all sorted by popularity, so jump in and see what's on offer. It might be the best sexting site around, and with enough searching, you'll eventually enjoy sexting with some local women.

Sexting Forum

Sexting Forum is an online sexting hub designed to connect people on the hunt for their next sexting buddy. Sexting Forum is a pretty straightforward forum page, with individual sections broken down by different topic, each of which caters to a different method of texting chat. Sexting Forum a place to find usernames to add to Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, Wickr, Twitter, Instagram and a number of other messaging apps.

Unlike a lot of other forums, you won't find much general talk on here. 99% of the posts concern that solely of usernames, usually foregoing pictures and videos in favor of simple username advertisements. While you will occasionally find the odd picture to complement a post, most users keep it solely to text content. The idea is very simple, so if you're looking to take your dirty sexting over to a third party messenger, Sexting Forum can help you out.

Kik Friender

Kik Friender is a local sexting app to help you find other users on Kik. The site has two functions to make use of; scrolling or location finding. The former is the basic grid-style approach that lets you scour ads, pictures and usernames. The latter lets you find other Kik users in your local area through your phone's GPS function. So, not only is Kik Friender great for sex chat, it also functions as a hookup site too.

Everyone knows that Kik is syonymous with the world of sexting. It's been the go-to place for naughty fun online for years now, and Kik Friender is helping continue this association for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, you can't actually private chat with other members through this sexting site. All interaction must be done via other messaging or social media platforms. That's the only downside, but it's still an extremely popular app.


LocalSexting is another new sexting site on the scene, and one that strips features back to their basics. It's basically a dating app without the ability to actually interact with anyone, because the site prompts users to discuss their desires on third party messaging apps instead. People post a list of their usernames in their profile (Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Wickr, Telegram, WhatsApp) and you start chatting on one of them instead.

So, LocalSexting is kind of like one big ads board. No private messages, no fancy features. You can't send nudes or delete messages or video chat. Therefore, it's ideal for people who want to immediately begin chatting on WhatsApp or Snapchat instead (aka, places that have disappearing messages and more versatility). Think of LocalSexting as the virtual equivalent of writing your phone number on a toilet wall.


FreeChatNow is a huge collection of free chat rooms all based around different sexual discussions. FreeChatNow is a 100% free private chat service that claims to be the number one place to meet strangers for explicit content and sex chatting, and indeed, FreeChatNow has been on the scene for a whopping 25 years, so it's definitely doing something right. People have been using FCN to trade nudes since before a lot of its current users were born.

As well as hosting free online chat rooms, Free Chat Now also has a couple of embedded features in some of its rooms. It's got a cams section, voice chat functions, and the option to erase messages ala Snapchat should you suddenly regret sending that sexy photo. The site goes the extra mile to help you blow up your virtual sex life, so if you want that human connection with a like-minded chat partner, start sexting on FreeChatNow ASAP.

Sexting Finder

Sexting Finder is a little different to the other sites and apps on this list. This isn't a sexting app or a chat room - it's actually a personals page. Personals sites are the redheaded stepchilds of the adult niche; some people love them, some people hate them. They do have a tangible link with fakes, scammers and Nigerian princes, so it's understandable why they don't have such a great reputation. However, Sexting Finder is a real gem of a sexting site.

Imagine Craigslist but solely for finding sexting partners. You don't even need to sign up to browse through all of the available ads on here. Just scroll through, and if any of the profile photos catch your eye, add that person's username to their desired messaging app of choice. A lot of people overlook personals sites when it comes to finding sexting buddies, but Sexting Finder is here to show you why you should at least give them a chance.


LewdChat is a huge collection of IRC-based chat rooms designed to help you connect with new friends and hot strangers for explicit sexting fun. LewdChat comes with a vast community of horny men and women from all over the world, all of whom are looking to exchange a few hot messages. Unlike the other sexting sites and apps on this list, LewdChat is purely IRC-based (which is either a pro and a con depending on your personal opinion).

LewdChat's collection of chat rooms number into the hundreds, covering everything from casual sex discussions to sexting tips to furry roleplay stuff. It covers the whole spectrum of erotic conversations so you're guaranteed to find a section that appeals to you. It also gets a LOT of traffic; around the same kind of numbers as you'd expect from mainstream sexting platforms. If you don't mind navigating the IRC system, LewdChat is a wonderful site.


SextWithSluts is a paid platform to help you start chatting with professional sexters without the need for small talk. It's kind of like a cam site, except these models only send naughty text messages and maybe a few explicit snaps. You can create a free profile and start looking around immediately, but if you want to get the best sexting experience of your life, you'll have to part with the cash.

The site uses a tokens system so you can pay per-text message, or you can purchase a model's time in bulk beforehand. It's a good system and these models know exactly what to say to get your pulse racing. You can indulge your ultimate fantasies from the comfort of your smartphone, and you don't even have to reveal your real name to make it happen. SextWithSluts is unlike any other dating site on this list, and we implore you to try it out.


SextFriend is an all-encompassing sexting platform. Not only can you meet new people through the site itself, but a lot of members simply use the page to advertise their Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Twitter and Skype usernames. This makes SextFriend quite a versatile sexting-dating-site hybrid for anyone who wants cyber and IRL fun. It's not completely free, but it's worth the cost of admission.

SextFriend doesn't have a wide range of features available. No video chat, voice messages or forums. However, it does have an adult chat room dedicated to every sexual topic under the sun. Everything from kink chat to gay chat to roleplay fun is on offer. You can use SextFriend under your real name and real photos or you can use it as an anonymous sexting site instead. If you can look past the membership fees, SextFriend will deliver great results.

Ashley Madison

You might not put Ashley Madison in the same bracket as the other sites on this list, but you'd be surprised at how effective this place is for finding a sexting partner. As you probably know, Ashley Madison is the site where cheaters come to find each other. Every user on here is either married or in a relationship, or at the very least wants to hook up with someone who's married or in a relationship. For infidelity, Ashley Madison is most people's first point of call.

Are the cheaters on here looking for extramarital partners, maybe a one-off casual encounter? Of course, but these naughty wives and husbands explore the entire spectrum of cheating possibilities - and that includes sexting too. Some of these misbehaving infidels just want to dip their toe in the waters, and that sometimes includes sexting with someone who isn't their spouse.


Who hasn't heard of Chatroulette? If you've spent more than five minutes on the Internet, you've probably seen an ad for it somewhere. Chat Roulette is a pretty genius idea and one that's still as popular today as it was when the site was first created a decade ago. You sign up, spin the wheel and connect with a total stranger for one-on-one video chat. It's wild, risky, and very sexy.

But finding sext partners on here? How does that work? Well, it's no different from any other social website. If you click with the other person, chances are you'll keep in touch once your roulette session comes to an end. Just take your conversation over to another platform and carry on your explicit interactions there instead. Simple.


We all know how Tinder works by now. Swipe right if you like someone, swipe left if you don't. Once you mutually match with someone else then you can begin chatting with them. It's the tried-and-tested system that has since become standard for almost every mainstream dating app on the scene, and it all started with Tinder. And that's why Tinder is still a great place to find not only real hookups, but sexting partners too.

What Tinder has going for it is its massive user base. Around 50 million people in the United States use Tinder, which is about the population of a small country. Not all of these horny online daters are looking for instant sex, either. Some of them are eager for virtual fun, making Tinder a fantastic pool of potential sext buddies.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder has been a cornerstone of hookup culture since before it was even called hookup culture. AFF is the grandaddy of adult websites, having been connecting people for casual sex since the nineties. It's something of an all-rounder in terms of functionality, utilizing social media elements alongside dating site features for maximum connectivity.

Will you find sexting buddies here on Adult Friend Finder? Absolutely. As one of the most popular adult hubs around today, there are users on here looking for everything from vanilla chat to kinky roleplay to real life meetups. Despite the name, AFF isn't a place to just make new friends - unless those friends come with a ton of benefits.

Let's not overlook the kinky crowd. Fetish and BDSM practitioners love a little sexting too, and where's the best place for these non-vanilla folks to get their fix? There are a number of alternative social media communities out there, but none quite as immersive as Not only does it function as a social media platform, but it's got a ton of dating site features for easy of communication too. has groups, forums, profiles, direct messaging, personals sections and more to help you find a suitable kinkster in your life. As with a lot of fetishists, some are happy to contain their kinks to virtual environments only - especially some of the more hardcore stuff. For sexting with a naughty twist, has everything you need and more from a sexting platform.


Need answers about free sexting sites?

Is it safe to sext online?

Anonymous sexting is generally considered safe providing you maintain an air of caution. Don't give out any personal details about yourself and try to keep any identifiable features hidden when sending pictures. Use a reputable sexting website to find a chat partner and only sext discreetly with people you trust.

What to say when someone sexts you?

If you're into the idea of sexting, then reply with an adequate sext of your own. Be flirtatious and respond accordingly. If you're not interested in sexting at that time and place, then let the other person that you're not in the mood for such things. Consent is a major part of the sexting experience.

Is it normal for adults to sext?

It's perfectly common for adults to exchange sexual messages. Recent studies suggest that around 70% of individuals aged 35+ have engaged in sexting at some point within the past three years. This is only slightly lower than people aged 18-34 (which comes in at 79%).